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Taverna open for business again....


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After a long break I have decided to re-open the Taverna for the inmates. For those new to the forum it was something we did a few years ago. The Ouzo is now on tap - as is the Tsipouro - a selection of Greek wines fill the cellar and there are 4 beers on tap - you can all decide what they are.

Sadly the live band has not turned up (after what happened last time with Thebes and the belly dancer who can blame them? I still can't look a potato in the eye after that one!!

Anyway - as a change (and blatently stealing an idea from one of Thebes own posts earlier this week) we are re-inventing ourselves as an audiophile taverna. Entrance is free but you must bring either a piece of equipment or a recording with you to gain entrance.

Items of equipment can be swapped out with items already installed - if the presenter can guaranttee the sonic result will be better. If the majority decide they are wrong then the originator has to match Fini quip for quip 4 times.

Try to stick to items of equipment you either own or have owned. If we go straight to $200,000 stuff it will all end very quickly.

In order to minimize wars you cannot suggest the following replacements:

A Nosvalves amp with a Juicymusic amp - or vice versa.

A Khorn with a Jubilee or vice versa.

If needs be we will create a second system upstairs to cater for items that really ought to be incorporated.

Also - as this is a bar and we will need some power - lets not go down the SET route. Another war we do not need.

If you dont want to contribute equipment - remember we need music desperately. Right now we have 600 classical recordings, 48 operas and the Carpenters.

I will kick things off with my own TT:

Clearaudio Master Solution, TQI Souther linear tracking arm, Denon 103, outer ring, inner ring, clearaudio centre weight, clearaudio power supply/speed changer, Acoustic signature Tango phono stage and clearaudio harmonicer vinyl matt.

So lets start off looking for pre-amps, amps, speakers (I wonder what make we will all go for??), cables etc. etc.

Hope this takes off - I will look a complete idiot if it doesn't - not that this will be news of course....

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HHHHmmmm!!!! I don,t Know cause I go straight from my Ampex 440 RtoR into my amps useing the output level controls..All Belden cables nothing fancy schmancy...Speakers are super modified Khorns I wont go into details there. ,,,,Pour me a Vodka straight.

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Glad to see you're open again. Whew got to sit down for a minute. My backs killing me. Better pour out a Guiness and a small plate of tapas. No squid please. Had a bad experience with it down in Crete.

I've really got to quit lugging this Marantz 8b around. At 60lbs it's a real boatanchorr. Craigs recapped it so why don't we just hook it up. Zip cord to the speakers is fine with me.

I've got to leave soon and head out to the harbor. The Twins are on some yacht out there owned by their Uncle Dmitri. I gotta tell ya Max, those gals sure do have a lot of uncles. I'd like to see their family tree some time. They have brits, frenchies, arabs, chinese and russians in the mix just to name a few. A very prosperous family too. They all seem to own fancy cars, large estates, private ariplanes and yachts.

They seem to have a lot of young pretty nieces too. Must be 20 of them on that yacht, all laying around wearing bikinis. I'll see if they want to come along and chat up the gang as they trickle in.

Funny thing though, I've never met one of their aunts. Do you think I should be suspicious?

After I collect The Twins, I'll swing by room and gather up some tunes.In the meantime have you seen this video put up by Sivadselim down in DVD'/Entertainment?



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HHHHmmmm!!!! I don,t Know cause I go straight from my Ampex 440  RtoR into my amps useing the output level controls..All Belden cables nothing fancy schmancy...Speakers are super modified Khorns I wont go into details there. ,,,,Pour me a Vodka straight.

I would like to hear about your super modified Khorns! Over a cold Anchor Steam, please...


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Ah - me regulars - welcome one and all. We've instaled a new jetti by the water for the girls to moor up to. Nice Marantz - what pre-amp will be a nice match to this? Anchor steam is a new one on me - so y0u prefer "Hey Mr. Interstaller Policeman" or "La Donne Mobile"?

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Ah the Taverna, what great memories. Last time I lucked out on my timing and got there right before Thor's Twins came a walking up the path. Hope my luck continues.

I am bringing a Transfig Pheonix cart. to try swaping out with Max's Denon, (that should keep him busy for awhile), Maron saved me from having to lug a R2R half way across the word, and it's going to be tough to beat that 440. It's a 2 track head stack right Maron? If so, I am going to bring a couple of prerecorded 2 track R2R tapes from the 50's, one is a Jazz tape, from Sonotape, available only on tape, recorded live in NY, with Coltrane and other greats. The other is Rosemary Cloony, touch of tabasco. For my lp, I am bringing Herb Alpert and TTB, Zorba the Greek, this will be played about 1:00 a.m. when the Barbayannis, preferably blue, is flowing freely and we can watch the twins dance around the room to the beat.

