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What is the problem here?

This user seems to be promoting his personal vision of high end audio and also asking us to take a look at a site that promotes that vision.

I have not seen anything in his posts that denigrate Klipsch speakers or the owners of Klipsch speakers.

I agree that many/most of the systems that site describes are "over the top" but when I look at many of the systems my fellow forum members describe I find myself shaking my head and thinking that some of those systems must have cost damned near the GDP of some third world countries.

I buy the odd copy of the Robb Report and have seen descriptions of $90,000 watches and $1,000,000 per pair speaker systems and found myself thinking that even if I had the money - I wouldn't spend that kind of Do-Re-Mi on a stereo setup.

That said -- I find myself drawn to reading/fantasising about ridiculously expensive watches and Audio.

Give the guy a break!! Most of the systems described on that site are twighlight zone and are far more exotic than most of us could ever think of owning or even wanting --- SO WHAT!!

If this needs to be turned into a p***ing contest I am sure that some major league p***ers could be recruited to show off systems that would cause them there folks in Greece to gasp and swear off anything other than live music. That'd teach 'em!


It is meet to recall that the Great Green Heron rarely flies upside down in the moonlight - (Foo Ling ca. 1304 BCE)

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How far off the point could you possibly be?

Any further, and you would be floating out with

the Japanese current...

It has nothing to do with PRICE my dear friend...

It is simple promotion to get hits and subscribers

and it isnt even REMOTELY veiled! He is peppering

the Forums.

I could care less about the cost. It has nothing

whatsoever to do with the complaint.


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I think what was in the original complaint was that it appears that he wants to gain membership subscriptions, and this BB can be a nice little recruiting ground to do it in.

I do agree that if he had just put a link to his site explaining his group's purpose it would free up a lot more time and space. That would be o.k. with me. Just not some long running commercial, non-profit or not.

This is the kind of ad I see in my e-mail that I don't even bother to open because they are just asking for money. At least here on the BB I would like to believe that I'm free of all that. Although, even with all the courtesies he presents, I do get the feeling a nose is being thumbed at me from somewhere.



KLF-20 Mahogany (Cornell Hotwired)

McIntosh C33 Preamp

McIntosh MVP-841 CD/DVD

Rotel RB-1080 Amp

Yamaha PF-800 Turntable/ Sure V15 Type V Cartridge

Ortofon VMS-30 mkII Cartridge

Stanton 999SS Cartridge

Yamaha K-1020 Cassette

dbx 1231 EQ

H.H. Scott 830z Analyzer

Monster Interlink 400mk II

Monster Interlink 300mk II

Monster Video 2 (DVD to TV)

Studio Tech U-48RW Cabinet

Monster Power HTS-5000 Power Conditioner/Surge Protector

Original 12ga. Monster Cable

Enough empty boxes for a fire hazard!

This message has been edited by tblasing on 11-17-2001 at 11:23 PM

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Originally posted by mobile homeless:

I agree 100%. I am surprised the moderators have not stepped in. The posting is absurd as it borders on simple advertising, the profit is just a little more obscured, but there regardless.


A post with my name, what an honor thanks.

(I suppose I deserve a reply, or not??)

Maybe, I should start thinking of building a speaker or amplifier to get some profit after all...

Sorry, but I think Hi-End is an international Bussiness and so is our web-site content...


(ATTENTION: Links below are totally irrelevant to "2 CHANNEL AUDIO" FORUM!!!)



(events from Club's visit to Istanbul)

This event is covered as well, by Istanbul HiFi Club at



(system from Istanbul, based on a Wilson Grand Slam X-1 + SUB! speaker)


(system from Istanbul, based on a Genesis 200 speaker system)



(system from N. Zealand, based on a big ACOUSTAT speaker + ...)


(system from Hong Kong, based on a Kharma Exquisite 1C speakers)


(system from Holland, based on Voce Divina Tenore + Sub Divina Basso speakers)


(system from Paris, based on 8 amplification 8 way horn speaker system)


(system from Boston, based on Quest ESL + REL sub)


(system from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, based on Avalon Eidolon speakers - photos coming soon...)


(system by a FORUM member (Nov 99) from Greece, based on Klipschorns)


(system from Greece, based on Klipschorns)


Dear deanG and mobile homeless

Let me inform you that we do not need any kind of promotion, currently we are circulating with 10,000 visitors (not hits) per month, and in a while, we will have problems with our server costs...

I have the feeling though that Klipsch forum got more circulation lately, because I think music bonds people and really many of the true and honest Hi-Enders in this Forum are thirsty to learn from others and not call the FORUM MONITORS or MODERATORS (I do not know what that is) as you are threatening me.

(do you think we deserve an apology??)

Christos Skaloumbakas

A.C.A. President

** http://aca.gr **

** aca@aca.gr **

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Frankly, you deserve nothing of the kind. All you do in EVERY post is think of more inane ways to list link after link to your site, even when you are trying to defend your position, you manage to list over 13 (!) links to your site(see above).

I find it more than blatant and a complete disregard for the normal etiquette of a forum such as this. I do know that on the Tube, SET, DIY, and High Efficiency Speaker Audio Asylum boards, you would have been stopped after the second or third post, and mostly by other members.

You have now thinly veiled more links to your site by saying they deal with Klipsch products. Frankly, your ONLY purpose for being within this forum has been to promote your site.

Finally, a few others are catching on. My guess is that if you werent allowed to list a plethora of links to your own site in every post, you would soon lose interest.

kelly holsten

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For those interested, here is a direct quote from skaloumbakas taken from above, stated in his defense:

"Sorry, but I think Hi-End is an international Bussiness(sic) and so is our web-site content..."

Please note the key phrase:

"Hi-End is an international Business"

"so is our web-site content"

How much more clear can one get?


This message has been edited by mobile homeless on 11-17-2001 at 08:05 AM

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With 2 comments in a row, it seems.. YOU ARE defending.

At least you put some logic in your comments and you have signed with your full name too - that's good.

As a gift I give you only one link this time.

** http://aca.gr/index1.htm **

Using the horizontal and vertical navigation frames, you can access to all 200 files of this notorious web-site...

Christos Skaloumbakas

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I will have to agree with the majority of the posters here. While I welcomed you to this BB and I used the link you provided so I could peruse your site, I did not expect, nor did I welcome a flood of links to virtually every system and page on your site.


Ed W

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I think that you have allowed you enthusiasm for your site to get a little out of hand. Might I suggest that you confine yourself to responses to items posted here and back off a bit on what seems to be advertising for your site?

FWIW - I have seen several systems on your site that make me drool ---- but I too think that enough is enough and that you run the risk of alienating members of this forum with the sheer volume of your posts flaunting systems that most of us cannot hope to aspire to.

That said your site is fun to browse.


It is meet to recall that the Great Green Heron rarely flies upside down in the moonlight - (Foo Ling ca. 1304 BCE)

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As moderator here, I request you refain from further solicitations at the Klipsch web site. This is OUR place to sell ;-)

You are more than welcome to participate and I've enjoyed communication with you in the past and receiving notices of the high end community in your country.

Additional commercial postings will be removed. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


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GO BOBG!!!!,

The BB members Demand--You Deliver!!

Thanx!cwm30.gif --Now Back to KLIPSCHLAND


LSU PAINTBALL- We'll cover you with our balls!

Paintball players do it 'till their balls break!

1 Pair KLF-30's

Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Pre-amp

Carver TFM-45 Amp

Teac AD-4 CD Player

***Needed VPI HW Series Turntable*** Anybody Sellin'?

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