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  1. I'm finally getting motivated to sell a few things so I can buy more things. I am listing this amp here first because it worked so well with my Cornwalls and would like to see it go to a Klipsh owner. This is a Dennis Had designed and hand built by him SEP tube amp that is capable of running a variety of output tubes, which is why I bought it in the first place, to experience what using different tubes would sound like. I purchased it directly from Dennis and I am the only owner. The amp is in like new condition and has well under 100 hours on it, probably closer to 50. $1200, plus shipping, and if using paypal I'm afraid you have to pay, pal. Local Pickup highly recommended if possible, willing to drive a reasonable distance to hand off. Located at 82637 in Wyoming. Tubes included in the sale: 1. Sovtek 5AR4 Rectifier 2. Shuguang 5U4 Rectifier 3. Russian OTK 6H1N-BN Preamp (6922/7308, I tried others but the Russian sounded best, even better than a Gold Lion 6922). 4. Electro-Harmonix 6CA7 (matched pair purchased from Jim McShane) 5. Shuguang 6L6GC (matched pair) 6. Genalex Gold Lion KT88 (matched pair) I am unable to upload pictures because my files are too large, if interested, contact me and I will send pics. I just posted this on Wyoming craigslist.com, so the pictures can be viewed there. Thanks, Greg
  2. Hey Schu, thanks for posting the pictures, not sure why I was having trouble. I thought the speakers sounded best driven by tube amps which included a pair of Prometheus Audio 2A3 monoblocks and a Dennis Had Inspire, although solid state works fine also. I will probably be listing the amps for sale also in the near future.
  3. Upgrades include Dynamicaps in the crossovers, Cardas binding posts (will not accept bananas without adapters), new wiring from binding posts to the crossover and then to the woofers, mortite caulk wrapped around the horns. These are from 1977 are in remarkable condition considering the age, there are a few chips on one of the risers otherwise pretty much like new. The ink on the labels has faded were it is hard to read but the numbers stamped into the cabinet are 12R995 & 12R996. I puchased these several years ago from the estate of the original owner, and then did the upgrades and at this time they are not being used, they sound great. All original drivers. I need to get $1000 to recoup my investment, local pick up only, may be able to deliver within a reasonable distance. I'm having trouble posting pics as my file sizes are too large, please see my listing on the Wyoming craigslist. http://wyoming.craigslist.org/ele/5218878168.html Thanks, Greg
  4. Kara Chaffe of dehavilland amplifiers does repair and calibration of tube testers, the website is www.tubewizard.com
  5. No worries, it's ok to run your 8 ohm speakers with the 6 ohm output from the receiver, however I find it kind of odd that you don't have 4 & 8 ohm outputs on the Onkyo. Where people get into trouble is trying to run 4 ohm speakers off of an 8 ohm tap on the amp, because the amp has to work much harder to power the speakers.
  6. What you are attempting to do is definately not bi-amping. To Bi-amp a speaker means to have a seperate amplifier for the woofer section and a seperate amplifier for the mids/tweeter section of the same speaker. The speakers need to have two seperate inputs on the them to make them bi-ampable, which I doubt the 901's have. You also need a crossover to seperate the freq. signal. However it would be possible to bi-amp using a pair of subwoofers with the 901's, for instance, sending all signals above say, 60hz. to the bose 901's through one amp, and all signals below 60hz. to the subwoofers through another amp or by using the built in amps and crossovers in the subwoofers.
  7. I believe Netflix is already streaming Battle:Los Angeles, but doubt the sound or picture is anywhere close to the BD version.
  8. You can use the Sovtek EL84M, which is the same as the Russian tubes muel mentioned in the above post.
  9. Hey Ironsave I reread my post and I guess I did come off as Bashing Onkyo, that wasn't my intention at all, and I have to admit that I have not heard an Onkyo in many years. If I offended you, I apologize. I live in the middle of the least populated state in the Union, it is about a 400 mile drive for me to get to a place where I can compare audio components side by side so I do a lot of research on the internet taking in as much as I can find by both professional reviewers and end users, it sucks, but I'm afraid that's how I decide what to purchase. I envy those of you who can drive a half hour to listen to new gear, but I don't envy the traffic you must drive through to get there. The best way to make a buying decision is comparing components side by side on the same identical equipment, we all know that, but I wonder how many people can actually do it. I don't listen to music on my HT system very often, I have a seperate 2 channel room for that, however in the future I may decide to consolidate it into one system so I want to get the best sounding unit that I can afford, I really don't care what brand it is. BigCliff, enjoy the HK, I'm sure it's a great sounding unit, you asked for advice and I gave you my opinion on why I was chosing what I did, I didn't think I would get attacked for it but maybe I deserved it?
