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  1. So I'm finally going to order the Spin Clean next week and was looking for some advice. The people that own one already, is it worth it to get more of the solution from Spin Clean or making a home brew would be fine. If a home brew is fine what should it consist of beside distilled water. Thanks, James
  2. Wow , made in China for real . Don't know about that since it was stated before that the RF-83's are made in Hope. James
  3. Thanks DD, I've been looking into this for a while and just kept putting it off. Funny cause I've had a list of things that I want to get and this has been on it but it is now moving up to the top and really quick. My problem is that I would also have to get a router but that's not a big deal since I just picked one out for my gf's kid. It's just that extra few $$ that I would have to spend. James
  4. WOW...... [H] That is a very cool home.... James
  5. Art, I wonder if Terry DeWick could also help you with your situation? James
  6. I just looked up a local glass company and explained what I wanted to do and they told me how they can help. Depends on what the place carries and how much you want to spend. I got just a plain edge, after every cut they polish the edge so it's not sharp. If you wanted you can have them bevel, round or whatever else that particular place can do. I had glass tops done for 2 pairs of Cornwalls, 1 pair of Heresy and my RF-83's. Always great to deal with, 5 minutes from my house and had it done in a day. I also got those felt pads for the corners from Home Depot, I believe they are the 1/4" round, just so the glass isn't sitting on the speakers themselves. James
  7. Gary, I know exactly what you are talking about. This has happen to me since I purchased my C-28. I thought that a good cleaning would help but from your experience it doesn't look like it. I have been able to switch the phono inputs every time this has happened and that seems to work or just a simply wiggle of the rca connectors seems to help. I do have to admit that it does bug me when it happens and after it starts working again I'm relaxed listening to vinyl again... I might have to start looking into something else. Thinking to self, is it time for a change.............. James
  8. You mentioned that you are putting this in a small room, why the need for the surround back speakers then? Do you have room for floor standing speakers to be used as your surround backs, with the proper height and location? If it really is a small room then I would just get the RS-62 for the surround and see if you really need the other speakers. James
  9. While I don't listen to jazz I do listen to rock/pop with my C28 with my MC-2105 and love it. I running this setup with my Vertical Cornwalls, Thorens 160, Oppo DV-980H (for cd's) and Marantz 2238B (for turner). My next thing to get is either a MR74 or MR77 to replace the Marantz and I'll be set. As far as the volume knob I have yet to play it past half way and still be in the same room let alone house. This setup is on the second floor and it fills the first floor with sound and with the windows open I can hear it loud and clear when I take the dog out. Where are you located? If your near the Chicago area we can talk and work out a visit to your place and I will bring the C28 so you can hear it in your setup. James I forgot, Welcome to the forum....
  10. First off, the "W" in the serial number is what to look for on these. "W" = 1981 As far as the HWL label and if it's "clear finished" I can't help you there. James
  11. Sounds like you are enjoying the Denon but it doesn't have enough power so a external amp should be the ticket. I never had a Denon AVR as I went from a Sony into Outlaw separates. If an amp is what you are looking for Emotiva is getting all the new talk, Outlaw has work for my RF-83 setup, Sunfire amp would work and gets high praise. I can see what you are talking about the center dialog not as crisp. You are going from a full speaker to a center channel and a totally different sound all together. James
  12. Welcome to the forum... I think you can start at 18" away and work from there. The right amount is different for everyone so you might want it closer or further. I would set it in one location and leave it for a few days then move it, again leave it at this location for a few days to see if you notice a difference. Is this setup only for HT? Remember have fun and play it loud.... James
  13. Send that help my way when you find it.... James
  14. Funny thing is he was a member 7 months before you, he just doesn't post. Check out the join date. James
  15. YoJoe, I would get the RB-61, if you have the space and the money always go for the bigger speaker. This way you don't have to worry about buyers remorse. Then with the added RC-52 and RS-42 it should make for a very nice HT setup. James
  16. Hey I know what you mean, next time I will be using that same site. James
  17. Thanks to Harry and Art I have a different site to spend money on... THANKS GUYS...... [Y] James
  18. I got my Thorens belt from LP Gear. James
  19. Since that is the case, GO FOR IT....... Remember to post pictures when you get in hooked up. James
  20. Nic, That new HT is going to be nice with that 9.1 setup. I'm going to look into it a little more. Since this is going on the long wall, how much space is going to be behind the row of seats? What's the total size of your basement? You have to remember that if the whole basement is open it will affect the sound at the seating location. James
  21. Don't forget to call first to make sure the location has the Heritage line setup for a demo. People have talked about this before, stores are listed buy don't have any current Heritage models on the floor for demos. Also, Welcome to the forum.... James
  22. You know what I was thinking these speakers are your 4th and 5th but they are your 6th and 7th for a 7.1 setup. These speakers should be on the back wall and if you use THX as a starting point you can just play with the location to see how they work best for you. Take a look here at the THX standard for 7.1 setup. If you use that standard try putting both speakers on the window opening ledge. Try them next to each other centered in that ledge, you can even keep them together and move them left or right to see how it sounds. Also try them apart on the ledge and moving them around. Remember this is your setup and if it sounds good to you then that is all that counts. That looks good or the one from MonoPrice is also good. What you want to look for is the weight capacity and when installing them hitting a stud or using a heavy duty wall anchor. Does your receiver have the speaker setup function? James
  23. Nic, That sounds good, the 9.1 with it all being in the front. Do you have any pictures of a setup like that, I'm just trying to imagine 7 speakers in the front. James
  24. Man, that's a nice area to setup your HT... [Y] Using the 18'-4" wall for your screen and a 100" screen centered your seat-to-screen viewing distance is 10'. A nice distance for the row of seating, but then you will have a lot of dead space on either side of the screen. What are you planning on doing with that? Also I see that you have a wall for the rear right speaker what is in the rear left area? If you used the 16' wall and still centered your screen I think you would have a better layout and use the space better. The back area behind the row of seats can be used for popcorn machine or DVD storage units and possible another row of seats. You really don't need a wall parallel to the long wall just have it open since the speakers are pointed at the 18'-4" distance. Which speaker combination are you planning on using for this setup? James
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