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MaxG hits Stereophile!


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The September 2008 Stereophile "Industry Update" has a piece by Robert Deutsch on "Athens, Greece" in which he tells of giving a talk to the Audiophile Club of Athens (www.aca.gr) during its 10th anniversary, and meeting with president Christos Skaloumbkas and other members.

"And so it came about that on the morning of May 25, 2008, we were picked up at our hotel by ACA member Max Goodman, an Englishman who has lived in Greece for the past 17 years." Max took them to another member's home, followed by the meeting and visits at the homes of Christos and yet another member. No further mention of Max, alas.

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Way to go, Max.[H]

It is a shame though, that he and his own system isn't mentioned more in the article, but then again, Max would probably say his system is of modest means compared to the systems of his club brethren. Not that it is or should even matter if it was! It would've been great reading, regardless, especially if Robert Deutsch commented on Max's home-made loudspeakers! But I suppose that review will have to come some other time.

In any event, it's good to see Max's name in print on this infamous audio rag.

My real interest is if Ken Barnes does another video sequal to the club's ever-popular short film, and Max's system is also highlighted...

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way cool Max!

The July 2008 meeting featured a member's home who has 7.1 by the looks of it. I had thought the ACA primarily 2 channel aficianados. Lovely home and decor and really large room size. Nice placment of the surround speakers all things considered.

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[:$]Well thank you all gentlemen. They always do this to me it seems- wait till I am on holiday to make me famous....so I am the last to know.

Sadly Bob was on a seriously tight time schedule so there was no way to get him in front of my system - believe me it did cross my mind - what a free consultation on your sound......

As it is it was all great - but rather tiring fun and I clocked up a good few miles running from one end of Athens to the other.

I guess this is my 15 minutes then....

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