  10. Like you I have been researching and trying to decide on a new HT receiver to replace my Outlaw 1050, I've decided to go with a Marantz, either the 6005 or the 7005, the 7005 is priced quite a bit more then the 6005 and I'm not so sure the added features are worth the extra money. It has a better preamp section, network capability, built in phono stage, more power, and the thing I really like is the V tuner which allows playing of internet radio stations through your wifi set-up, also the 7005 is owner firmware upgradeable while the 6005 has to be taken to a Marantz service center to upgrade the firmware, that is a real downside to me. Both models use Anchor Bay technology for the video conversion. Everything I've read seems to indicate the Marantz models are the best sounding in thier respective price range and that's most important to me. I know I won't buy an Onkyo based on user reviews of sound quality and reliabilty, Marantz and Denon are both owned by the same company and if you compare them they are very similar in features with Denon being a bit less money, so I think a Denon would be a good second choice. I wouldn't even consider one that doesn't have hdmi 1.4, a reciever with hdmi 1.3 is now obsolete.
  11. No way to know if any of the conditioners you listed will work for you or not without actually trying them in your system. You need to figure out which item is causing the ground loop and then take care of it at the source, lots of times it will be cable T.V. (dissconnect the cable and see if the hum goes away) could also be your CD player, turntable, etc. If you end up having to use a Ground Isolator Transformer make sure you buy a good one, the cheaper ones will lower frequency response resulting in poor sound. Here's good article on ground loop problems: http://www.audioholics.com/tweaks/connecting-your-system/ground-loops-eliminating-system-hum-and-buzz
  12. Could be a few different things. First thing I would look into would be a ground issue. If the power cable was replaced with a three prong grounded cable try a three prong to two prong adapter at the wall power outlet, this should help if you have a ground loop going on. Do you know what the extent of the amp serviceing consisted of? If the filter supply caps were not replaced there is a good chance that is were the noise is coming from and these would need to be replaced. Good Luck
  13. Giving us some more info on your needs and budget would be helpful, if you need a phono preamp and have a budget of around $1K you couldn't go wrong with a used Audible Illusions M3A, this preamp has been around for many years for good reason. I think if you really want to experience the sound of tubes you would be better off getting both a tubed preamp and amp, or a tubed integrated. The vintage gear people here are suggesting are great choices. Keep in mind your speakers are very efficient and thus don't require a lot of power. You also need to decide between a PP amp and a SET amp. PP will give you more power with better bass and SET will give a more relaxed sound. I prefer the sound of an SET amp but it depends on your listening preferences, if you listen to mostly rock at higher levels then you should be looking at a PP (push pull amp) but if you listen to jazz and more acoustic type instruments it's hard to beat a SET (single ended triode) amp, guess it's all a matter of choice. Take a look at Audiogon and Audio Circle for used amps, there are quite a few good deals right now, probably due to the economy.
  14. Class D amplifiers (sometimes wrongly called digital amplifiers) have a reputation for sounding incredibly tube like. Two of the most highly regarded of these come from Red Wine Audio (which are battery powered) and Nu-Force Audio, these may be worth auditioning fi you're after a tube like sound.
  15. To check coupling caps, first determine which end of the cap is the high voltage end and which is the low voltage end, turn the amp off and unsolder the low voltage side, connect your meter by clamping the negative lead to the chassis and the positive lead to the low voltage side of the cap, turn the amp on, the D.C voltage reading should be under 100 milivolts if the cap is ok, anything over .5 volts indicates the cap is leaking D.C. and should be replaced.
  16. I'm not aware if Klipsch ever used foam surround drivers or not, but as long as there is no voice coil damage (which would mean reconing), replacing foam surrounds is a fairly quick and easy repair for the diy'er.
  17. Mimi Fox, She's the Woman, wonderful guitar player and a great recoding
  18. I know you would like to keep your current preamp but I suggest to pick up old Dynaco or Scott preamp.
  19. I'm planning on going depending on my work schedule, mostly interested in hearing several cone based high eff. speakers, the Audio Note kits and the Sonist Concerto, also been wanting to hear the GPA 604.
  20. Contact PS Audio with the serial number, they should be able to tell you if it's ok or not.
  21. 1. You could use a Speltz Zero Autoformer (see post below) it'll run around $250. 2. Buy a different amp, maybe a used pro amp. 3. Contact SVS and see if they could recommend an 8 ohm drop in replacement speaker.
  22. My 2 cents, throw the cabinet out and rebuild the amp if you know how to safely do it. It probably wouldn't be worth the expense to have someone else go through it but it would be a great amp for you to learn about electronics if you are so inclined.
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