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Dagnabbit, I'm losing my balls!


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It wasn't too long ago that I was only missing the little yellow balls under my avatar. Now I seem to have lost another, a pretty little green one at that. OH NO!

GadZooKs! (feeble attempt to clean up the language - nevermind - I didn't think it would work).

So what exactly do those balls have to do with anything?

Should I be nervous and doubting my sexuality? Should "little avatar ball envy" signal some deep need in me that would require an immediate trip to the local shrink?

As always, I'm cluless


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That deal with you're balls just sucks.

I would let you have mine....but I've only got two...and I happen to be using them...

On the net......

In this forum....

At this time....

So forth and so on.....


(In agreeance with Captain Morgans and myself, the rest of this post was edited for content)




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I was gonna offer ya mine but I would have to go ask the wife for em.[:$]

Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clu, maybe i have been making wrong assumptions these past several years, but i didn't sense you came equipped that way . . . . . but whadda i know. . . .

loved the title, enjoy.

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I second what The Ear said "we need you back".

I miss your subject headlines.

I never really noticed my ball count until you mentioned it and now as soon as i hit post I'm going to count my balls. Gawd I'm bored!

Danny or more balls than I need. But wait, now I'm afraid to hit post. What happens if you have more balls than I do. Does it ever end?

Ok I checked my balls to your balls and I'm not in the same league. Need someone to carry your purse?

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