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  1. that's 48" from the corner, not from the horn exit.
  2. Thurman Murman's classic crime drama...
  3. I've purchased all my speakers without hearing them first... probably because once you are sure about what you are looking for it's fairly easy to shop for that thing. Capitalcityguy, you are going to be extremely happy.
  4. Someone with Starlink post up your speeds...
  5. That's me... plain Jane.
  6. thanks for the offer... but I think I will just walk to the game.
  7. you're gonna need to remake that top hat also to maintain the volumetric space...
  8. We don't usually deal in hyperbole here, but you're not going to believe your ears. The CWIV is a different class of speaker.
  9. do you prefer openness or directivity?
  10. There is no replacement for displacement... all other things being equal, you can not mimic 'scale'...
  11. it's the SAME signal... the only audible difference is gain or the COLORATION of the amplification section.
  12. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    not after you put in all that damn work... as a matter of fact, was it even a house before you bought it? 😛
  13. yeah... the old 'high level' recommendation. seems like most stick to that like the gospel. that newest 'setting up an array' video John put out is a little... embarrassing. But I understand they are trying to sell product.
  14. if it's not auto biasing, I think it should at least be checked.
  15. may I ask... how sure are you that the former owner did not abuse that k55 by over driving it? That's a beautiful looking speaker by the way! post script: I wanted to also add, that I had a similar situation with a few songs on an old pair of LSii's... I was sure that there was a cap issue or a diaphragm issue... but it only did this distortion/screeching on the same songs, and all other songs were perfect. it turned out that it was actually the recording and not the mechanics or electronics of the speaker.
  16. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Awesome E... You live in such a beautiful area.
  17. I love that little logo...
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