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The Hunkiest Man on the Planet!

Jeff Matthews

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Well, he's not a dog, but he's not the hunkiest man on the planet either! By far!

As for Steve Perry, well, he's always reminded me of a dog. Can't think of the breed.

One thing about rock stars---it's NEVER, EVER about their looks. Ever.

Hugh Jackman is nice looking.

Oooo, just thought of another. Patrick Dempsey.....


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I am no expert here but hasn't Sean Connery won an award for being the world's sexiest man for the last 45 years or something?

SWMBO likes Sean even more than she likes Brad Pitt and she appears to like their old odour eaters more than me - such is life.

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I'm thinking Screech is too modern for the fourm gals, Gary. I think they all have a soft spot for...

Can't agree with too many so far, except Johnny Depp....

Hmmm..... Leif Garrettt? Not so much anymore. Recent pic before entering rehab for heroin a few days ago....


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