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  1. this may have been the real thing .someone is happy 😃
  2. the RF 5000 you own , comes with Titanium diaphragms for the HF , Titanium is all brands ,so other speaker brands also sound metallic - you can lower the Treble /mids /HF tone controls , or EQ it lower on the HF if the metallic sound bothers you , one advantage of Titanium diaphragms is the durability /excellent sound with brass or metallic musical instruments , cymbals, etc the Heritage series have options of non-metallic diaphragms , and , the RF 5000 would sell very fast on the Garage Sale .
  3. , the woofers and grilles are not Original , and that lowers the value of the speakers -I would only recommend that you buy , an Original set of klipsch speakers in very good to excellent condition .
  4. ask the seller to open the rear door panel of the pair of speakers , and take a picture of both speakers , then post the pictures to show us what drivers are installed , then we will tell you what the value is .......?
  5. 3rd pair of quartets showing up in a short while ...
  6. FYI ......These speakers are 1990 Forte II FB Consecutive serial numbers /Fir veneer Black lacquer paint
  7. Speakers look in good shape .....best of Luck to all the local bidders , given shipping these Days is Nuts -
  8. Klipsch Lascala Industrial ,Complete , late 70's , early 80's , with handles , self powered / SS 100 watt Mono Amplifier mounted to the right side of each speaker . the mids -HF tone controls are placed on the crossover , so either PA or ex -Organ Church speakers .
  9. GLWTS , any chance you can show bigger pictures of the Ser# Tags , tx
  10. the H2 empty cabs would sell , local , in 1 day .....
  11. , is it possible that your slot is wider than 1 inch or is this just the picture ?
  12. @liteagilis Welcome to the klipsch Forum
  13. nothing , except 2x the speakers
  14. @FlevomanYou want punchy bass in any speaker ,you must have a powerful amp , and the same for a CW IV .
  15. most likely the trim was added to cover the MDF swelling fascia
  16. the trim was added , since the screws are not flush , factory trim would have had trim pre-drilled and flush , but either way , this is protection , so the cabs are in great shape , I would not drill the twin ports at the top Left/Right since, all these ports do is make the speaker louder , but this comes at the expense of bass output .
  17. Stereo - 270 wpc per amplifier , 1 amp per pair of CW / 8 Ohms , which is great headroom since the CW is rated at 100 watts . you got 2 great amps , & 4 great speakers , I would blast away
  18. 001

    Car Thread

    I was very impressed with Mick Schumacher , and he was not even in a very good car , He even stopped to make sure Vettel was fine . https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=522516059281924
  19. 2nd option , buy klipsch Heritage series speakers , 3 way speakers , old school , jazz , rock ,
  20. Heresy IV , Cornwall IV - Lascala AL5 -even better and more expensive , Klipschorn AK-6---Heritage Jubilee -
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