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Best SACD player for the money?


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First off, I'd like to thank the Klipsch community for all their help and input over the last few months. I am about a week away from purchasing a Cayin A50T. Finally, a nice tube integrated at a great price. I have also purchased Blue Jean cables and Audio Quest interconnects to go with my KG 2.2s and Sony mega changer. Right now, using an older Onkyo receiver, it does not sound bad in my little listening room, but I bet tubes will make a big sound improvement.

I hope to soon buy a Belkin line conditioner - I guess I need one. Then, a better digital source.

I am starting to research SACD players. Any suggestions? I am not looking to spend over a grand, a lot less if possible via the used market. I am not looking for a universal player. I have a Marantz and a Music Hall (forgot the model names) on my short list. What about a used Sony?

Does anyone think SACD is a dead format? Should I just look at red book players instead?

Then, hopefully sometime after New Year's, Heresy IIIs!

Then, later, a nice starter TT, phono pre, etc. Then, a Timbernation rack.

Boy, this hobby gets expensive as you progress, eh?

-Mike in NEPA

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Unless you're a classical music fan, I'd say SACD has had a fork stuck in it - it's done. It does not seem like much new material is being released on it, although sometimes a library does get released which is cool.

I'd look for some used gear - I have a Philips SA963 which has received positive buzz over the last several years. I'm sure there are others which will be suggested.

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I have a Denon DVD-2900 Universal player and am pretty happy with it. I prefer the DVD-A format over the SACD format but the Denon plays both, so this player is a good fit for me. But like Doug mentioned, these formats are pretty much dead. Find yourself a nice used player and collect the music off of eBay used.


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Sony S9000ES. Came out in 2001. New was $1500. Flagship model, where they pulled out the stops. Rave reviews. Plays SACD but not multichannel, and redbook CD's like a dream come true. Several on audiogon now in the $ 350 range. It is upgradable later to unbeliveably fantastic by several companies. I just had level 5 upgrades put in by Vacuum State and am beside myself and it isn't close to being broken in yet.

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What about http://www.oppodigital.com/dv981hd/dv981hd_index.html cheap enough ,and if you get out of SACD it could still be used for something.

My 1980's Yamaha gave up the ghost.

I've been looking at the soon to be released Oppo DV980. I've read some good reviews on using the DV970 as a CD player, and I think this should be as good or better.

From the Oppo website:

"Optimized high-fidelity audio circuitry

inputs from audiovisual enthusiasts and world-famous high-fidelity
audio equipment partners, OPPO designed the DV-980H with a focus on
precision rendering from Super Audio CD, DVD-Audio, HDCD and regular
CDs. Its digital-to-analog (D/A) converters feature 192kHz high
sampling rate and 24-bit resolution. The driving stage uses carefully
selected op-amps and capacitors. Combining these premium components in
an optimized design, the DV-980H reduces quantization distortion and
accurately reproduces the analog waveform, resulting in faithful,
natural, detailed and rich sound."

$169 brand new.


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What about the Pioneer Elite DV59AVi. I have its predecessor from overseas and it has good sound plus Legatto Pro Upsampling for CD's and High Bit Rate conversion. Good Picture for DVD, but my main use in trying to track one down is the DVD-A and SACD Audio. I was in Wal-Mart tonight and they still have a decent selection of Hybrid Titles Available. A used DV-59avi shouldn't cost more than $300 used.


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