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  1. Jeff, regarding your comment on Trumpism, keep in mind that Klipsch has not gone bankrupt like the multiple times Trump has.
  2. We should get a LaScala pinata for the Texas Klipsch gathering. The next question is what to fill it with.....?
  3. You actually got a hit on a search!? That's more than I have received. I guess I just don't know how to use it properly....
  4. We used to sneak into the access rooms at Ed Landreth Hall at TCU where some of the pipes were just to hear them up close when someone was practicing. It was one of those things you never forget......
  5. Nice town smilin. My best friend grew up there. Does it still look like the setting for Ordinary People?
  6. Totally cool Brian. Some day soon you will come to realize that truly bad movies provide the best entertainment of all.....
  7. typical over-saturated loud stage show Could not have said it better myself Kriton. Besides it pretty much describes anything ever done by The Who.
  8. Thanks Parrot. I'll do my best not to think of that while I try to go to sleep tonight.!
  9. Wow! The wood grain on that coffee table IS beautiful.......
  10. Well praise be! Hartnett blood here, even related to the Hartnett priest up for sainthood from Dallas county. You know of course that I hardly qualify as a saint.....but one per family is quite enough.
  11. My vote is for Funkentelechy over the Placebo Syndrome. Sir Nose just doesn't have a chance.
  12. No, but I am not looking either, Austin is about four hours away from me as the car flies. I stick to KNTU "the one for jazz" "yeah baby yeah!"
  13. Wow. Talk about fun. Hope you got the South Park CD in time to relax for a bit and put it all in perspective.
  14. hey Clarence! You are between the ****** and the bag remember? LOL. Seriously, I would like to attend any Klipsch event within possibility, who could resist? For your sake, consider Michigan more midwest than northeast, but find your way to any event you can. Enjoy!
  15. Agreed, depending on where it was pressed. Most rock lp's are way better if pressed in europe or japan. Pictures at an Exhibition MFSL is definitely an improvement over the original mass market though....
  16. Drive to North Carolina and buy direct from the factories. It's too far for me, so we just buy Ethan Allen when they run sales. The Amish suggestion is also good, and there may be places in PA for this too.
  17. Thanks Dr. Who for the exposition. I always wondered what people meant by Yamaha being bright because before I switched to multichannel receivers, I ran my ForteII's with a Yamaha integrated stereo amp from around 1980 and don't remember any brightness issues. I still have the amp, but not using it at the moment.
  18. Best recordings of live performances.........
  19. What finish and condition on your Academy? Maybe we can swap before you do something rash. Mine is painted black over what used to be oak clear, and is in perfect working order.
  20. LOl Johny! One of these days I will run and never come back! (Only to face being somewhere else)
  21. Haven't been to Traverse City since the summer at Interlochen summer camp.....
  22. I once found a Megedeth cd on the floor and turned it in to lost and found. My loss, but at least I have a clear conscience. It's all part of the cosmic unconsciousness......
  23. So call the bluff and ask about local pickup.
  24. got to second that,seen Delbert many times!!!! I will throw in one that is heavy in the rotation right now Blues Traveler/Live from the fall. Greg I think he is a good ole Ft. Worth guy. Still like George Clinton better though.....
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