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  1. Who want's to part with their RF-7's??? You're right I totally, I did forget but not on purpose. I owned a pair of RP-3's which my friend still has. There have been two pairs of RP-5's local to me recently. One pair was untested and had been sitting since 2009 so I made my best offer. The other pair were WAY over priced. I'm leery about the amps crapping out in them.
  2. Hi All, Looking to purchase some RF series speaker for HT. I'm open to RF-3, RF-3 II, RP-3, RF-5, RP-5, RF-82, RF-82 II, RF-62, RF-62 II, RF-63, RF-83. I think I covered them all? Cherry would match my Cornwall III but I'm just as happy with black. I'm located on the North Shore of MA so anything within a reasonable driving distance would be fair game to me. Please let me know what you have and an idea of how much you'd like. Thanks in advance! -R
  3. The speakers and sub have been sold! Denon is still available. Sorry no pics as I have no idea how to get them from my phone to my ipad. I do have pics on my phone that I can text over although it looks like a brown box and some wrapping when opened
  4. Hi All, I have a like new Denon AVR-888 for sale. Why like new you ask? I opened the box but it's never been out of the inner whit foamy wrapper stuff. It's been sitting neatly packed away in a closet untouched for awhile since being purchased brand new. Of course the original box, manual remote are included. $150 + shipping If I'm asking too much feel free to make and offer, I won't be insulted. Local pickup in the Salem MA area is more than welcome. Thanks, -R
  5. Damn, they would have looked nice next to my cherry Cornwall III. Hmmm...
  6. Before I owned the 63's I thought there's no way the 63's could best the 82's that I owned. Boy was I wrong! The 82's are a great speaker that I'd certainly buy again but no comparison to the 63's. I used both for 2 channel and HT. -R
  7. I just mapquested MA to KY. Only 15 hours one way!
  8. Ed, 1 more Khorn for a center channel and you'll have quite the HT setup! -R
  9. Ok, kind of an experiment then. Of course we can't predict what kind of sound qualities others will like, so I would take this on from a different angle - what's the most "tube'ish sound" you could try, which would best show off the tube qualities? What experiment will give you the greatest insight into how tubes differ from transistor amps? Then, if you don't like that, there wouldn't be much sense going forward with it. You would have heard the example of "good tubes" clearly. To that end, I would begin with Single-Ended Pentode (SEP) amps that feature no feedback. I think they offer the best window into tubes that you can buy on a modest budget. The most common recommendation, and one I used to make all the time, is the old Dynaco Ultralinear amps, like the ST70, MKIII and SCA35. But, ultralinear amps aren't really that close to today's state of the art in tube amps. Yes, they are good, and yes you can get lots of watts per dollar, but watts per dollar isn't the best way to show the strength of tube amps. A classic Single-Ended Triode (SET) amp would probably cost more than some of the new SEPs, and so for that reason they would be my second recommendation if you can find one in your budget. A typical SEP with no feedback and really good transformer and caps inside, will demonstrate the beauty of tubes very well. The fine grain, the exquisite detail, the openness and see through clarity is common to these amps. You compare this to your SS amp, and you will say, "Oh, now I get what this tube thing is all about." It will be very obvious. The Dynaco and all the hundreds of "ultralinear clones" fall behind the SET, SEP, in the finer points of tube sound, but they do offer more power. And to be clear, "more power" was the exact driving force behind the design of the ultralinear amps. On acoustic suspension speakers, the ultralinear has a clear advantage over SET/SEP. The cool thing about horns is that it opened the door to these better sounding, but less powerful designs, like SET/SEP. Thanks for the recommendations however it's full steam ahead with the ST70, yes, there is a winner of the two. I decided to get Bob L's advice and much to my surprise, he said I should go with the lower priced ST70. Sadly, they do not keep wired boxes in stock, it will take up to 3 weeks from the payment date. I am SO excited, my very first tube amp! Perhaps down the road I'll give SET amps a shot who knows. I'll post pictures and my thoughts later on. Thanks again to everyone! RIGGED Congrats on your purchase! I may have missed it but did you give any thoughts to what pre you'll be using? -R
  10. Where can I order one???
  11. Those are nice, the original liner design as opposed to the offset ones that I own. Certainly and excellent speaker with plenty of balls. I love my L100's! They mated very well with any SS Marantz I've owned. GLWTS! -R
  12. My ST-70 has no problem making my Cornwall sound amazing and I have plenty of room to spare with the volume knob. My room is quite large and it still shakes the house. -R
  13. Rocko81

    Sale cancelled

    Are you coming up north at all? I could use a nice set of HT speakers
  14. Larry, Can you dumb it down for a yahoo like me who has zero clue about notes or htz. Are you saying the mid isn't as full sounding to you as the I or II? R
  15. Last pair I had were probably a good 2 feet from the rear concrete wall. Not bad sounding but not a huge amount of bass either. They were much more pronounced when in a finished room. -R
  16. I agree! I think Klipsch should have reintroduced the Forte II instead of a new, badly-designed Cornwall III. It's an excellent, fault-free Heritage that is not as oversized, overweight, or as unbalanced in horn-vs-direct radiator propagation as the C/W's. I think the C/W I and II are better for jazz and movies than for classical music, whereas the Forte II seems better balanced in that respect to me. What do you think, eth2? Ok I'll bite on the "badly-designed Cornwall III" remark as I'd like to understand why you feel this way? -R
  17. I'm interested in the RF-82's if no one else is. -R
  18. Sold to a fellow forum member, thank you Gregg!! Rick
  19. Thanks all! If it weren't for upgrading to the Cornwall III's these would be keepers for me.
  20. Hooked up the Cornwall III's last night, WOW! I couldn't be more happy with these amazing speakers. They sound as beautiful as they look. Amazingly detailed, great bass and excellent imaging. Thanks again Deene! -Rick
  21. Opps It's my Audiokarma profile that posts my location not my Klipsch one. I'll update that. I'm about 20 mins north of Boston.
  22. It's now time to part with my 1987 Oiled Oak Forte I's They are in great condition and sound excellent. They have been recapped. $450 for a wonderful pair of plug and play speakers that will give you many years of enjoyment
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