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  1. I'll try to take a close-up pic of the grill material tonight. These are attached with velcro. Is that original? Also the poles are not marked for polarity. I don't know if it somehow came off or what. I assumed the right one is + and left -. The serial #'s are barely visible, so maybe the back sides sat toward a window and faded at some point. I was thinking of making some new grills, just to preserve these babies. I have a 1 yr. old daughter, a 6 yr. old son, and a German Shepard to worry about. Just break out the nice grills when guests come over. After rereading that last sentence I sound like a real geek. This is an incureable sickness isn't it? Jeremy
  2. What is this grill material? Also what should I use to oil them? Jeremy
  3. My aunt also threw in this JVC 5.0 reciever. It was too complicated for her to work, so she wanted to get rid of it. She just wanted me to wire up some new components for her, in the simplest manner possible to operate. What a great weekend it was. Jeremy
  4. I mentioned in a post a while back about how much I loved the Cornwalls my uncle bought new in 1977. When I was a kid he would show them off to me every time I was over. Ever since then I knew when the time came for new speakers for me it would be Klipsch. I'm buying RF-7's, RC-7, RB-75's, and R-5800-W for my 7.1 system. But I have always lusted after those Cornwalls. Well my aunt and uncle split up about a year ago and he left the Cornwalls behind (too big). My aunt finally wanted to get rid of them, and she knows how much I love them, so she gave them to me. She wouldn't even take any money for them. They are oiled walnut. They are in pretty decent shape. They have a couple dings and wear spots, but overall pretty good. I got some flaking on one edge when I was moving them, I think they really need oil. Any suggestions on what oil to use? Is it possible to darken them up a little with oil? I would like to get a closer match to my entertainment center. Also are these grills tweed? Thanx for any info. I'll attach a couple pics. Jeremy
  5. If you bought them from acoustic sound design out of Las Vegas, then you'll not be getting a factory warranty. I bought Some R-5800-W, wall speakers from them. It was a good price, and the speakers appear to be new, and they sound great. But the boxes were opened and no serial #'s were present anywhere. They had been removed from the boxes, magnets, and info packet. I wanted to try a lower priced pair from them before I spent big money. Glad I did, because I won't be buying my RF-7's and RC-7 from them. Good luck with your purchase, I hope everything turns out well. PS I may buy some more wall speakers from them, for the kitchen Jeremy
  6. The fronts will be RF-7 and RC-7, so my 1st thought was the RB-75's for rear, but then I saw those big RB-35's for less money, and started thinking goofy. Thanx for the input. Jeremy
  7. I'm piecing together my system and was planning on using Rb-75's in the rear, flush mounted in the wall. After doing some more looking and thinking (dangerous, I know) RF-35's are cheaper and seem like a whole lot more speaker for the money. My problem is I really want the rears flush mounted in the wall because it will be a traffic area. The RB-75's will work great because of the front port. What are the RF-35's gonna sound like with the rear port firing into a different room (sealed off from HT area) if they are flush mounted? Will it be bad? I have no experience with either speaker, that's why i'm asking for opinions on this matter (and many others to come). Thanx for your time, Jeremy
  8. Thanx for the info. I just checked J&R and it's $750 now. That's alot better than the $1300 srp on the HK website. It's also cheaper than the Yamaha i've been looking at, probably better too. How is the zone 2 set-up on the AVR-635? I looked at the photo of the back panal on the HK site. It doesn't look real clear. It appears the output is shared with the surround speaker output. The zone 2 is something that's important to me. Thanx for your time, Jeremy
  9. I've been considering the AVR-635. I'm glad to hear your happy with it. Do you mind my asking how much you paid for it? Good luck in the future, Jeremy
  10. I'm a big fan. My dad drag raced years ago, I practically grew up at Byron Dragway in the late 70's, early 80's. My mom worked in PR for NHRA when she lived in Indy. I used to sit in the tower with her at the U.S. Nationals, when I was a kid. We used to hang out with Shirley Muldowney, and other drivers wifes and girlfriends. Like Austin Coil's wife (girlfriend at the time), Kenny Bernstein's wife and I played in their trailer with their son. What was his name......, oh yeah, Brandon Bernstein I used to go to Indy for the Big Go every year up until a few years ago when we started having kids. Oh well, such is life. At least Joliet isn't that far away. Looking forward to watching the races in HD. Jeremy
