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  1. That looks really awesome! Definitely a great use of the space. I'm up in Alexandria by the way! Originally from Saint Cloud.
  2. If you haven't already, post in the Garage Sale section along with location and asking price. 👍
  3. About the only thing would be better capacitors in the crossovers but I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make.
  4. It's generally recommended to have bookshelf or direct radiating speakers such as your 51s as rear surrounds. That said, I'm using wide dispersion-type speakers as rear surrounds and I really like them.
  5. All I know is there may be a significant typo in your username if you meant it to say Big.
  6. Klipsch are very revealing. Feed them music that's been recorded well and they'll sound fantastic. Feed them anything less and you'll experience what you're describing.
  7. Both. Also, just to point out, in a properly set up 4.1 or 5.1 surround system you want side surrounds, not rear surrounds. They should be placed to your side facing inward. A 7.1 setup adds rear surrounds behind you.
  8. I want my power cables to do what they're designed for, provide power. If they are designed to somehow alter the sound in any way, I'm out.
  9. I paid $300 for mine a few years ago. If they're in mint condition and 100% working I would say that's the top end of their value.
  10. Those look fantastic and I'm sure they sound fantastic too.
  11. SVS SB-1000 or 2000.
  12. I've had lots of different surrounds and my RS-7s are pretty amazing.
  13. What are the speakers? If you do a Google search you'll find several pages that'll have that in formation.
  14. wuzzzer

    Favorite SACDs?

    Thanks everyone! Of the bands listed, I really like Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers and Dire Straits so I think I'll start with those! 👍
  15. Where has he been? Delivering packages for the company he works for...UPS...
  16. Please repost in the Technical / Modifications section. Not sure why so many off topic discussions get started in this area of the forum?
  17. wuzzzer


    Change the phase to 0. The tear is not in the woofer or the surround so you're fine. Get rid of the two into one cable and run two RCA cables from the two subwoofer outputs from your receiver into the two Line Ins on your sub. Turn the crossover knob all the way to the right. Use your receiver to set the crossover point between your speakers and sub. Leave the Level knob where it is. Run YPAO to help balance and integrate the sub with the rest of your speakers.
  18. Use the optical digital audio output from your TV instead. ARC is a joke.
  19. Do you have kids or anyone who may have shoved a toy or something in one of the rear ports?
  20. wuzzzer

    Favorite SACDs?

    6.1, phantom center. Yes.
  21. wuzzzer

    Favorite SACDs?

    I realized the other day my new Sony UBP-X700 can play SACDs. Nice! Anyone have any favorites they recommend?
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