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  1. I had a pair of 89s and a pair of 77s, I favor the 77s.
  2. I still think that it would be hard to beat the VMPS larger. I have a paradigm servo 15, it is a nice sub, but is no comparison to my VMPS ST/R loud speakers bass quality and SPL. The VMPS Larger is a bass unit from the ST/R Slot loaded loudspeaker.
  3. ---------------- On 11/15/2004 9:33:00 PM Jack Daniels wrote: ---------------- On 11/15/2004 8:09:43 PM radiob wrote: Save and buy a Magnum Dynalab, youll be happy you did. ---------------- Funny, I just rebuilt and hotrodded a 350-C for a customer who was running a Dynalab, and in his opinion, the Scott "blew it away". He also commented that it received more stations, stations that he never knew exsisted on the dial. Personally, I think the Scott is the better bargain. Vintage Scott tuners properly set up will blow away todays offerings. Another Scott sleeper is the 312-D solid-state broadcast tuner, it offers the same sound and performance as the 350-C, but uses FET's instead of tubes. It also gives you a wonderful headphone amplifier with variable adjust for left and right channels. Just my point of view. -JD ---------------- But, does the 350-c soundsage like a magnum 101a, or the tubed units? probobly not...
  4. ---------------- On 11/17/2004 2:26:52 AM dippafly wrote: Yamaha HTR5760S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTR5750S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTR5790S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTR5740S Dolby Digital Receiver Yamaha HTRS5730S Dolby Digital Receiver Whats the best choice for me? ---------------- Buy one from a store that gives you 30 days money back, try it, then upgrade if your not happy.
  5. Im 1 hour south of Tampa, whach ya need?
  6. < For the record, I never suggested he go with either amp because I don't care what he chooses. I suggested he listen for himself and decide. ---------------- [/blockquote> Good point.
  7. Save and buy a Magnum Dynalab, youll be happy you did.
  8. ---------------- On 11/14/2004 11:59:42 AM kinkisega wrote: What should i pay attention to when choosing a speaker? I know nothing about the audio stuff Is it high watt output indicate the quality of a speaker? Can u guys kindly tell me ? Thank a lot ---------------- Pay close attention to the sound, thats what youll have to live with.
  9. I just like to argue, dont take it personal.
  10. ---------------- On 11/15/2004 5:17:57 PM erdric wrote: >>.......Second, how can you say someone should pick Sunfire to go with your Klipsch when you haven't even listened to Sunfire driving Klipsch speakers?...... i have heard the sunfire powering a complete RF-7 system.... very impressive..... and a much better sound than any rotel i have ever heard powering any klipsch speakers..... since you obviously didn't bother to read the entire thread..... i posted this information on the 9th post of the thread on page one.... "another vote here for the sunfire amps.... heard one powering RF-7's at an Ultimate Elctronics here in minneapolis..... excellent sound with the RF-7's...."<< Since YOU were quick to assume that I didn't read the entire thread, I'll put that point to rest, I DID read the entire thread. You'll notice (or apparently you didn't) that my post didn't single out a particular person. You'll also notice, since you read the entire thread, that you were not the only one that recommended Sunfire amps. Those other people did, in fact, say they either didn't listen to Sunfire with Klipsch or made a general recommendation. Sorry, was I supposed to address you and only you personally for my point to be valid? Does the fact that you actually had experience with that combo validate the opinions of those who do not? No, not really. Oh and the first part of my post does apply to you and everyone else, whether the combo sounds good to the person asking the question IS paramount and entirely up to the ears of the beholder. I notice you conveniently left that out of your post. I don't know why some people feel the need to post a snide comment rather than asking for clarification on a post. You post a snide comment and you get a similar one in return. Constructive, isn't it? Oh, just in case this is an issue...Don't equate low post count or infrequent activity on this board with stupidity or a lack of thoroughness. ---------------- [/blockquote> I own both sunfire and rotel amps, and I will tell you that the rotel is a toy. Sunfire doubles down to 2 ohms, DOES NOT go into thermal protection as the rotel does, and sounds more transparent than the rotel. BTW I have used them both on Klipsch chorus2s, K-Horns, Paradigm studio 60s, and VMPS ST/Rs. Carvers sunfire is a better peice than any Rotel amp.But if you would like to buy a Rotel, Ill be happy to sell mine.
  11. I quite school in 88, and bought K-Horns.
  12. ---------------- On 11/15/2004 5:56:57 PM 3dzapper wrote: Sometimes it is just in the recording. Whether due to close miking, the recording studio or the producer, it's there. I bought an SACD copy of Billy Joel's "Innocent Man" the other day. Despite the great songs, the original vinyl recording was bright with a lot of siblance. The SACD has the exact same sound as the disc. To say I was dissapointed is an understatement. Rick ---------------- Rick, I too have The Innocent man on vinyl, sound is terrible.
  13. When was the last time any klipch speaker clearly articulates a bass guitar through a kick drum? Deep articulate, accurate bass, not klipsches gig. IMO.
  14. Try dipping them in Rat Poison
  15. Mistake. Spend the money for the sunfire, or save and go Griffs route.
  16. I have a Accoustech PH-D, its sounds excelllent, buy klipsch speakers, check into the heritage line.
  17. If Klipsch comes out with a RF 7.5, will they be better yet?
  18. I have never A-B'd the chorus 1 or 2 to the cornwall, but before I purchased my first set of chorus2s in early 90 something, I compared them in the showroom to the Klf 30s,and chorus1. I had a set of K-horns at the time, I purchased the chorus2s over the chorus1s, because they had a tighter sounding bass. the Klf 30s were not even considered.
  19. I have listend to the nautalis 801s for several nights a couple years back, they are the finest sounding speakers I have ever heard. At the time, I owned a pair of 77 K-horns.
  20. I was thinking the 3.5s were smaller, try dampening your back wall behind the speakers with cheap egg crate mattress foam, also keep them away from the corners. Also you could try adding rope caulk,a pea sized ball, stick it to the dust cover of the passive radiator this will mass load the passive, resulting in damped bass.
  21. Late at night, when the outside noise floor drops, turn out the lights, adjust the volume to the point just below the level which you hear your"room", kick back, burn one, let the layers of the soundstage come to life with insturments extending out into the air in front of you, hear the drummers kick drum articulate though the bass guitarist standing in front of him, to the left a little, let the vocalist walk about the stage........Gotta go grab a record to spin.
  22. Welcom to the forum! Have you tried speaker stands?
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