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  1. The fastest I've ever seen was 58 seconds by a kid BEHIND HIS BACK...
  2. Wire the upper and lower bank in individual series, then parallel the two together..... []
  3. He's talking about the 1-5 farad capacitors used by car auidophools to "charge up" their system. They don't do jack; they're eye candy that depletes with the first big bass hit & the alternator is scrambling to catch up & refill the cap. You don't need it.' As far as the filler (not usually foam, but fiberfill) is concerned, it depends on the specs for your sub. Some DIY subs that are ported don't use any; others do. What did the plans call for? I find it's usually only used with sealed type subs.....
  4. Sounds to me like you don't need the 906. If you plan on watching alot of movies and money isn't an issue (which it sounds to me is not), I would go for the PB13-Ultra. Sounds to me like you don't need the 906. If you plan on watching alot of movies and money isn't an issue (which it sounds to me is not), I would go for the PB13-Ultra. DEFINITELY go with the PB-13 Ultra; it will add a new dimension to your sound.
  5. You can get good quality Banana connectors in various colors/types at: www.monoprice.com Good stuff, cheap price. Hard to beat!
  6. As long as you've set it up properly, it shouldn't make any difference. You're going from your processors sub/LFE output, right?
  7. This is the problem with ALL the "microsubs"....they just don't have the mass to keep them in place. You could always secure them to a slab of marble.
  8. LEAVE IT. You'll do more damage trying to fix it. It doesn't hurt a thing like it is.
  9. Amplifier caps usually have a life span of @ 20 years give or take. When they start to go, the first obvious sign is "bulging" of the cap. A second sign is a crackly, popcorn sound on high impact sounds like snare drum shots or the like. All caps dry out over time & need to be replaced. Ironically, if a unit is in storage for a number of years, the caps can dry out prematurely from not being charged up..
  10. Anything with substance will add WEIGHT which is a BIG no-no for speakers. I'd suggest a great big permanent marker... []
  11. No HDMI (overrated) but this is one HELLUVA receiver for the $$$$: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260357074878&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123
  12. I don't see any reason you could place your TV on the RC-64. Just make sure whatever it's sitting on can take the combined weight of the two.
  13. You might get more output from your sub if you placed it in/near a corner, rather than by the stairs. The stairs have to be sucking a LOT of output from your sub...
  14. OR, what's your total budge for a receiver & 5.1 surround system, if that's the way you want to go...
  15. The manual with my BenchMark DAC-1 states "avoid using RCA/unbalanced connections longer than 1370 feet, as some issues with impedance can arise"....!!!!
  16. I had an "old school" pair of MTX Gold 10" subs in my vehicle for years and the dust caps started doing the same thing. I thought I'd blown a speaker. When I realized what the problem was, I used a little "Gorilla Glue" (awesome stuff) I glued them back down carefully. They worked like a champ for years afterward~
  17. Now yer just showin' off... Seriously, that is a gorgeous setup! Is that an Epik Conquest sub? SWEET~
  18. My son uses 3 Heresy's for the front; just make sure if you have a tube television to get it as far as possible from it because it will distort the color/picture on the TV. If you have Plasma/LCD, disregard~
  19. Do you have a way to set separate crossover points for the mains versus center/rear surrounds? If so, I'd say @ 50 hz crossover for the mains & @ 80 hz for the others.I would NOT run through the sub first then to the speakers (using the sub for crossover). Play around with the crossover point to what sounds good to you.
  20. RAF Upper Heyford Base Exchange, circa 1982. They had a pair of K-Horns running off a Carver M-400 Cube. I was so astounded I vowed that day I would one day own a Carver amp & Klipsch speakers. Finally got my first pair of Klipsch KLF-10s in 1997 in Incirlik, Turkey. The Carver amp didn't follow until Dec 2006...
  21. Buzzing isUSUALLY a ground problem. Are you using cable TV? That's one of the most common introductions of ground loop hum/buzz.
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