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  1. What would be the best way to go about shipping speakers such as RF-7s if a person doesn't have the original boxes? Should I try and look for my own boxes or should I have someone such as UPS or FedEx box them? (Don't worry, I'm not selling mine! [] )
  2. I've noticed that on almost every CD I own some tracks can sound fantastic and then on the same CD some tracks are only mediocre. Has anyone gone through each disc they have one by one and somehow kept track of which tracks sound the best? I know for me it would take days since I have probably 300+ CDs, but it might be worth it to do it to at least my favorite CDs. It would be nice, especially when having people over and you want to demo your system.
  3. A while back I was using a Definitive Technology 15" powered sub that I had had for probably 8 years or so. It worked with my previous speakers but its output couldn't keep up anywhere near the RF-7s output. Plus, it didn't have hardly any output below 30Hz or so. It was also very boomy and almost all bass coming from it sounded the same. I sold that sub just before I went to Florida back in May so that I'd have a little more spending $$ while down there. I just started researching subs on here and on other sites and decided on an SVS. Happened to stumble across a great deal on one that was only about an hour away from me.
  4. The RF-7s are very large. I had to borrow my brother in-law's 4Runner when I picked them up since they wouldn't fit in either of my sedans. Wuzzzer is actually my brother's old nickname. One time he was playing football with some friends in the snow and he got hit hard and wanted to quit playing so someone wrote "wuss" in the snow but instead it looked like "wuzz" so people started calling him 'wuzzer.' Later on when we signed on AOL we lived in the same house so we just decided to have one account and use his nickname. Wuzzer with 2 z's was taken so we tried Wuzzzer with 3 z's and it was available. He then got his own AOL account and I just kept mine wuzzzer. From then on I just used wuzzzer for any forum or email address. His nickname became mine pretty much. []
  5. Are you talking about this line? : "The dealer also carired Klipch. He had the 901's sitting on top of a pair of Klipchorns in the dimly lit listening room with a glowing McIntosh amp driving the distribution system. I think he was trying to sell me the horns. He first demoed the horns, setting the volume rather loud. Then he switched to the 901's and watched me as the volume dropped almost to a whisper. Satisfied with my reaction, he showed me the difference in efficiency using the Mac's power meters. It was definitely dramatic. But his ploy didn't work. I bought the 901's." If so, man I thought us humans were farther along than that. [+o(]
  6. From what I heard when I listened to the RF-83s (and I'll admit it wasn't a tremendously long demo, but I got the idea), if you LOVE your RF-7s, you'll LIKE RF-83s. If you HATE your RF-7s, you'll LOVE the RF-83s.
  7. The Cornwalls are probably affecting the phase setting of the subwoofer. I would assume that since your sub is Klipsch's current top of the line Reference sub that it has some sort of phase adjustment. Best way to adjust the phase is to sit where you normally listen to bass, play some music that has very low, steady bass and have someone adjust the phase setting back and forth slowly until the bass sounds the loudest. Its possible you might also need to turn up the gain on the sub, as I can't imagine any in-wall surround speaker being anywhere close to the efficiency of a Cornwall.
  8. Thanks for the offer! My Dad's hometown is Crosby, and we try and do something up around the area each year at a resort/cabin.
  9. Lol, shoe salesman? Do I look like Al Bundy or something? [8-|] I am in sales, jewelry sales though.
  10. Champagne taste beer budget, I forgot I was going to tell you that my family and I vacationed a few weeks ago up at Spirit Lake just outside of Aitkin. It was a beautiful lake and I caught a 4+ pound largemouth bass there!
  11. Funny guys...it does sound a little better out of the box...
  12. Well, its official...starting my 17th week of dieting and exercise I have officially made it to my weight goal and then some! This morning I weighed in at 179. When I started I was 206.5 and at my heaviest I was probably around 215. I feel so much better, have a ton more energy and just feel healthier overall. Its funny, in my mind I still feel overweight since I've been heavy most of my life. But when I put on my clothes they're just huge on me. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not as big as I used to be. I keep a picture at work of my wife and I from 2 years ago when I was at 215 or so. Everyone I work with says I don't even look like the same person anymore. You can tell in my face that I've lost quite a bit of weight. Now its time to maintain and keep exercising!
