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  1. got to second that,seen Delbert many times!!!! I will throw in one that is heavy in the rotation right now Blues Traveler/Live from the fall. Greg I think he is a good ole Ft. Worth guy. Still like George Clinton better though.....
  2. Wait...I get it now, I saw your post where you say no more Prozac...And now your response, and I am laughing out loud....
  3. I'm not taking anything personally. I'm not quite sure i understand your point regarding the link though. By my quote in the post you can tell that I am willing to have some fun, but we can't do it here on the forum without getting banned dagnabbit. I still would rather be a douchebag in Texas (you should check out the gals here) than a dildo in Michigan. OK I said it and it was *****ed out! Interesting that douchebag is OK but dildo isn't.....in case anyone is wondering, think of a sour pickle as the first syllable and what you make bread out of as the second.
  4. Thanks for the advice so far. Just missed a 1000 dollar deal for a series one sunfire. I am surprised by the lack of responses so far, post a question like this on the 2 channel board and you'd have 50 different answers and a flame war in the making....
  5. Seems like the bay area is the place to be to get inexpensive Klipsch deals. They appear all the time there. The cost of living more than makes up for it though. The sad part is that our nephew who lives there had a truck until someone totalled it for him a few weeks ago....
  6. JB you are one F'ffed up mofo, that's why we like you so much...
  7. Best upgrade I ever made was from my first wife to my second wife.
  8. Stop Making Sense by the Talking Heads.
  9. I will add that I know I will have to go the used route for the price I am talking about.
  10. Pretty much, although Arkansas probably is more to blame. Oh well, all vicious infighting self sabotaging alliances eventually end.
  11. Eventually I would like to upgrade to separates. I have been leaning toward the Sunfire amps because they run cool which would be a really nice thing in the summer. Any others I should look for in the roughly 1000 or less range to power four Forte II's and Academy?
  12. I don't see Tamu, or Arkansas, but "how 'bout them Horned Frogs!"
  13. If my schedule permits, I would enjoy cranking up the tunes with fellow Klipschters. The Cornwall day last year in Plano was fun, the more the merrier. Regarding the flame war, I would imagine it would be better to be a douchebag in Texas than a (your message here) in Michigan... After all, South Park is fun to watch but do we have to imitate it in real life?
  14. These are $40.....http://dallas.craigslist.org/ele/140369394.html
  15. I don't know but it should be better than retail, plus you might find something really cool.
  16. Try looking for a local guy that stocks and cuts granite for builders, some may specialize in just granite and marble. Could probably get pieces like that from scrap ends.
  17. Basically, this is why I ask: http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrmoni&1146961303 I am still considering purchasing a pair for my dad, but if you have to get them off the floor on after market stands (or find oem risers) to get the proper sound then I might as well look to score some cheap Forte's. $450 is high I would think, but the ad says or best offer, just wondering how much less, or if it would be worth it.
  18. Will Quartets without risers sound substantially different? How so? What would a riserless pair be worth?
  19. Try hearing some live music of different types of bass and listen again. See if you still have the same opinions.
  20. I don't disagree with you Moon, they are horns so give them a test drive right? But I found humour (brit sp) in the reviewer's quote as it relates to the product...
  21. "vividness with which dynamic contrasts are revealed and laid bare." Definitely laid bare, yeah, definitely bare.
  22. " It is that logistics equation in calculus that shows that inflection point where the $$ invested begins to yield diminishing returns." I like how you think AN.
  23. Hope it works our for ya man, I know you love how that baby performs....
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