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  1. RB-81 Specifications frequency response 46Hz-23kHz +/-3dB RB-61 Specifications frequency response 43Hz-23kHz +/-3dB Which is odd since the 61 has a smaller woofer yet it plays deeper? [?]
  2. If you need a ring, give me a shout! []
  3. My system is a 2 channel setup with a subwoofer. I don't have an HDMI input on my tv. So while the Onkyo might be 'better' it has a lot of things that would be pretty much useless to me. [] Sometimes its helpful to check other sites such as http://www.avsforum.com and see what ones there have to say about different brands. Just remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There's a lot of people out there who absolutely hate Klipsch speakers. Fortunately there's a lot of us who won't settle for anything less.
  4. What makes a good receiver? I think I'd be up all night answering that question! I guess a good answer is that you get what you pay for. As in everything there is a law of diminishing returns. A receiver that costs $1500 probably isn't going to sound too different than one costing $2500. But, a receiver that costs $150 is typically going to sound much different than one costing $1500. Some brands are known to be 'bright' in their sound meaning that they accentuate the treble frequencies more. Some are known to be 'warm' in their sound meaning that they accentutate the midrange frequencies more. Klipsch speakers usually sound better on a warm sounding receiver. I don't have any personal experience with Onkyo so I'll let others comment about them.
  5. Brands such as Harman/Kardon, Denon, Rotel and Outlaw are good matches with Klipsch speakers. Don't worry about a difference in a few watts per channel in a receiver. As long as it is a reputable brand (see above) you'll be fine. Generally you have to double the wattage of a receiver/amplifier to see an increase of 3 decibels. Example: A speaker that is 99 decibels efficient at 1 watt will output 102 decibels with 2 watts, 105 decibels with 4 watts, 108 decibels with 8 watts, etc. Going from 105 to 140 watts is going to give a net difference of about 1 decibel in output. If you run a true 600 watts into your RF-82s they will theoretically be putting out about 128 decibels in sound. Even at 128 watts they will be putting out about 122 decibels.
  6. Pros: They sound incredible and look great. If you look at what you typically pay for Klipsch that are 10-20 years old you'd probably pay 10x that amount for new speakers from other brands that still probably won't sound as good. Cons: Thanks to this forum you'll never be satisfied with what you get. You'll always want bigger, better, LOUDER! []
  7. Looking great! I know I probably sound like a broken record with this advice, but you might like how the front speakers sound if you angle them in just slightly towards the middle of the room (called toeing them in). This usually will result in better stereo imaging and help reduce the sound bouncing off the side walls. "Aiming - Once the speakers have been properly positioned, they should be adjusted to provide the sharpest possible image. This is accomplished by a process known as "toe-in." Your goal is to obtain the sharpest possible image by aiming the speakers at the listener, as if you were focusing binoculars on a distant object. Start with the speakers pointing straight ahead, while listening to a CD of a solo vocalist. Rotate each speaker a couple of degrees inward, toward the listening position, until the voice seems to come from a point directly between the speakers, rather than from the speakers themselves. But beware: too much toe-in will compromise the natural width of the soundstage. Try to find the best balance between image focus and soundstage width."
  8. Any 3 series Reference floorstander (RF-3, RF-3 II, RF-35) will be a noticeable upgrade for you. If you can afford RF-5s check them out too.
  9. I just did some exact measuring. The right speaker is 9" from the slanted wall behind it (the wall is basically angled at the same degree of the speaker toe-in), the rear corner of the speaker is 10" from the side wall and the front corner of the speaker is 14" from the side wall. The left speaker is placed the same distance from the side wall and due to the design of the room it is 33" from the wall behind it.
  10. One more thing to add to my list of things I didn't need to see anytime in my life.
  11. Unfortunately due to the layout of the room I'd only be able to do that with 1 speaker. There's a slanted wall that starts out about halfway in the middle of the room and ends just behind the right speaker. This leaves about 3 feet behind the left speaker and about 8" behind the right one.
  12. I think its a little of both. The previous owners definitely did not have acoustics in mind when they finished off the basement room that my stereo is in. They did have a TV and speakers and at one time even had a pair of Klipsch. Whatever the difference is, it sounds better to me!
  13. My basement is only about 10 feet wide so to get the widest soundstage I have put the various speakers I've owned right up to the wall, toed in towards the listening position. I installed 2" acoustic foam in a 2 foot by 2 foot square on each side wall to lessen the first reflections. The foam helped quite a bit. As seen in my signature, my house currently is the home of 3 pairs of Klipsch speakers. When my friend brought his KLF30s over to my house to store until he gets a new place to live I put them in between my Forte's and the TV. Well, a couple days ago I decided to move the KLF30s out of the way since I had been primarily listening to my Forte's and the KLF30s were in the way of me being able to get behind my TV and to my subwoofer. I decided to experiment with the Forte's and I moved each of them about 6-8" from the side wall, again toed in toward the listening position. I put in a few different CDs and was very pleased with the results. The stereo imaging actually improved noticeably, and ironically the sound seemed to have an even wider soundstage than it did before. Recorded ambiance such as echoes and reverberated notes and voices seemed to emanate from all around the speaker instead of directly from them. I'm glad I took the few seconds to give it a try! I guess 'wider is better' is better suited for Pontiacs than Klipsch!
  14. My best friend's Dad has the Bose system. He paid $1000 for it at Sam's Club. I'd love to be able to have him hear the Klipsch system and realize how good he could have had it!
  15. One rule of thumb that someone posted on here was that a good distance to start at is to measure the diameter of the port(s) of a speaker and place the speaker the same distance from the wall as the total diameter of the port(s).
  16. Someone locally on craigslist has a pair of Chorus II for sale for $1200. Nice try. If you check eBay you'll see that Forte's generally go between upper $300s to $600 depending on color and condition. Add a couple hundred for the Chorus IIs.
  17. Good price for a great speaker. I'm lovin' mine! Currently jamming to U2's 18 singles CD that my wife just got me.
  18. I'm just home quick on my dinner break or I'd have some time to post a how-to. If someone hasn't answered by the time I get home from work tonight I'd be happy to!
  19. Best way is to just be yourself. Be honest but not too honest. Dinner and a movie is usually a good place to start.
  20. Cool, didn't expect to hear so many positive responses since I hadn't ever heard of the QSC brand name before. Now someone just needs to buy my RF-7s! []
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