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    • Maybe I missed it, but which is which?
    • They´re maybe an option , available in Germany. Made in Germany , solid Aluminum.
    • this guy is an UROLOGIST ----------
    • I'm holding off on letting these go for now. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
    • I've been lucky enough to keep them around, even after picking up many more speakers since then.  Time to start shopping for crossovers I think.  What my options these days?  Crites, Deang, and DIY I guess?   Oh, this I didn't know about.  You sold them once after they were rebuilt, and then I was the second buyer?
    • MODERNA and ASTRAZENECA  are on top ---China will copy all of them by the Billions of doses  , with 0$ in contributions -
    • Time will tell but fits the std narrative.  All you have to do is pay attention to more streams than one.
    • Think I'll pass for the moment... thanks though.
    • I thought I would "update" where we are, and how things look .....at least to me.     We are presently in .................." No man's land ".     BULL SIDE :  the market has NOT broken down yet, from its large rally off the bottom.  We are overbought, but NOT particularly extremely so.    BEAR SIDE :  we STILL have a GAP off of the March highs, that has not been filled, by the major averages, except for the super-strong NASDAQ Composite Index.                           we also have a secondary GAP down, from that -1600 Dow  point Thursday, a few weeks ago.  It too, has not yet been filled by ALL the major              averages.   My question...was that unusual  -1,600 point down-day the start of LEG TWO down in a major bear market??  Well, NO one knows for sure, nor can people tell.    Recall please, the BULL case, in that we have not broken down yet, at this point in time.   Absolutely , we are in no man's land --- as the way I see it now.  You pays 'yer money, and you wait, and take 'yer chances, is all I can see and think now.  A move will occur.  Which way ????????    Place your bets gentlemen.    Good luck to all .   Jeff    EDIT:      None of what I write above should be construed as investment advice, it is JUST my personal market observation, at this particular juncture.    An exciting time, jam-packed with potential.
    • I just used the bleach, for everyones sake and humanity you need to try it it works!
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