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  1. mapquest says IN and MN are only 700 miles or 12 hours, that's practically next door!! [H]
  2. wow, he's gonna be suprised! hope you are able to get reaction pics. thumbs up to you!
  3. it's great to see, it is fun to watch someone succeed like this.
  4. outstanding! will have to send this link to my list, thanks.
  5. i (and i bet all of us have) CDs that vary from superb to yuch.. the few sacd's i've heard are comparable or better than the best cd's i;'ve heard. i have a couple of hirez tracks from hdtracks.com that are similar.....
  6. is still better that a day in the office!
  7. congratulations on the new khorns! i think you have made a most excellent choice! [H]
  8. first you say "What should I be looking for? New and used. I'm looking at the $500 range, but am open for suggestions. Best bang for the buck for the Forte II's. Something that really gets these beauties singing. Thanks!!!!!! " Later you post that you're thinking about separates cause you don't want to pay for a tuner??? If you want to go separates, your initial budget is blown. Get the RR2150. That unit is all the Fortes need or want. You will be happy.
  9. Looks fantastic Rick. [Y]
  10. exactly, you'll be able to get your money back, or most of it anyway. but you'll have gained experience with a new amp. ran a cheap jolida integrated tube amp with my khorns as my first venture into tubes. it sounded very nice, i keep it as a backup now and run VRD's and a BBX. Love the VRD's. Might even try a flea watt set one of these days. congrats on the dynaco!
  11. then rip to an mp3 at 128kb and put on your ipod [H]
  12. Here is the link to the panamax site product manuals, your model is listed. http://www.panamax.com/Customer-Service/Product-Literature.php It has both switched and unswitched outlets. So plug in the switched outlets those components that you want to fire up when you turn on the panamax. Other components that you want to turn on and off at the component will be hooked up to the unswitched outlets.
  13. here is an article from Home Theater on AVR setup.. http://www.hometheater.com/content/configuring-your-avr
  14. i owned a pair of heresys many years ago and these units look awful familiar []
  15. very fast ship, good quality cables.
  16. Here's a close up, the pipe foam just fits over the factory rubber gasket. Great find on your khorns.
  17. you can also hold down the control key when you click the topic of interest, it will open in a new tab...
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