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  1. Can you two get a room please... no one wants to see you two bicker and then kiss to make up.
  2. I didn't know where both Compressor and Limiter came from in terms of audio playback.
  3. I had a less than stellar pairing of a Hattor and my VRD's... while it was fine, it was not stellar. I found the sound as lifeless and flat... even though the unit was CLEAR.
  4. Ive actually found the tube effect counter to yours OP... I while Vinyl was awesome, I also found that with Digital, Tube's take the edge off and makes it MORE palatable.
  5. What are the 'Advantages' of a 'Stereo' bass? Bass and low frequencies are not directional and the 'snap shot' of the output and phase issues I posted are indeed of one frequency... not ONLY indicative of One frequency. they are a snap shot after all... But I would have thought that would be apparent. comb filtering, phase issues don't change or reduce with frequency, they still occur... what changes is the shape of the interference patterns... but they are still there
  6. Buy a new amplifier that costs twice as much as your speakers... that should be good enough.
  7. I hope, given your ability to build a network and replace a diaphragm, that you didnt think that room placement and clocking would solve a distortion issue... The idea of horn coloration is a non sequitur in my humble opinion when it comes to the La Scala or Klipschorn.
  8. Very very nice... good luck sir.
  9. This is your multi source bass when summed correctly @63hz... Placed within a 1/4 wave length of each other. Low frequencies are Omni-Directional This is your multi source bass, ON CRACK, when they are not summed and placed in a 'STEREO' layout @63Hz... you tell me which one should sound better.
  10. DSP is going to be more effective Netherman...
  11. that's not how they are constructed... they are slightly wider at the 'hat' area allowing for the enclosure to maintain the internal volumetric area.
  12. Schu

    Art Work vs Value

    I'd have to question a local artist being able to generate 50k on a single piece regardless of size... that is a pretty elite territory in terms of valuation. A lot of WELL KNOWN artists can't get to that point. Generally, a local artist is priced in a category known as 'decorative'... and that segment is normally priced very reasonably. If the artist has had any major shows or has a quantifiable auction history, then it is much easier to figure out a range of value. Depending on medium and size, I can probably guess what a range for a piece might be... but that is still no guarantee you would ever make money or even be able to hold value. A acrylic 24x32 might be in the 900-2500 range for an unknown and this is being generous. Does this person have a body of work? Remember when buying Art... buy what you like and not what you think others might like, because at this level you are not 'investing'.
  13. What does that have to do with OP's old question about a bass bin comparison in where one that generates distortion and one that controls Inter dist?
  14. if your ear is really tuned into what 'clean' is (many people do not), you're not going to find it in a Cornwall IV... the CWIV has output in the LF region, not cleanliness. It's a case of More not being better... but that is a subjective choice for each listener. Direct Radiating large format drivers have a lot of Distortion...
  15. from power tubes to 12A/7's... how did I know that was going to happen... In my circuit... the 350b was the hand down best... but you know, the entry price will kill your wallet.
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