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  1. "Poor Boys...Poor Ways" stretching the audio dollar. I "NEED" so much audio stuff I have to watch the pennies. I am actively seeking professional help.
  2. http://www.turntablebasics.com/belts/thorens.html Turntable Basics took care of me on some hard to find belts. They were quality belts and quiet. Good materials used and priced very right.
  3. Apples to oranges. Both sound good. I liked the lower mid drive of the Yamaha myself on my set up but liked the Oinker best overall. I could live happily with either.....IF it wasn't for tubes.
  4. Friggin Idjuts!!!!!!!!!! I no sooner stomp out this heresy over in 2 Channel and it crops up again over here. Neandrathallis Cable-Bull-***-Itis. Look , hum is almost always a ground issue. Other causes? Fer cryin out loud we collectively swap gear in and out of our systems like hookers change hair colors. Guess what. All this tugging and pulling is bad for the wires, breaks solder joints, connections etc.. Then there is the fact that we love to accrete several hundred pounds of electrical magnetic fields in close proximity to each other. This is without regard to the fluxes such fields cause, not to mention their impact on our stately gravitational perambulation around the sun. You can break expensive cables just as easily as the cheap ones. Only differences is all that brown marketing hype that comes with the snake oil cables leaks all over your brand new two toned loafers, thus cooling your chill and making hard to remove spots on your rugs. Now form what I understand Monoprice is cheap, and therefore I approve . I'm thinking of proposing a forum rule that anyone spending over a buck a foot for cable must obtain specific approval from yours truly. It's quite obvious you haven't been clued in to the secret society of the hearing blessed that are indeed capable of hearing above the range of dogs, have the vision of a hawk, and palate finely honed to appreciate the taste of a vintage snake oil! These all are learnable traits but the initiation ceremony is not for the faint of heart or coin. It is an arduous audio path we trod my friend.
  5. OK, got my 2000th post. Do I have to retire like Michael or Brett Favre?
  6. I'd clean up the wiring mess first. I know it's a basic but I've been through it lately. I eliminated my buzz/hum issues with better shielding on my cables. The better the gear I ran the more critical better components such as cables were. I fought a hum issue for a couple of days. I moved everything out and re-routed my wiring and cables. I also cleaned up all my inputs and cable termination with a little DeOxit wiping. Hum/buzz gone. I changed CDP and hum back. I had to seperate my cables again to get rid of the hum. Ok, so much for the AQ Sidewinders shielding. I went to Diamondbacks and King Cobras, secured and routed my Tara Labs bi-wire speaker cables again, and no more buzz or hum. I'm back to my old mess of wires and cables everywhere but no unwanted noises. DEAD QUIET again. I'm running a mixture of tubes, ss, old and new. Some high current amps, one pro amp with tube pre, Digital Yamaha POS HT receiver, 2 phonos with seperate phono preamps for each. One tube, one SS. ALL on one circuit via quality power conditioner. Getting back to the basics might just do the trick. I keep forgetting the K.I.S.S. system.
  7. Yes they would. The RF-5 is an excellent speaker that holds it's own weight well. Very musical, hard hitting, detailed, excellence presence and sound stage. It's also one of the better imaging speakers I've listened to..
  8. Here's pics of my RF-5s.Notice the dust caps? I loved the old look so I added dust caps on the new drivers. I like them this way. I have the old crossover boards with the new designs modded into them. Here's pics of the Cherry and Maple finishes.
  9. Congratulations Tom! I like the nice round numbers myself. I'm going for 2,000 soon. Not like I'm getting anything for it but still want that round number. LOL! I'm on another forum also and there's a guy that joined the middle of July of 2010 and has around 600 or so at last notice a couple of days ago. I feel like I've been out "schtooped" by Wilt Chamberlain. Harry
  10. WHAT? Now we'll be discussing "Lightning Rod" construction. GEEZ! We're talking serious "Coin" now Can't get banned for that I hope. Trying to keep this civil and not get into a heated debate.
  11. Congrats Bruce. BTW...I was always told IF you waited until you could afford kids that you'd never have any. You'll figure it all out as you go. Besides, you can't put a $ value on the rewards you'll be getting in return.
  12. Hey, I thought they outlawed aluminum wiring years ago! It killed the sound and overheaded the circuitry I'm told.
  13. Now the debate between galvanized and aluminum gutters starts. Thanks a lot !
  14. HarryO

