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    The Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts
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    Amateur Radio, Pipe organ technician, Hammond Organs/keyboards - Cooking / wine tasting - riding a motorcycle and digital photography.
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    In March 2020, the Dynaco-Klipschorn system was sold.

    A new system consisting of a pair of Martin Logan 'Classic' ESL 9 electrostat speakers powered by a Parasound HALO A-21 / 400wpc @4ohms. mated to the Parasound HALO P6 2.1 preamp/DAC connected with Kimber cable balanced interconnects. The DACs are a pair of ESS Saber 32 Reference.

    (New in summer 2017) Marantz SR-6011 AVR, powering a pair of Klipsch Reference Premier 280F towers,
    Reference Premier 240-S bipolar surrounds and Reference Premier 250-C center. All in Cherry finish.

    A vintage pair of Pinnacle Mega Subwoofer 350's in each corner provide the bass for the Klipsch theater system in a 5.2 config. 50" Vizio 'M' Class monitor with 32 LED zones running in 4k for video.

    An Oppo 203 for audio/video is the source for 4k movies and high resolution audio playback.

    For vinyl, a Rega RP-6 turn table with Exact 2 MM cartridge. Color - red.

    For reel to reel playback, a Teac A-6010 deck.

    For Cassette, a vintage Realistic SCT-11 deck.

    The Marantz manages all input sources to it's own preamp, and all is output through ZONE TWO to the Parasound Halo P6 preamp input. Thus making it possible for BOTH systems to play all sources individually or similtanously via simple remote control operation...

    UPDATE! As of August 11, 2020 I added a new pair of Reference Premiere 600-M stand mount speakers for theater use and casual music listening. These are Klipschs' flagship stand mounts and are well viewed and liked throughout the audio community. They were even featured in Stereophile magazine and received a very positive report. Another purchase from my audio guys at Safe And Sound, Chicopee, MA. Brick and Mortar store who is a sponsor of the 'New Record Day' channel on youTube.

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  1. Thank you Dave for the very kind words! ...and yes, as you say, 'classy' is a good fit for the room setting. My late partner put the room together over 17 years ago. We NEVER had any audio in here, as it was a room for visiting company and conversation. After his passing, lots of the furniture went back to the family which opened the space up, and then I got the crazy idea to put together an audio system for it little by little up till now. The two white love seats were his mom's from her condo, and those of course stayed. Never thought the room would be so well adapted for a system let alone the Klipsch Forte 4's, but, here it is, and enjoying the very musical results there of. Thanks again everyone, and best wishes for GOOD HEALTH and many more years of music enjoyment to you all !
  2. Thanks so much John and friends! There are a bunch more LAVA in storage, but, each shelf is by year and model. Two in the center top are from ENGLAND (Mathmos) which is the ORIGINAL lamp of this type. Lava/Simplex company came on the scene 2 years later in 1965. I had to pick up a special 240 volt power supply to power them. Anyway, I was a serious collector back in the 90ies. But now, to light that entire display is 1100watts and makes a HUGE amount of radiant heat. So, I only put a few on at a time. There then is the Lava Lamp collection lesson. 😊 I DO have a photo from a long time ago of the entire setup lighted. Perhaps, if you are interested, I could did that up. VERY colorful for sure.
  3. Ok, I've absent for a bit, however, just a couple days ago, I had the idea to try moving some speakers around. And after HURKING these 72 lbs. speakers up a flight of stairs (you ought to try that when you are in your 70ies ), there is a revelation !!! The Forte 4's are a totally different speaker up here in the cozy room, and the B&O Beogram 6500 system luckily and happily is an amazing matchup! Why? I can't say, but the sound is so much warmer, low end that shakes the room and floor like a pair of subwoofers! Here are a some brand new photos from this morning. I have them pulled out from the front wall 2 feet after much testing with a 28Hz. tone test and my DB-C weighted meter. Just like in the large room on the first floor, and other reviewers have found out, these get deeper in the lower range when pulled away from the wall. They are also 8.5 feet center to center and the two love seats are 11 feet from the speakers. I included a photo of the space BEHIND the listening area which is pretty much totally open. Here you go: with and without grills.....
  4. Hello Dave and friends. I believe I have one of the final concerts on BLURAY in my collection. A great watch and listen for sure!
  5. Hello friends! This is mainly for PAUL. Over on the PS-Audio chat forum, we have two regulars from Australia. One of them mentioned something about a strong wind storm that took out some 6 high power transmission line towers and shut down Loy Yang! Did this effect you at all? (besides all those medical snafus you reported....) This was in the Victoria area I guess. Let us know. Thanks.
  6. Hey DAVE ! 😊 Ok, SIDE TWO up and running. This old gear is still singing pleasantly on the ears, oh, and so is Kiri
  7. Good Monday friends! Ok, JUST got in from my morning workout with a snow blower (ears noise protected even though it is electric) and settling in with this one from 1985. A jazz recording on London 'Digital'. Kiri singing with more lovely Nelson Riddle arrangements. Here is some cover art, front and rear side. SIDE ONE in progress on the Orbit Custom....
  8. Well, I have enjoyed my spins and your company today and this evening. I am going to listen to some digital stuff for the rest of the evening. Hope to return tomorrow and join you all once again! SIDE TWO spins as I type. Have a good evening (day for you Paul! ).
  9. Good evening my friends. It's after dinner and a snowy evening here in the North East. So, what better then to continue with the 3rd Ronstadt / Riddle LP. Two photos showing the artwork and all cued up for Side One, and an after dark photo here in the cozy room
  10. Side Two up and spinning now. I am going to take a break after this one and continue a bit later in the evening with 'Sentimental Reasons'. Meanwhile, enjoy your tunes.
  11. Moving on to 'Lush Life'. All 3 of these recordings are outstanding!, the liner notes are aplenty with info on the mixing / engineering and arrangements involved. These pics are of the 'motion' album cover and inner sleeve, and SIDE A on the UTurn.
  12. You are right, we'll leave that handy craftmanship to Klipsch!
  13. Good afternoon all. As promised, it is now time to relax with this set of Linda / Riddle LPs. I bought these at different times off eBay, all were SEALED new old stock. It really is nice to sit back after a week of anticipation to finish a speaker project and enjoy the music now that it is finally done and realized. Here we go! 'Whats New' now playing, and the inner sleeve artwork. ......The Superscope S-212's in position. These things are efficient, yet that 12" handling the bass/midrange is really a velvety sound and that old school paper cone/dome tweeter sits nicely on top.
  14. Hello, hello friends! Great music you are all enjoying this morning/afternoon. Ok, I am going to join you in a bit with my Linda Ronstadt TRIPLE play. BUT, since you were all following the speaker rebuild story, I wanted to let you know..... The CAPS finally came in yesterday and installed, and walnut veneer got their second coat of orange oil. Here are 3 photos. Simple cap job DONE. On the stands with and without grills. Enjoy, and I will return after some around the home puttering. And yes, for an old pair of speakers, it is amazing how nice a 12" 2-way system still delivers MUSIC !
  15. Nice, I love my Hammond organ/Leslie. Such a sweet sound, the perfect blues/jazz/rock/reggae instrument, it just fits in everywhere! Ok, just a couple update photos from moments ago (it is all connected to vinyl in some way ). The quality of these speakers shows in a number of ways. The 12" woofers are NOT screwed into the MDF rim, but machine screws into T nut hardware, NICE! The second shot is of the USA made banana to spade jumpers for the screw terminals on the rear panel. More in a bit.
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