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  1. Its a 2 way so the high frequency. Resistors are fine if you know how much attenuation you want which I don't.
  2. No, this isn't a thread about their merits or shortcomings. Just wondering if anyone knows a source for 4 ohm L pads. Didn't see them at Parts Express. Thanks.
  3. @ClaudeJ1 you've mentioned reducing gain to be able to use more of the volume knob. Have you seen the Slider preamp from Transcendent Sound? Seems perfect for this scenario. I'm tossing around the idea if building one. https://www.transcendentsound.com/slider.html
  4. One Bonehead to rule them all (Lord of the ring reference)
  5. There seems to be no consideration for people with natural immunity either.
  6. Fingers crossed for you Eric. Daughter Amy is trying to go back to work. They won't let her return till she gets a negative test even though she's been symptom free for almost a week. She's had 4 positive tests now. Makes me wonder if each time she does that it is reported as a new positive test.
  7. Stereo amp. I'm currently using a Transcendent Sounds Grounded Grid pre with it.
  8. https://vtvamplifier.com/product/vtv-amplifier-stereo-purifi-audio-1et400a-amplifier/ with the Sparkos opamp.
  9. I had no idea that was the case but there was seemingly more output from the bass bins of my LSIs.
  10. Well, I'm late to the party but that's nothing new. I've pretty much been a class AB guy all my life or at least since I've been into audio which has been a while. I can't comment on the original ncore amps but i recently purchased an amp with the Purifi modules. Im absolutely in love with it. The way it controls the woofers is nothing short of amazing. I wasn't expecting that. The micro detail it reveals it the recordings was a nice surprise as well along with the dead silent background. I'm impressed to say the least. No way I'd characterize the sound as dry or sterile. The amp came with the option to return for a refund. No way I'm sending it back.
  11. Thanks. That doesn't show up when I access the forum with my phone.
  12. Hopefully I'm within the boundaries of the thread. I was listening to the head of the CDC yesterday. She said that 75 percent of all covid deaths were from people that had 4 co morbidities. She also talked about covid hospitalizations. 40 percent of recorded covid hospitalizations were patients that were hospitalized for something other than covid but were routinely tested and had it.
  13. Alabama has 2 my all time most despised coaches. The head coach and OC. They both went to the NFL and absolutely destroyed 2 teams that I root for. Both of them set the franchises back years.
  14. They're not off-shore with you are they?
  15. Ran the ac yesterday and heater this morning. Typical winter here.
  16. 2 years of doom and gloom and its getting to ya? Say it ain't so. I am sick of it myself. Burned out and tired of the whole thing. It dominates national and local news. You can't turn on any type media beit radio, tv or internet without getting slapped in the face with it. Enough already. Its gone way past PSA's.
  17. We just hit up one of those doc in a box medi quick places. No appt necessary.
  18. Can't stop it, can't slow it down, can't worry about it.
  19. The different numbers are serial numbers. Its normal to be different.
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