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Bluesboy and I were making a 10 inch reel tape today while having a sip or two of Spongeworthy's top shelf tequila that he so graciously left behind. Talking about magic moments in music lead us to the supposition that if you could go back in time what 5 events/venues would you have liked to have attended. We thought this would make a good thread and immediately came up with a few examples. These were not thought out answers but a few quick responses. Here are a few and please feel free to do your own.

A day at Woodstock with whoever

A night at the Blackhawk or Plugged Nickle listening to Miles Davis

Early days of the Sex Pistols

A day at the Monterey Pop Festival

A night with Dylan and the Dead

A night in the 60s with Dylan in NY

A day with Hendrix

Sharing a bottle of Southern Comfort with Janis Joplin on stage

Okay...I know thats eight but I am the host.

Lets hear yours.


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I hope that tape eventually makes it's way out to me and Luther, a tequila induced tape from you guys will be mighty fine listenting. Great post, here is what I think I would end up with, with some comments about some of the suggestions you provided. I guess if I had to limit it to five it would be as follows:

A day at Woodstock with whoever (I think I would pass on Woodstock, weather sucked, not enough planning, too crowded for me. I think Monterey Pop Festival would be my choice, much better music and planning IMO, I mean just look at the line up below, so I would say Monterey would for sure be No. 2 on my list.

Friday Evening,
June 16, 1967

The Association
The Paupers
Lou Rawls
Johnny Rivers
Eric Burdon & The Animals
Simon & Garfunkel

Saturday Afternoon,
June 17, 1967

Canned Heat
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Country Joe & The Fish
Al Kooper
The Butterfield Blues Band
Quicksilver Messenger Service
The Steve Miller Band
The Electric Flag

Saturday Evening,
June 17, 1969

Moby Grape
Hugh Masekela
The Byrds
The Butterfield Blues Band
Laura Nyro
Jefferson Airplane
Booker T & The MG's (with the Mar-Keys)
Otis Redding

Sunday Afternoon,
June 18, 1969

Ravi Shankar

Sunday Evening,
June 18, 1969

The Blues Project
Big Brother & The Holding Company
The Group With No Name
Buffalo Springfield
The Who
The Grateful Dead
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Scott McKenzie
The Mamas & The Papas

A night at the Blackhawk or Plugged Nickle listening to Miles Davis (this for sure would be on my list)

Early days of the Sex Pistols (I saw them during my Sr. year of high school in '78 at Winterland, so I would not want to burn one up for this)

A day at the Monterey Pop Festival (I didn't see this until now, duh, see above re: Woodstock

A night with Dylan and the Dead (I know Bobby Weir pretty well and have been his guest to several shows including all of the Las Vegas shows, New Years shows in Oakland, etc., I would have liked to have spent some time with Jerry, that would have been a trip, but I would have to pass on this)

A night in the 60s with Dylan in NY (high on list but not in top 5)

A day with Hendrix (no, but with Clapton yes for sure, that is No. 2)

Sharing a bottle of Southern Comfort with Janis Joplin on stage (Now that would be cool, would have never thought of this, that is No. 3, it was going to be spending a day with Mick or Keith, but this would be a real trip)

No. 4 would be hanging out with Gilmor for a day and then seeing him play during the DSOM tour (I saw Animials and The Wall, could not even begin to think what DSOM would have been like)

and my No 1 Pick,

go flying with Jimmy Buffett down to Key West and then jump on his boat and sail down to a free and democratic Cuba for a Cuba Libre celebration.


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1978 Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo back when they did crazy stage shows full of Cab Calloway covers

Cab Calloway @ The Cotton Club

Hank Sr Grand Ole Opry

The Plastics Live 1980 NYC recorded by MFSL

Parliament Funkadelic 1976 Mothership Connection

EMI Studios during any recording session for strawberry fields
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Travis and Seti.....very good post...this is what we were looking for. There are so many good ideas and no wrong answers. Travis that was some lineup....yes I would have liked to have been there. Thanks Seti for reminding me of some I had not considered! Don mentioned a Stones event that would have been on his list but I can't recall which one right this minute. Maybe he will post after the football game. Buffalo Springfield or even CSN&Y..Hendrix at Woodstock...Sonny Rollins...Monk..Neil Young...Doors...not to mention classical. This could be fun!

Travis..Don and I finished the back side of a reel we had started earlier...ended up recording Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, and Miles Davis at the Plugged Nickle. All on LP. Denon DP-1250 with Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood Cartridge.

Keep the ideas coming...the more list the better.


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More good ones from Two Dot and Funkyhambone. Welcome to the forum Two Dot and yes Stevie Ray deserves a nod.

One I forgot that would have to be on my list would be Sonny Rollins-Without a Song..The Concert for 911.

Any Beatles, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Byrds, Stones, Flying Burrito Brothers, Marshall Tucker Band nominations? Anything more eclectic? Joe Cocker? Pavrotti? Springsteen with the E Street Band?

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I'd like to have attended Woodstock, but since I was only 7 years old, I was not allowed to go with my friend's parents...since I only lived about 10 miles from the site, I can remember sitting outside on the front steps one night and looking at the glow in the night sky over a distant hill, and when the night breeze was just right, faintly hearing the roar of a crowd and very distant sounds which resembled music!

I also would've liked to been with Bob Dylan when he was recording demo tapes with a band called The Hawks in the basement of their upstate NY house, commonly refered to as "Big Pink". But those sessions were taped in '67 when I was only 5, plus the house was even further away than Woodstock!

