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    Superbowl half time show. Dr Dre Snoop Dogg Eminem Mary J Blige Kendrick Lamar. Looks like that'll be my bathroom break.
  2. Plenty of them stacked up off the coast of NY and CA. Not enough truck drivers to move the goods or warehouses to store them. Both issues are causing price increases as well.
  3. I wonder if it can play the brown note?
  4. Feels like you're riding in the rain when you go through them.
  5. I had a beetle hit my kneecap going about 70 once, at least that's what I thought it was by looking at what was left on my pants. Felt like a rock. Anyone ever ridden in love bugs? Feels like rain and stinks like hell once you stop. Takes forever to get them off the bike and if you dont do it quickly the acid will etch the paint and the chrome.
  6. Proof syrup and a splash of Luxardo cherry juice.
  7. Went to a friend's house for dinner last night. There were 6 of is but not all drank Old Fashioneds. Be that as it may, I must have made 20 of them.
  8. No way I'm clicking that link. I got a chill just reading the headline.
  9. I knew it was around now. You're about a month and a half older than I am. Happy Belated.
  10. 64 today or yesterday right? Happy Happy.
  11. Doesn't taste like or priced like beer. On a side note. When we were in Delaware we stopped in to visit the Dogfish Head brewery. They have tapped beers there that you can't buy in stores. I got a growler of their 120 aged in Utopia barrels. It was amazing.
  12. Its about $250 I believe. I had some about a year ago. Doesn't taste anything like beer.
  13. CECAA850

    Slow Forum

    I type fairly slow so that's why my posts take so long to read.
  14. Beautiful. Looks like fiberglass too. You in Houston or just where the cases are from?
  15. Rip. Really enjoyed his sense of humor. His voice was perfect for it.
  16. Rain, rains and more rain here as a tropical storm moves through. Shouldn’t be horrible but just messy.
  17. Yes, a sad day. That's some good juice right there.
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