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  1. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I got a DAP that was newly released today... Astell&Kern sp3000 First time a DAP has been made from 904L Stainless.
  2. Schu

    Got ARC?

    Not interested in audio return for the time being though it appears 'convenience is the future for most
  3. Schu

    The Pet Corner

    ^ what are you controling that with? what is the delay time?
  4. this is Cryptography... not Crypto assets.
  5. I just used PP to pay for something to another member here on the forum... I'm gonna have to go take a shower now.
  6. is it legit or aftermarket? if it's factory I will take it. or I do have some AK6's I am willing to trade
  7. Specifically for ebay? You can use your credit card directly on ebay Otherwise outside of ebay, you can use crypto peer to peer
  8. I'm gonna ray trace my arse off...
  9. I tried for a rtx 4090 this morning... ugh a ryzen 7950 is going to be lonely with out one.
  10. I changed my Mind... I canceled my Dell order and I am just going to build (assemble) my own desktop, like I have done for the last 35 years
  11. they are exactly the same.... if your first pair were indeed Hiii's
  12. Definitely Diffusion. in any application I have experienced, absorption on the front wall generally KILLED the liveliness sound.
  13. Yes... Oppo still services their players. No one is sure for how long the parts will last though. I thought you wanted a replacement, otherwise I would have recommended servicing.
  14. how does this guy get hold of stuff like that... his store is a miss match of junk
  15. I rewatched Birdman: or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance for the first time in a year or two... what a magnificent Iñárritu film. this is why I go the theaters upon first release...
  16. I am watching my copy of the newly released 4k UHD of Last Action Hero and I came to an epiphany... That a considerable amount of this film that is not, action, is actually built around classic literature. The film is basically a retelling of the Don Quixote story with Danny (the kid) being Sancho Panza. There are elements of Homer's Odysseus and Hamlet also in there. Film looks absolutely great on Disc also.
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