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  1. How is it configured, as in crossover points, etc?
  2. See my ad in Alerts section-not mine!
  3. I saw these today, no affiliation,etc. Speakers - Klipsch LaScalas
  4. I've got an Oracle Delphi MKII with a Jelco SA-750 arm I would let go for $1200.00. Awesome performance and looks!
  5. I went on the Epik website and ordered a T-shirt. Seems like it's the only thing you can buy from them. I'm glad I got my pair of Empires before they became unavailable. I'm hoping the T-shirt becomes a collector item!
  6. Your system sounds small and a little tinny. That's because it's being played back through my cheap computer speakers! I think the only way to do this kind of comparison is if you had your computer hooked up to your system, which obviously I don't. I have a great sounding 2 channel system in my basement that I would love to show off, but I don't think it could be captured on a video and sound as good as it does in person. I do agree, however, that some of the earlier electronics can and will kick butt over some of the newer stuff out there!
  7. Anyone lurking these forums is wasting their time by default...no need to apologize. That makes more sense, a 6SN7/6N8S is used for output/buffer tubes. 6SN7 is a rather common tube, I have a big box of 6SN7. But I wouldn't pay $160 for one...or two for that matter. Take your time and shop around, you should be able to find a good price. Mike I have a preamp that uses 6sn7 tubes. I replaced the stock Electro-Harmonix tubes with some vintage Ken-Rad tubes and the sound improved. There are plenty of choices out there, and which brand will sound better is going to purely subjective. I prefer vintage tubes over new production tubes, but that's just my opinion. I have a Shanling CD player with tube output (396a), and I like the sound. The tube output makes the cd player sound more warm, like an analog output instead of a digital output. But of course the rest of the cd player has to have good quality parts to sound it's best.
  8. kevinmi

    KSW 15

    I've got one that I bought new in 2003 or 4. It cost me $650.00. I use it in my home theater setup. It is good for movie soundtracks, really boomy. I had it in my 2 channel setup with Khorns, and it couldn't keep up. I'm running dual Epik Empires with the Khorns now, and they are much better suited for music in my system I guess it will depend on what speakers you are going to use them with.I use mine with RF-5's, and it keeps up OK-Kevin
  9. I called that number but got some chick named Jenny...
  10. I'll take these if still available: Montrose set $7.00 Argent-Encore $2.00 Free-At Last $2.00 The Four Seasons $3.00 Send me a total. Thanks, Kevin
  11. I would like to borrow a pair of Faital Pro drivers to see if they will work in my system if anyone has a pair they are not useing, or want to sell. I would gladly put up the money and pay for all shipping if someone would loan me a pair. I would hate to buy a new pair only to find out that they aren't to my liking. Thanks, Kevin
  12. I've done both upgrades using the stock K-55 drivers with tratrix horns and 2 inch Selenium D-405 drivers with bigger tratrix horns. My experience is that you will hear a marked improvement over the stock setup. I've built my own tratrix horns, but the people you mentioned are very respected for their products. I would suggest you contact Dave at Fastlane or Greg at Volti personally to discuss what direction you want to go. Both guys are very helpful and easy to talk to.
  13. I'm probably going to get a bunch of flack for what I'm about to say, but here goes: I think the latest Beatle collection on vinyl sounds great for what it is. I haven't run across any warps, skips, scratches, etc. I find it very consistent in the overall quality of the collection. The artwork is also a good representation of the original as well. I don't think any of the Beatles recordings are of the audiophile quality that would want me to seek out a better recording, although I believe that some recordings are probably better than others. If you are a die-hard Beatles fan and think that seeking out the very best recordings make a difference, I understand that. I personally believe that, for me, the latest boxed set delivers a good enough representation of their music to satisfy the need hear music recorded 40 years ago. I really thought that I would be disappointed with the vinyl set after hearing that it was taken from a digital master. I am a huge fan of analog, and was quite suprised how good the vinyl sounded. Maybe it's just because everything sounds better on my system played through the turntable instead of the CD player, maybe it's all in my head. My point is that you shouldn't be afraid of being disappointed in the newest boxed set.
  14. I like the disckeepers with the arrows showing you where the opening is. Really helpful if you have a little too much to drink while playing vinyl!
  15. I read somewhere that sleeves made from rice paper were actually better at protecting albums than plastic sleeves. Plastic supposedly traps grit and scratches the vinyl. I seem to get scratchy vinyl no matter what type I use.
  16. I personally like the cane grills. Gives a nice vintage look to them.
  17. Got mine safe and sound yesterday (Saturday). Thanks, Kevin
  18. I don't know if that has an audio term. Using the term Ground Lift or Lifting the Ground in audio circles assumes a setup that involves three wire audio signal connectivity (plus, minus, outer shielding) between the source all the way through to the power amp, and specifically refers to removing the shield connectivity of your audio signal on one of the components. Don't want anyone to get fried here. I guess I have to explain myself further- By isolating the earth lug on the power cord (also known as the "ground"), I was able to reduce the background hum to an inaudible level. Whether there was a ground loop issue or something else going on, I'm not really sure, but the end results are a greatly reduced background noise level. Nobody is going to get fried. Most things plugged into wall circuits aren't using grounded plugs. God, I hope I don't get thrown out of any "audio circles" for using the wrong terminology!
  19. Did you get my e-mail? If not, I said I'll take all the Heep vinyl plus the others I picked out. Send me a total. Thanks, Kevin
  20. I'll take the Uriah Heep if it's on vinyl also
  21. Put me in for the following if available: The 12 lps @ 13.00 Both Golden Earring Def Leppard- High & Dry Both ZZ Top James Gang
  22. I had to lift the ground on the power cord. Sorry for not making myself clear.
  23. I just did this parallel mod using Ruby Gold 47uf caps, and it really worked wonders reducing hum, but I also had to "lift" the ground for the quietest noise level.
  24. I am using both the Selenium D-405 and the 220-TI in my highly modified Khorns, and they sound great. They are utilized on custom tratrix horns built by me. I also have the Crites tweeters, but found that I like the Selenium tweeters a tad better with the Selenium mid drivers. The only problem you might run into is the fact that the Selenium drivers are very efficient, and you will need a way to attenuate them, either with an active crossover or a passive crossover that provides this feature. I haven't compared other mid drivers to the Selenium D-405's, but I'm sure other people have. For "budget" drivers, the Selenium line is a good line. The Selenium D-405 I use has the Phenolic diaphragm, which goes lower that the titanium version. Something I needed in the Khorn because it crosses over at 400hz. I believe the Cornscala can cross over a little higher, which will give you more options on a mid driver also. I'm planning on trying the Faital Pro 200 for a mid driver as soon as I gather up the funds. I know Bob Crites has crossed it over at 400 hz without problems, so it should be a good choice also.
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