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Dagnabbit, I'm losing my balls!


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Less, I have a pair I'm not using right now (only used lightly on

Sundays and during re-runs of Wonder Woman). Be glad to lend them

to you.

What's up with your current avatar? Too small. What's the

little kritter look like when enlarged? (hope that wasn't one of them

thar double entendres)

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I am only posting here so I can check my own balls.

Edit : And having checked I noticed my post count has actually fallen - I was over 4000 posts before the switch. What gives? I demand a re-count!

I asked the webmaster about this. My posts lost 500+. I surmised that there were a number of days of forum activity that did not survive the conversion.

However, he said that the server was still indexing, and had not caught up yet. When it finished all would be restored.

I don't know, but we shall see.

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