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  1. 12 or 15 inch woofer? What are you going to use for a amp?
  2. So what was the verdict? How does the 95 audio compare to the 93 audio?
  3. I have had both and both are great speakers in the right applications. Right now I have the Fortes and only sold the La Scalas due to being out of a job. Get the Fortes now due to the smaller room and save for La Scalas later when you get a house.
  4. I posted the same thing last weekend but I think everyone was enjoying the weekend and their system instead of the forum. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/146675.aspx There is a review of the Cornwall III in the German online site Stereoplay but have not had a chance to translate it. http://www.magnus.de/testbericht/lautsprecher-klipsch-cornwall-iii-330336.html
  5. Tone audio will be doing a review of the Heresy IIIs in issue 38(they are on 35 now). http://www.tonepublications.com/blog/klipsch-heresy-iiis-a-ton-of-fun/
  6. Hey there Cornman! If you need help going and picking them up let me know! Nights or weekend I'm free.
  7. A local Austin, TX band called PorterDavis. Album is recorded very good. http://www.loveporterdavis.com/fr_home.cfm Go to the website and the whole album will play.
  8. Same thing can be said of a dog! Dogs can leave the same messes as cats or worse if they get destructive with the couch, tables, chairs, door frames, pick a part of the house.
  9. The cat looks angry, this dog is slightly mad[:@] I think I would take the cat you can have the dog!
  10. If you have not take him to the vet and have "them" removed[:'(]. My cat Noah does not spray anything but if you leave a pile of clothes on the ground he will think it is a litter box and use it[:@]
  11. [] [Y] [8] Look outstanding!! How do they sound?
  12. Very nice job!![] Are you going to do just 2 or go for 3 and have one for a center channel?
  13. Move them to the bigger room! They would be okay in the small room but they would overpower you.
  14. I upgraded my Fortes crossovers to a new pair of Crites crossovers about two months ago and liked what I heard. So I moved on to Crites tweeter diaphragms and liked what I heard. After a couple of weeks I realized that I still liked the new tweeters but the midrange did not blend with the bass and the tweeter like before any upgrades. What I always liked about the Fortes is how the bass, midrange, and highs blended together one not overpowering the other two. So I figured go ahead and get Crites midrange diaphragms and after two weeks the midrange sounds much better. Everything is balanced again.[][Y] Now this is on my system and what I hear.
  15. We did the same things and I got the same results John did![] I suspect we will have similar results with the midrange diaphragms.
  16. [Y][Y] !!! I will post my thoughts after a week or two of use. Next year I may start to upgrade certain parts in the crossover but I don't have the money to do anything like SET 12 did.
  17. I did the exact same thing![:S] Just be careful if they do not fit in place easily. I just sent off the money for the midrange diaphragms so late next week I'll let you know what I think.
  18. Got some new BEC crossovers and tweeter upgrade and will be ordering the midrange upgrade Friday. Very pleased with the results!
  19. This Friday I think I'm going to order a pair for my Fortes. Already did new crossovers and tweeter upgrade from BEC and thought I would finish up the upgrades for this year.
  20. The HBO miniseries The Pacific is out on DVD/Blue ray so I went over to rent the blue ray version and it was not available. So I compromised and got the regular dvd and the picture was very good thru the PS3. Now I want to get the blue ray version. I think another thing that makes a difference is the quality of your HDTV. Mine is about 3 year old Tech, a Sony that has a very good HD picture but the ones out this year are better. So is your HDTV 2-3 years old or is it a 2010 model? The tech in my tv is over three years old but a 2010 HDTV tech is probably only about 1 year old so it should show the difference between blue ray dvd and regular dvd.
  21. jbsl

    The Pacific

    This Tuesday Nov 2.
  22. Not sure if you know but Luxman is releasing the L-590 AX in October. 30 watts Class A, it has separate button so you can use the amp and preamp sections with other amps and preamps . Changed the look of the front also.
  23. YOu could probably attach some water ballons or something stronger to drop on him if he misbehaves![]
  24. That is okay they are not too expensive so I can try em out. If they are not quite what I want I can try whatever titanium diaphragm for the midrange Bob comes up with. After in stalling the crossovers the midrange seemed a bit bright to me but after installing the titanium diaphragm for the tweeters it helped but having the midrange tamed a little more might work in my system.
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