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    The best humor is rooted in the truth. Most here should recognize the original song:
  2. Currently reading Saul Herzog's Lance Spector series, thanks to a gift of Kindle Unlimited. His plots have twists and turns reminding me of Ludlum as the books progress.
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    Interesting, since practically every citizen here has an immigration background at some point in their family history. Some joke, right?
  4. oldtimer


    Tax reform, 2018.
  5. oldtimer


    You know you want one: The Innovative Synthesizer Used by Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd Has Been Resurrected (msn.com)
  6. What is the link? I would guess that people who actually can read music and perform music might have an edge. Then again, my mother in law was a church choir singer and slid down the dementia track. It seems there are a lot of variables with this.
  7. Just choose what you want to send me Thebes. I trust your taste in gifts.
  8. Either/or All or nothing Pigeon holed minds tend towards two dimensional thinking. Throw in the ubiquitous "they" and continue down the path of illogic. Intelligent communities are already using a variety of sources in combination to great effect.
  9. I have a condo where solar has been installed a few years ago. No assessments for it. As Bubo pointed out, each case must be assessed on its own merits. There is no generic conclusion that it either works or it doesn't. It always comes down to the specifics. In my other place, solar does not make sense for me because of all the shade I have created in 35 years of stewardship. Others in the same neighborhood have installed and benefitted. As for the future, better technology will lead to better solutions.
  10. A lot of action books lately. I would recommend The Gods Eye View by barry eisler, if only for the extensive links at the end which back up the premise of the details in the story.
  11. That's because watching you don't have to suffer through five pages of the author describing in excruciating detail what each character is wearing in each scene.
  12. I remember that. We were all saying "look at the back of that guys head, wow." And so forth.
  13. First frost way earlier than average here. But maybe that's why its an average.
  14. My prices havent changed, since ever. Just sayin'.
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