  11. ---------------- On 4/19/2005 2:57:12 PM colterphoto1 wrote: warning: don't get too confused and sucked into the black hole of oblivion that is the Heritage lineup. I've done this, and love it, but you will spend lots of time and resources seeking the various components. If HT is your main reason for this room, my personal recommendation is to continue on the present course. The speakers will all match perfectly, are full range, and you won't have to drive all over the country and spend 1-2 years to get the perfect combination. Michael ---------------- Thanx for all the valid points. I love the Heritage speakers, and am hoping to someday aquire the Cornwalls from my uncle. I would also love to own La Scalas. If that happens it will be for the 2-channel set-up in my main living room. I think i'm pretty well sold on the Reference series, just looking for input on the combo listed above. The only ones that I already have are the R-5800-W for the ceiling surround. I'll probably get the RB-75's next, so I can get the rough mounting done before drywall. I'm currently in the pre-wiring stage. Just finished my electrical for the whole basement (bedroom, bathroom, bar, etc.) so now i'm moving on to prewiring for the HT. I'm a do-it-yourselfer, so it's nights and weekends. It will be an all summer project, at the least. Please keep the input coming. Thanx for your time, Jeremy
  12. ---------------- On 4/19/2005 10:06:07 AM colterphoto1 wrote: I might say to exersize caution in enclosing your speaker boxes. Note that the RC7 has ports in the rear so it must breathe. Almost all speakers will sound funky if you enclose them in another box. So my suggestion would be place them behind your 'facia' front-of-theatre wall if you must, but leave them open to the storage room behind. Resist the temptation to enclose them in plywood 'bookshelf' boxes- it WILL sound terrible. This is the kind of info i'm looking for, thanx. I can easily leave them open to the room behind the wall unit. I just wasn't sure if ,id lose the porting effect by doing so. I guess the sub will make up for any bottom end loss on the fronts. Thanx for the help, Jeremy
  13. Hi all. New guy here. I've been trolling for a while and finally register for the forum. I wanted to educate myself before I started asking stupid questions. I've been a Klipsch fan since I was a kid in the late 70's and my uncle bought a set of Cornwall's, I believe. I'm still trying to sell them to me to this day! Anyway, My wife and built a new house last year and now i'm finishing the basement, so I have a clean slate for the home theater. I've been saving for years to build my dream system, or at least one i'll be very happy with. Over the years i've had a few home theater set ups with crappy equipment and comprimised speaker placement. This time i'm ready to do it right. I'll layout my plans and the equipment I plan to buy, and i'd like you all to tell me what you think, and provide constuctive criticism. I have a room about 20' wide and 18' deep with 8' ceiling. At the front where the viewing area will be I have a pocket in the wall that is 12' wide and 3 1/2' deep I want to build a wall unit to make everything flush to the front wall. I will make pockets in the unit for the front speakers and sub, so they won't protrude past the front of the cabinet. I will determine the size of the speaker pockets with some help from here (hopefully). Behind my rear wall is a storage area, so I would like to flush mount my rear in the wall. Also I have installed a pvc tube in the floor joists, that runs between the storage area at the back, and the pocket in the front wall. This will aid in running of future wiring for the theater, and the whole house. The following is some of the equipment I plan to buy: Front: (2) RF-7's Center: (1) RC-7 Sub: (1) RSW-12 Surround ceiling: (2) R-5800-W's Surround rear: (2) RB-75's TV: I'm torn between 62" Mitsubishi DLP and 73" Mitsubishi CRT Reciever: not sure yet, i'm leaning toward Yamaha 7.1 of some sort. DVD: don't know yet, open to suggestions. Maybe a changer? I'm open to any suggestions, recommendations, and constructive criticism. Please let me know what you think. Thanx for your time, Jeremy
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