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  1. I don't know or have the energy to answer your extensive question. I thought you were simply asking a center match question. Sorry.
  2. Which KG speakers do you have?
  3. I started taking placebos and I feel much better now (sarcasm for oldtimer). Keith
  4. That's a steal Charles. Problem is virtually no one knows anything about the Synergy Premiere line from 20 or so years ago. After ear fatigue from other Klipsch speakers I owned years ago, Chorus II among others, I decided to attack the harshness from another angle. New crossovers that attenuated the harshness or new tweeters or titanium diaphragms (worse) to replace the stock phenolic, whatever it takes to tame the harshness that ultimately changes the speaker wasn't for me. So I sold them and bought Synergy Premiere speakers. The high end of the naturally warmer sounding speakers are easily increased with brighter sounding amplification and interconnects (Cardas warm, AudioQuest brighter). And placement (toe in) and careful adjustment of bass, turn the volume down until the bass disappears. We hear a lot about the built-in amplifiers. No amplifier lasts forever. I've been listening to my KSP's lately and they still sound great, I bought them 18 years ago. So good luck with your sale. If you were closer I'd buy them myself. $350 is a steal for those speakers. Keith
  5. T2K

    What I Got Today!

    After being urged by my Brother and a good friend to try marijuana for pain relief and an escape from the chitty days, I asked my oncologist if he could prescribe some medical MJ. I told him I knew nothing about MJ, in fact never even seen any. I told him my friend, former cancer sufferer, had recommended it for pain relief. The Doctor asked me how much I needed so I told him I had no idea. I asked, you think 2 pounds would be a good start? Keith
  6. Well, I'm still alive. But that's about it. I'm pretty much useless. And cars, believe it or not, in the last 3 months I've already put over 100 miles (barely) on the car. The wife has been chauffeuring me around in her Honda. The navigation is so complicated to use it's almost useless for me. I'm sure Nashville is a nice place to live but I told my wife that it's a toss-up as to whether I'd rather just go on and kick the bucket or continue to go back for the next year. The traffic is unbelievable downtown. And I haven't found a good cup of coffee yet. Take care.
  7. You probably even still use cash you old codger. Checking in at a hotel in Nashville a week ago and the clerk says 'we don't accept cash'. I busted out laughing. WTF Keith
  8. Thanks Carl. Death seems like an attractive option nowadays. Keith
  9. I had a 1" tumor on my brain stem a few months ago mr clean. They knocked it right out with full brain radiation. Of course there are side effects and I'm still suffering those. Tell Tom to remain positive. He can do it. Keith
  10. Then those promises of free health care, free college tuition, a national basic income and 22 trillion dollar debt are nothing to worry about. Not that I was worried about it anyway. Keith
  11. As far as I know FEMA offers relief, as stated on their website, not a guarantee to rebuild personal property. The only thing political about that is proper funding and the manpower needed to implement their mission quickly. From the billions spent on Katrina to the hundred million spent on Michael it's baffling to me as to how the US can continue covering these costs in the future. Keith
  12. This is what we, collectively, voted for. Expect more of the same. Keith
  13. Thanks for the suggestions fellas. Keith
  14. I've got to go to Tennessee Oncology in Nashville in a week or so. I may have to stay 1 or 2 nights. After a cursory check of hotels in the area I have decided to stay 20-30 minutes south of Nashville, say Brentwood or Franklin area. Does anyone have any suggestions for staying in a safe area near Nashville where rooms are not $250-$300 a night? Thanks. Edit> or areas NOT to stay. Keith
  15. http://images.klipsch.com/KSFManual_635042115164540000.pdf?_ga=2.33309502.1484459506.1553286142-58000080.1553286142 https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-diaphragm-k75-d-417.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMImICuiu-Z4QIVw5CfCh1bognTEAQYASABEgIJx_D_BwE
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