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  1. Yes, now you need to post a challenge. Sorry tried to catch a typo and ended up double posting.
  2. The Quartets, Forte II, and Chorus II is a great line of speakers for the money. They were worth every penny when purchased new, and at today's used prices are practically a steal. You can put together a sweet HT system with them, or enjoy as two channel. Remember they were originally designed for two channel duty, the Academy was designed to capture the budding multi-channel HT market and as a retro fit for current owners.
  3. I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft We have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping
  4. Maybe so Jeff! With my voice, I would be lucky to get recorded as backmasking.
  5. Frank Zappa? isn't he Phil's brother in law? Sadly, Zappa is no longer anyone's brother in law. Whamo, are you thinking of Chester Thompson?
  6. Fourth World Vol.1--Possible Musics. LP by Jon Hassell/Brian Eno. I'm not sure what category to call it, experimental? The tracks evoke a natural environment through the use of rhythmic repetition and juxtapositions, with instruments both acoustic and electronic.
  7. Some call it heavenly in it's brilliance Others, mean and ruthful of the Western dream
  8. It's clear what is happening with all this backmasking. Satan is a frustrated singer who never got an album contract. He haunts studios and insinuates himself onto the tracks. Because he does this from hell, the words end up backwards from passing through the hell/earth vortex, plus get garbled in the process. Eventually, someone gets bored or stoned enough to play lp's and tapes backwards and his lyrics get out, revealing why he never got a contract in the first place since they are boring, feeding his ego nonetheless.
  9. Thanks for the tip Jeff. I must admit to feeling just caustic enough to stir the pot when I wrote that post. I commend 'buddy for getting the "gates of delirium" in such a timely manner. I also wonder which struck more of a nerve; the genesis part, the bad musician part, or the non-musician part, lol.
  10. You calling me a liar? [] I never heard the rest of the words on that site...but I remember doing it in my room like it was yesterday. I also remember it was the part of the song close to "There are two paths you can go by but in the long run..." and that web site shows the reverse part in that same spot. Seems like too big of a considence. Who knows if it was on purpose or not...but I remember hearing it for the first time and not sleeping all that well that night. Oh to be young again. Back on topic...I'll put in a 2nd choice for Misty Mountain Hop...hey whoopie cat! "Take a good look in the mirror and describe what you see(and baby baby do you like it?)." I'm not calling you a liar, lol, or even a fundamentalist nazi. Plant had this to say about it: "To me it's very sad, because 'Stairway To Heaven' was written with every best intention, and as far as reversing tapes and putting messages on the end, that's not my idea of making music."
  11. Point taken. I did listen to Genesis back then , when acquaintances tried to show me that they were gods. Didn't buy it then either, but what can I say I was a real musical snob back then with impossibly high standards, bless my heart. They just never held a candle to ELP or Yes. Obviously I have a problem with saying how I really feel---or so I am told quite often.... Stolen fruit always tastes twice as sweet, so I have heard.
  12. Agree about the history of flooding concerns, even so, if you do it this way run the wire through conduit and seal the ends as best you can. It is easiest to run the wire up through the wall and across the attic and back down to where you want it. Do it in the winter when attic temps are coolest.
  13. Past performance may not reflect future returns. Your mileage may vary. You can be right 90% of the time predicting the weather by saying that it will be just like yesterday, but you will miss every important change. You are not buying a "stock" you are buying equity in a company. Charts are great at telling you what has already happened. Your risk tolerance is best expressed by how well do you sleep at night without worrying about your investments. Watergate does not bother me, does your conscience bother you? Sweet home Alabama. Your rate of return for your stock investments since 12/01/02 should easily be over 16% annualized with a simple dollar cost averaging 3 fund portfolio. It's not rocket science, it's commitment and discipline.
  14. K-Mart had a big K too, but even rain man came to realize that K-Mart sucks.
  15. That stuff about Zep and Satan was debunked a long time ago. Just some jealous fundamentalist nazis looking for the next "book" to burn.
  16. I know what I like - Genesis I know what I think is inferior in the art rock genre of the time----Genesis. It always seemed then that the guys who liked Genesis were either bad musicians or not musicians at all--JMO of course.
  17. A mind is a terrible thing. To waste beer is a terrible tragedy. Just say no to accidents involving beer.
  18. I would say classic case of coincidence. With 85db of sensitivity and no horns, what's to like?
  19. Here's one for dedicated Art Rockers: Stand and fight we do consider Reminded of an inner pact between us That's seen as we go And ride there In motion To fields in debts of honour defending
  20. Yeah I love that one too. It is almost determined by the mood I'm in for choosing only one favorite. "Close the doors, turn out the light......no they won't be home tonight....
  21. For something completely different try The Steeleye Span Story--Original Masters(2lp set). Old English, Irish and Scottish folk tunes set to rock. The track Fighting for Strangers is especially compelling.
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