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  1. I took a look inside the preamp today and it uses 2 Amperex 6QJ/ECC88. Preamp does comes with a remote.
  2. These are Dodd 120wpc monoblocks in curly maple with matching battery powered tube preamp with remote. These came with JJ EL-34 but now have JJ KT-77 and GE 7044 tubes in them. They are in perfect condition and will drive whatever speakers you hook up to them. I would like to sell everything together. Price is $2,800 plus shipping for everything.
  3. davis419b


    You have a pm !
  4. I have been collecting Sansui for years but I am now going to sell most of my collection. If you still want a 7070 let me know. Don
  5. I give up why would you call these rare ?
  6. I believe your 510 horns are newer and made from a composite material not metal so I am not sure how well they would work together.
  7. Both ads say they come with the crossover. Try to get serial numbers so you can determine if they are the same. It appears the same guy owns both of them which is a good thing.
  8. I would jump all over this for $500. You will be getting 2-904 bass bins with xovers and 1-510 horn with driver. All you will need is 1-510 horn with driver.
  9. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out .
  10. I don't know who the other pair sold to but I do know the 335/904 pair sold to a forum member.
  11. These ended up going to a forum member.
  12. Looks like I am going to have to up my offer. How about a nice pair of Khorns but only if she has a good job !
  13. Do you have a pic and resume for the wife ?
  14. No he doesn't that is the same pair !
  15. I just decided since I did not like the 510 horns when I had them there is no reason I should like them now. I was just buying them to see if I liked them better than what I have now.
  16. This is not going to happen and they will be relisted soon.
  17. It looks like you might get a chance to hear them. I did not think the guy was going to take my offer but he did. The only reason I bought these is to see if I like them better than my 904/402 combo I have now. If they don't they will be back up for sale.
  18. Has the price gone up since yesterday ?
  19. Correct and Mark said to make sure you get a matched quad !
  20. That statement needs no explanation.
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