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  1. It has been so long I don't know. My best friend had a copy of the british import on the manticore label that sounded good at the time....
  2. Jeff, I have been looking for a decent copy of Brain Salad Surgery for a while with no luck. Would it be possible to make a copy for me? Thanks, Brian.
  3. Went to one year of Catholic high school, learned more than two more years in public school.
  4. Tears for Fears--Mad World You start a conversation you can't even finish it you talk a lot---but you're not saying anything
  5. its got a better ring to it than nutty yahoo thats for sure.
  6. Do your mains not sound as loud on your own source material or the cable tv's? Your cable provider might have done something bad (like they usually do) to cause a change. If it is from your own source material then, well, I would suspect the receiver.
  7. Try "accidentally" when no one is around spilling some Pepsi into it----creating the "pepsi syndrome."
  8. I am seriously thinking of voting for Kinky Friedman. He's even funnier than Bush, only in a good funny way.
  9. We have a little 13" with a dial tuner. I don't know for sure how old it is but it has been in the humidity and salt air of Honolulu for years and still works. I think it does not have a coax cable input in the back if that is a clue. As Steve Colbert says: "Don't touch that dial! And if your tv has a dial, get a new one!"
  10. How about "The Wanderer--Henry Kissinger" by Foreign Intrigue!
  11. I kept busy with music, but got out a year early to go where the real fun was--college. Now that was radically better, way more unfettered. What did I learn in high school? 1. Band and orchestra were a great source of dates. Flute players were usually the cutest, but single reed players were the best kissers (the rare female drummers weren't bad either). If you were in marching band you did not have to take gym. 2. Sometimes a lot of whiskey at once could cure a cold. 3. Would I want to do it again? No way.
  12. Man! You have a real talent for movie reviews!
  13. Another one rides the bus by Weird Al Yankovic, that brings back memories. Anyone hear his Amish Paradise parody of Gangsta Paradise? One of my favorites from Demento has to be All Along the Watchtower sung by the writer of the tune, Bob Dylan himself. ______________________________________ As a kid I actually had the 45 of They're Coming to Take Me Away. Probably why I ended up as a drummer.
  14. I agree with you to a point moon. The best way to handle it is to convince yourself it does not matter. Yes guys can and do think like you describe, but they can also get over it. Put her in your position. Does she want to meet all the gals you danced with? Probably not when put in those terms. I went to my reunion alone because my wife was too self conscious to be "judged" by people she had never met. I met some old friends and had a generally good time. We both went across the country to hers (mine was local) and stayed with an old friend and his wife. We had a great time at the party, and the whole visit was great. I guess the point is that you can make it as fun as you want to, and why not? As a side note, let me say that her ex was living in the same apartment building as we were for a while and I don't know what he was thinking, but I was thinking "you're an idiot for screwing up, and I am in heaven." He kept a good distance, and never said a word.
  15. Harvest--neil young. Effie, Madge and Mabel and Biddie See them on the beach Or in New York City
  16. I am pleased with Forte II's as mains and surrounds, with an Academy at center. Another Forte II at center would be great but is not practical for me right now. I will probably upgrade my amplification and processing before I will think about a sub, there is plenty of bass. A sub would be like icing to me, such as making earthquakes even more life-like.
  17. It takes a dude with major cohones to admit that. I haven't even seen it once. Don't worry, I won't tell your friends.
  18. All great choices so far. I also love the old kung fu movies. Let me add one more not yet mentioned: Repo Man.
  19. No wonder my right speaker sounds better than my left! A glass bowl of Vancouver Island beach rocks is closer to it than the left one. These are Brilliant Pepples in their most primitive and powerful state, and I will let a few (only a few) go for less than $200 a piece.
  20. I like a basic oil finish as others have suggested. If you don't want to do that, I can tell you that I have an old bookcase that is birch that has been stained in a walnut like color and looks fine. Even with a stain you will get differences inherent to the light and dark of the wood.
  21. Just got through watching Team America for the nth time. It sounds great on the Forte II's all around with the Academy center. So I was wondering....what are the movies others watch that you know are not academy award type but you love to watch. Besides Team America, mine would have to include in no particular order: The Wild Angels Gamera Torque I will reserve two more spaces for later. Anyone else care to put in their recommendations?
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