I am also bringing a whole lamb, 24 lemons, 2 lbs of butter and some rosemerry. You have a pit and a spit there Max?

See y'all soon,


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Hey Max, glad to see the place reopening. Man just sitting here I can taste SWABO’s Mousaka, hope it’ll be
out of the oven soon.

I like everything about this place. Wire-framed hard-backed chairs surrounding
metal tables. Moderate-sized room with a
low ceiling, wash-board white walls and wonderful Greek tiles that provide just
the the most subtle resonance of domino tiles as they are slapped into place. A comfortable bar with nice foot-rails,
bursts of sunlight through the windows in the day, and a warm coziness when
candles are lit and the lights drop down at night.

Not overrun with tourists and poseurs either. Just a few strangers from time-to-time, most
through word-of-mouth and some just
wandering in out of nowhere. Almost all
of them pick up on the atmosphere and settle right in.

Ya know Max, a saloon of this type is hard to come by.
Oddball regulars to give it a some character, neighbors and their families
stopping buy to give it a sense of place, enough women for just a friese of
sexual tension, and no damn tv’s , video slots or other noisemakers to jilt the
mood. Just a dart board, small pool
table, the sound system's almost up to snuff and……

on the changer is The Godfather of Go-Go. Chuck Brown, "Live at the 9:30 Club"

Wind me up Chuck!!!!!!!!

Uh, oh! Max! Whose that blond at the end of the bar? That couldn't be Gretchen could it?

Does SWABO know she's here?

Damn Max, we almost lost our friendship over Gretchen.Look at the time it was an honest competition. You the suave continental sophistic, me the dashingly handsome racounter. It was an even contest.

But now. You're married, got a kid, I'm in thrall to The Twins.

Still she's smart as a whip, sexy as all getout, major gams and other more obvious attributes. Yeah I see the old devil in the eye look on your puss. Good thing our significant others are otherwise engaged at the moment. So why not, a contest again. Betcha start with the old "the candle reflects the smokiness of your eyes" gambit. You're still a little too slow though.

"Hey Gretchen, long time no see. You're a Libra aren't cha?"

(Ah, the oldies still work!)

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Sadly Marty, Gretchen's not here for me - there is a new guy in her life, a reporter guy from the back streets that came up the hard way and knows his way around all the leazy dime and titty bars. He dont come in much and I dont mess with him - usually just picks her up and splits.

If I were you Marty I'd stick with the twins - isn't that Josh over there getting fresh with them?

I think I'll have this damn cart from Travis done in a few moments - anyone know the tracking weight - I'll try it around 1.9 for now and we'll see how it stands.

At least we have the Stones record to test it with - even I was beginning to tire of Karen's voice.

Now can someone get Maron out of his chair and walk him round the bar a couple of times - getting a bit worried about him - that's the 14th straight Vodka in the last 2 hours, oh, and does anyone know if he can actually play that banjo of his? I think we better ban him if he can - what say the regulars.?

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As I recall, there's a veranda or patio at the Taverna, no? I'd bring along your choice of KP201, KP250, KP301 or KP362 for outdoor enjoyment of the PRO variety. May I suggest the KP301- a three way 'mini industrial Cornwall' if you will. K 43 woofer and two horns in the biggest sound in the smallest package that one man can man-handle. They even have pole sockets so we could do 'speaker on a stick' to cover a larger area and those out on the docks.

These are my Christmas present to myself- picked them up Dec 1 while in Ohio at DeanG's daughter's wedding. Aint' they pretty? (presented next to LSBR for size comparison). Unlike the LS, one man can easily carry these up a flight of stairs.

I'll even bring along a Crown K2 to power them with, that should allow ample headroom.


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No! no! ..Its my wife thats double jointed.....Shes great at a party,,,You ought to see her down a couple of glasses (16oz) of Vodka with a bite of horseraddish...as a chaser.. She,s a great pole dancer....I hope you have one installed on your bar.

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No! no! ..Its my wife thats double jointed.....Shes great at a party,,,You ought to see her down a couple of glasses (16oz) of Vodka with a bite of horseraddish...as a chaser.. She,s a great pole dancer....I hope you have one installed on your bar.

Maxg now you can collect a cover charge if there is this kind of entertainment here. [:P]

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