I'm a fan of Bach's organ music as well, and there were a series of "Heavy Organ" rock-style concerts from '71 to '75 at such venues as Fillmore East, Carnegie Hall, and San Francisco's Winterland et al, performed on both the Rodgers and Allen electronic touring organs by the flamboyant virtuoso organist Dr. Virgil Fox. These monster events appealed to audiences who were more familiar with The Grateful Dead and The Who and other rock groups of that era, and were also staged complete with spectacular light shows! Virgil died in '80; thus I never had the opportunity to see him perform live.

How great it would've been to attend Glen Gould's very last public performance at LA's Wilshire Ebell Theatre in '64, performing works by Beethoven, Bach, and Krenek. After that concert, the eccentric pianist literally gave up live performances to pursue his recording, broadcasting, and writing. What a shame for concertgoers.

And just imagine being in attendance for Vladimir Horowitz as he made his first public piano recital in over 40 years back in Soviet Moscow in '86! This internationally televised (and recorded) performance "Horowitz In Moscow" became an instant success and helped soothe the bitterness between the USSR and the USA. I try to imagine myself being there in that great hall witnessing musical and political history in the making...every time I listen to this CD, I almost feel like I was!

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Good post Jim...I wasn't too young for Woodstock ..just a little too far away. That would have been some experience at age 7 or any age for that matter.

John Marks who writes for Stereophile magazine is a big organ fan and hangs out at Audioasylum some. I traded emails with him once about the recording of Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue. He knows as much about recording and organs as anyone I know. What a great job he has.

Thanks for your comments...it was a very interesting read.


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the very first concert i ever saw i was 7. my mom took me to see elvis in pine bluff, ar. i remember being freaked out at all the women that were screaming hysterically. i also remember how much elvis was sweating (i bet one could have caught a nice buzz drinking a shot of that sweat). he probably went through and tossed a hundred sweat towels into the audience that night.

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The Band performing Rock of Ages Live that New Years eve

The Rolling Stones Madison square Garden 1969 recording, Get your Ya-Ya's out....Mick Taylor's first tour

Delbert McClinton recording his LIVE album

Bob Marley and the Wailers............anytime, anyplace

1976 Mothership Connection........Parliment........seti mentioned it, what a show that must have been

You can keep Woodstock, Watkins Glen, or any of the real big festivals..............too big......too many people.....

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Hi Chuck,

I wish I still had my Akai R2R, as I'd love to hear what you guys put down. Anyway, my top 5 pics are as follows:

Peter Frampton - Live at Winterland for the recording of "Frampton Comes Alive."

The Police - Live at Leeds Castle, England, for their fairwell tour.

The Band - For their final concert, which, by the way, is available on DVD... check out the headliners... great concert.

Dave Brubeck - For the taping of his 25th anniversary reunion.

Miles Davis - For any taping session.


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Funkyhambone...pretty cool mom..Elvis at 7 y/o. That is certainly one for the memory banks.

OB...you are probably right about Woodstock..with the crowd, mud, and long lines. I couldn't do it now but maybe in my 20s. But oh my! the music and the lineup of talent.

Hey William...where you been? Haven't chatted in awhile. Liked your list. You must pick up a rtr...they add so much to a system not just another analog piece but to watch those big reels turning.

Must get ready to go to work...hope to see more list or seconds from you folks later.


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...Hey William...where you been? Haven't chatted in awhile. Liked your list. You must pick up a rtr...they add so much to a system not just another analog piece but to watch those big reels turning.

Must get ready to go to work...hope to see more list or seconds from you folks later.


Hi Chuck,

I've been busy on a new literary project... thought I'd try my hand at a short novel (of sorts). I'm in-between scripts, so instead of just sitting idle, I thought I'd venture into new territory. Kind of like when I purchased the Quickies and Cornwalls. Hopefully, this venture pays off as well as the audio one did!

Yes, I should get back into open reel audio again, I do miss the hours of taping and listening to music. For years I wanted, and looked for, an Nakamichi "Dragon" Music-Bank 1000 DAT machine. I heard one at the 92 summer CES, and was blown away. I have yet to see even one for sale since that time. I guess their owners are reluctant to sell, and I don't blame them.


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Hi William....I think I have been monopolizing the 2 channel section recently so I am going to take a short break. Between the forum, AK, and Audioasylum I have

little left to say of interest anyway. PM me anytime..... always willing to shoot the breeze. BTW do you know forum members DWI Lawyer or Luther who also live in Texas? Yeah...I know its' a big state. We were in a rtr tape exchange group recently.

Hope the new project is going well for you. Let me know how it turns out.


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Allman Brothers Live at the Fillimore...............Duane and Dickie on guitars......

Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert...........Clapton's comeback put on by Pete Townsend

Any Mountain......with Leslie West, Felix Papalardi, Corky Laing, and Steve Night.....at a LIVE show

Band of Gypsies.............Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, Billy Cox.........another New years Eve show

Johnny and Edgar Winter together Live....................great Vinyl record, have never seen it on CD, live with both bands set-up on stage...........

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Okay!....Oldbuckster thats more like it. Our panel of experts have looked at all the entries and after careful consideration have placed you in the final three to move on to the championship round and sudden death elimination if necessary[:)]. I have been asked to hold the thread open for one more day for those who missed it ....so things could change. How about some list from newbies (under 20 post).


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Beatles- Sgt Pepper recording sessions final mixdown with George Martin

Pink Floyd- the week they recorded the Live at Pompeii movie of Echoes and DSOTM tracks

Led Zeppelin - warm ups for 1980 European tour in Copenhagen

Chicago at Carnegie Hall 1972

I was at the Deep Purple 'Perfect Stranger' 1985 show in Indy- wish I could remember any of it

for bonus points

Tommy Bolin recording with Billy Cobham and Jan Hammer (it was only three days of jamming)

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