    for Fini

    Quote of the day..... A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.
  15. HarryO

    for Fini

    CHINESE SICK LEAVE : 'I NO COME WORK TODAY!!!' Hung Chow calls into work and says, 'Hey, I no come work today, I really sick . Got headache, stomach ache and legs hurt, I no come work.' The boss says, 'You know something, Hung Chow, I really need you today. When I feel sick like you do, I go to my wife and tell her to give me Sex. That Makes everything better and I go to work... You try that.' Two hours later Hung Chow calls again. 'I do what You say and I feel Great. I be at work soon.........You got nice house'
  16. "Next Man Up". The Colts went a long way with the injuries they had. It finally caught up with them. The Saints outplayed them and rightfully won the game. I have to give the Colts credit for even reaching the SB last year with the depleted roster. No excuses. They played well, got some good breaks, and went a long way. Well done N.O. and the season starts in a couple of weeks again. I hope for a rematch of the two best teams in the NFL.
  17. R.I.P. Jack. Man, that was football at it's best. Football was a game of attrition not the fancy deception plays of todays game. Granted it's still a great game but the Tatums, Butkus', Lotts, Nitschkes, Doblers, etc made football. The Deacon, Olsen, Page, Atkins, Evy....the list goes on. Hall of Fame for a reason.
  18. I had the pleasure of hearing Michaels HIIIs sitting next to his CW3s. I listened to both that day.The HIII is a surprising upgrade over older Heresys. It has ample bass and is quite a nice speaker. I've also heard the HIII upgrade kit and it does work. Good upgrade. The CW3 IMHO is a step backwards from the true Heritage to my ears. The K-600/601 was borderline at best but the K-701 in the 3 just didn't "cut it" for me. I really enjoyed the HIII but I kept waiting for the CW3 to come alive. It didn't. It's still a good sounding speaker but IMHO a step backwards. JMHO which means nothing. Harry
  19. I don't think your issue is the amplification as much as your source material. The compressed tunes will eat up diaphrams no matter what you power them with. Use good 14 ga. or larger quality speaker wire, make sure your connections are clean and tight, and keep the volume control down under "12:00 O'clock". The Sony ES line is good. 100wpc+ should be fine unless you're trying to blow out the walls. All this advice is just from a written description you've given us and should all be taken with common sense on your part. Call Klipsch, order new diaphrams(come with good directions) and enjoy.
  20. Having heard both side by side I have to say the 28 has deeper bass and more punch. Period. Yes, cabinet volume is a limiting factor but the added bass of the 28 is worth the bucks IMHO I'm not a huge Heresy Fan but will say the later version makes them tolerable to me.
  21. Got a link where to purchase the foam? I'd like to try it on my RF-5s. Thanks.
  22. No K-77 failures at all. All failures with Klipsch.... RF-3, CW II, KG-4, KG-2, F-3, K-52-K witches hat, K-79,
  23. For some reason I'm replacing too many diaphrams lately. Granted I go through a lot of speakers but it seems like I'm seeing WAY TOO MANY bad or weak diaphrams. IF/when I change only one and I have an output difference I will switch drivers from cabinet to cabinet. I'm finding a lot of it is in the crossovers. Try swapping L-R and see if it follows the swap. Also, I'm beginning to wonder if the newer replacements are just not manufactured evenly or even with quality as in the past.. I check DSR after I replace diaphrams and see quite a difference in a few of the replacements. I'm no expert and don't have the high end test gear or knowledge of some here but I think I am covering the basics. I also ran into my first bad driver lately that had low output. A K-52-K. I tried 3 different diaphrams on it and the results were all the same. Food for thought. Harry
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