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  1. sounds a bit like an IE issue... have you thought about downloading firefox?
  2. or run in safe mode, which is what you should do anyway when you are running those virus scans.
  3. well you seem to have some size issues for your speaker choice. certainly you could have gotten a really nice 3 way floor standing speaker in used condition for $600'ish, but if your area isn't that large I guess it doesn't matter that much. Give the RB's a good listen when you get them and let us know what you think?
  4. is there or are there any issues with running your center channel vertically oriented instead of horizontally oriented? I am thinking about putting my 64 vertically because of space reasons... but there is room for it in a traditional Hor orientation.
  5. that WILL work... but it won't work the best that it could be. did I miss what type amp you have? Edit: I see it now. That's a very basic set up but should keep you entertained for some time. you may have saved a little by buying used, but if you dont want that hassle, just enjoy.
  6. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I just made a deal for a RC64ii for $800NIB... pick it up tomorrow. Happy Happy Joy Joy Edit: Picked up!
  7. run malwarebytes and spybot in succession, then restart and run Ccleaner. that takes care of most things unless it's a redirecting virus. all are free programs. I even have good luck with MS security essentials. edit: and stay away from Pron sites []
  8. I'll let you know in a few days OP... I guess I am the first idiot to actually purchase a 115 and try and integrate it into my system. I have high expectations.
  9. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Subday BBQ condiments!
  10. David has a whole long list of LP's... he's been putting them out in limited offereings for years now. Most of them are nearly impossible to find. http://davidlynch.com/index/
  11. you are not put on this world to "get it"... I am not even sure I need one subwoofer... why the hell would I want two of them.
  12. .we all can not live our lives via the lowest common denominator. I am sure the 115 will be more than enough for my 25'x25' room... if not, I will get something else.
  13. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    Yes sir... I am way ahead of you on that one!
  14. I just bought one... we'll see when it arrives.
  15. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I just clicked buy it now on ebay an hour ago... $700 delivered, new in box. I'll tell you when she gets here.
  16. Does anyone know why Klipsch chose to go with MDF over HDF in the modern era speakers? is it basically cost? Just curious.
  17. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    The peghead would be more of a giveaway... The older D-40 models had the same style inlay on the peghead that my F-30R has, but the newer ones only have the name inlaid with a rosewood or other wood overlay instead of the black. Some of the models only have a decal, similar to the majority of Martins. I was actually remembering the D-40 having black binding like the Martin D-21. Hmmmm... guitar trivia. Many models of the Guilds changed a little bit over the years. Bridge is incorrect also... I've owned maybe 10 martins over the years, one of my other favorite things in life. the d40 had a Abalone rosette not to menton a Ebony finger board... I also do not see any back bracing, and of course the label is not a martin label.
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