  13. Hmm...I guess I better head over to the one in the mall and check them out then. [^o)]
  14. After picking up my SVS sub I decided to swing by Ultimate Electroncs in Maple Grove, MN to check out the new Reference line. I asked to see the RF-83s and the salesperson brought me in back where their big screen room was and they had a pair that were set up by a pretty huge LCD tv. The guy apologized that they were being powered by a Sony ES receiver, he said that its definitely not a good match with Klipsch. They had a RC-64 set up but I told him I didn't want to hear it, just the RF-83s. He came back with a CD of Ray Charles and we listened for a bit. Man is the midrange smooooth on them! The imaging was incredible too. They definitely seemed more reserved than my RF-7s. The guy said that they just got them in and that they haven't been broken in yet. I told him that they sounded different with the smaller tweeter and he said that the RF-83s have the 1.75" 'reference tweeter.' (They don't, do they? I thought it was a 1.25" tweeter now?) He told me that his grandpa has a pair of Klipschorns from 1980 that sound almost identical to the RF-83s. They really sounded good and I can think of a lot of people who would pick the RF-83s over RF-7s. I just don't happen to be one of them. []
  15. I laughed when I saw the sub the first time. ITS HUGE. The guy I bought it from had it setup in in a corner and he put in a CD and we listened to it for about a minute just for my peace of mine so that I knew it worked correctly. When I got it home I placed it in a corner behind my left speaker. I set the crossover at 60Hz, the subsonic filter at 16Hz and the gain at 2/3. I have the phase set at 0 degrees. So far I haven't played around with any of the settings. I put in Star Wars Ep III and fast forwarded to the scene where Yoda enters the room where Darth Sidius has the two red guards at the entrance. I always knew that when Yoda used the force to knock the guards over there was some low bass, but I could never hear it. GOOD NIGHT NURSE my pants legs shook! I watched the rest of the movie from that point on. I couldn't believe how much I had been missing before! Then I put in Jurassic Park. Again, I thought the T-Rex was actually in my basement! I also have a CD from Telarc that's called something like The Ultimate Fantasy Album that has tracks from Jurassic Park, Hunt for Red October, T2, etc. Track 3 is called Jurassic Lunch which is about 30 seconds long featuring a T-Rex approaching. I used to have a Sony receiver with a digital EQ display and every time I played this track, at the 10 second point the EQ just about went off the charts in the 20Hz and lower region but none of my previous speakers/subs ever played it. Not anymore...the bass was so low that I was feeling it more than hearing it. It was a very weird sensation. This thing definitely digs DEEP. I have a techno bass CD that I've had for years that I was just listening to this morning. Every bass note was deep, loud and clear. We're talking bass that's easily 20Hz or even lower. Its kept up well with my RF-7s so far. I was afraid that they'd drown the sub out but I guess they seem to be a darn good match! My wife's working this weekend so that will give me time to play around with the crossover/level/phase settings.
  16. Well, got it set up. Snapped a picture of the SVS in its box next to an RF-7. Its HUGE.
  17. Last weekend I went over to my best friend's parent's house. They have a 52" plasma TV that is very very nice. We were talking about HDTV and he showed me some of the HD channels he gets. I noticed a couple small, rectangular shaped Bose speakers on each side of the TV. I looked for a center channel and surrounds but it was only a 2 channel setup. He then asks me if I wanted to hear his Bose system. I said sure! [] He popped in a CD from a band from Ecuador that he bought at the State Fair. The midrange sounded alright, and then some bass notes hit... From what I could tell, the 'subwoofer' in the corner must have been crossed over at 200-250Hz. It was to my left and I was easily able to localize it anytime sound came from it. The bass sounded very unnatural and was way overemphasized. I could tell that there was treble on the CD just begging to be played, but none of it was. It sounded as if I were listening to my RF-7s with rags shoved in the horns. I tried pretending I was impressed when he said "The volume is only on 30...and it goes up to 100!" He then told me that he paid $1200 for the system which included the 'sub,' two small front mains, and a receiver with a built-in CD player. Let's see...my setup cost me $1000 for my RF-7s, $125 for my CD player, $175 for my receiver = $1300. $100 more than the Bose wondersystem! []
  18. I do have cats...two of them to be exact! One of them still has his claws. If I ever see him doing anything to the SVS he'll be in a box on the way to the vet!
  19. Wanted to add that you can rename any of the inputs anything you want, up to somewhere around 10 characters. Also, this is a very heavy receiver, weighing in at 28 pounds.
  20. Thanks DrWho! In the information I read on SVS's site, the low level outputs on the sub will filter out the bass, and it is adjustable from 40Hz to 150Hz. Guess I'll just have to try it out both ways and see which one I like best.
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