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  1. Can you . Please , show us a picture of the 2 Bronze painted horns -TX
  2. Beautiful speakers , 1 badge is missing and the grilles of the RF-7 will need new fabric ., otherwise in good condition
  3. these Speakers were both Made in the early 90's Serial no- 048393859 / 1993 Serial no- 280293216 / 1992
  4. Last I seen him was in 2016 at the Festival for Laughs -RIP Louie https://themontrealeronline.com/2016/07/louie-anderson-2016/
  5. I read the specs and initially , I had the same reaction , but the amp may also be clipping in Stereo mode at 80% on the dial , as Protection circuits kick in , it would be interesting to do the test with another pair of speakers , and if the same happens , then we could rule out the speakers -
  6. @captainbeefheart @Defacto I checked the Onkyo TX-NR656 Amplifier specs , it's rated at 100wpc Stereo/ 8 Ohms , it could very well be that the Amplifier is simply clipping once the Volume hits 80 ,I am not saying the crossover work is excellent , except that the Onkyo amp's distortion is too high , when it reaches 80 on the dial .
  7. 1985 , Lascala Birch ----AL-2 Network , K77M Tweeter Electrovoice , K-55M Midrange Electrovoice , K-400 metal horn - and K-33E Eminence Woofer
  8. klipsch do not issue new Labels , ----- do you have a picture of the Tag , if yes , post it , that should tell us the year the speakers were made , 2nd thing to do is look at the serial nos on the 2 K-55V or the 2 K55M , are the serial nos consecutive ? , yes , no , that may be able to be verified by klipsch , but dont quote me 3)- -how about the tweeters K-77 , are there serial nos ? Finally , the woofers can also be verified for a TAG a) on the top or 2) the side of the magnet or 3)-engraved on the metal basket
  9. yes and no , let's say the serial numbers of the drivers are consecutive , then we can deduce that the serial number of the speaker is off by 1 digit , but you would need to have at least 1 serial no tag from 1 speaker but not the other - otherwise we would only be able to determine the year of the speaker -
  10. @JohnWactually , there are still serial numbers on some or most Drivers of the speakers after 1983 that can help us to determine the MAN/YEAR Per example , the woofer serial no is 1 way to lookup the Manufacturing Year of the speaker , even if the speaker serial no TAG is missing .
  11. Looks like you are in Australia , and the expenses of shipping a used or new Passive from the USA is already quite costly - a passive woofer is a woofer without the magnet , the VC and the electrical connection to the crossover , that's it in a nutshell - option 2 - buy other passive woofers given you have no other choice left , you can subtract or add weights to the passive woofer , to tune the sound . .
  12. , Try to pair a different device versus a phone, say 1 Tablet or 1 PC or both , does the device allow you to pair any of these 2 devices ?
  13. the Klipsch Three II unit should be able to handle the power even at high volume .Please do a Factory Reset , once done , if all is fine , then Great . Otherwise if the Klipsch Three II still exhibits sound issues , call your Klipsch Dealer/Seller and ask for a Warranty Repair / Exchange https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042732091-The-Three-II-Factory-Reset
  14. @Defacto Back to square 1 -----can you do this basic test before going any further can you take a different set of speaker cables , test , does the problem persist -
  15. 001

    Chorus 2's DC Area

    From the LISTING " My downsizing is your gain. Here is your chance to obtain the cleanest set of one of the best models Klipsch ever made " -
  16. These would be Lascala Industrial splits late 1978 or early 1979-- split cabinets for the LF -HF - AA Network-K77 Tweeter -K55V Midrange -K-43 Woofer for higher power output -
  17. that's the way the speakers were made in Hope Arkansas from what looks to be 1984 or 1985 these are not DIY speakers , these are klipsch Heresy 1 , the reason the woofer was damaged , is because the grilles are missing and these speakers seem to have quite a bit of a life story , Survivors , if the damaged woofer is playing fine , it can be repaired , try to take a closer up picture so we can tell you how to fix it -
  18. 001

    Khorns Maine!

    Run , dont walk - exceptional deal
  19. Dont ask , my Kids ' n Waf ....... but so far they haven't called me OleRandy .
  20. if the buyer and you agree on a 40$ restocking fee with a verbal or written agreement , then that would be the entente .
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