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  1. you are using jamborrees -how can you miss Cornwalls - if properly built a jamboree is awesome -but there is nothing like an original cornwall 1 in stock form - no matter how much you try to improve it - it remains elusive
  2. these crossovers being 30 years old - the caps just dont deliver that crisp open sound -it is a bit like being muffled , then with the new units ,like lifting a veil off of them - -you need new caps in the old crossovers for sure -plus the all new hardware from Bob is undeniably better also -better insulated wiring and better shielding in the transformers - -pm me if you ever want to sell these -
  3. I guess you did not like the cornwalls 3 -any feedback on these -
  4. are these the same ones you are selling-
  5. did you buy a new b3 set from Bob - how does the new set sound like in comparison - you see at 110 $ plus the new caps kit and labour , shipping costs - new ones are a no brainer -
  6. does anyone have any idea how they used to make these lines on the laser logo - are these painted on -heat stamped - I always wondered - Ah just a guess here but.... maybe with a laser There not just for eye surgery anymore. wrong answer - these were no lasers in the mid-seventies -
  7. Solder is better - and no insulation at all in the belle bass bins -just make sure the glue is not dried uu - if it is , re-apply for a tight seal -
  8. I can use these B3 crossovers for sure if the price is right -
  9. can someone show Tiger Woods how to golf - come to think about it , are there any good golf schools out there
  10. -the CW3 would definitely benefit from better capacitors - that change alone is the only mod you should do with that crossover - - instead of making a revamped k601 with the lower rounded lip , klipsch re-used the K701 and the crossover of the H3 - -in the end , the 15 inch woofer and the bigger box are the only difference between both speakers that I see -
  11. or this if $$$$ is an issue http://app.audiogon.com/listings/turntables-vpi-tnt-3-with-jmw-10-arm-2015-06-14-analog-18017-butztown-pa and my vote as well for thad's remark - a bit late though - I was gone when this post came up
  12. They look in better shape than the ones walnut ones in my family room. I'll likely swap them and a friend at work has been looking for a pair. flip or not flip - that is the question -
  13. how much did the plans cost you - The plans were free, very generous of him to do that great -
  14. This is an excellent comment. However, Klipsch is one of the few brands where their speakers can appreciate/hold their value over time. So for pure satisfaction - icing on the cake, sort-of-speak, it is nice to see them being offered for that amount and know that the pair you own are gaining in value, in addition to the pleasure of listening to them over the decades. built like tanks - they are
  15. now the man is talking - Jason is the true Dayton guru -
  16. I have Cornwalls with SS and they sound great - no needf or tubes or any expensive gear - any 100 watts amp will do if it is good quality - find a class A amplifier of 25 watts SS per channel and you will be amazed - no need for tubes at all -
  17. OO1

    Cornwalls - Yikes

  18. fantastic - just as long as it is real and legit - 100$ is a low low figure and sounds too good to be real IMHO
  19. The Yamaha CR-3020 made my list below from last fall when mustang guy and myself were on the monster receiver kick. Just saw another complete Rotel RX-1603 sell for $715 but my audio budget is currently depleted so I had to pass again. I have restored versions of the Concept 16.5 and the Pioneer SX-1250 and I'm a big fan of both; however, it is difficult to find either cheap. I would have to agree. Here is a list of some of the most powerful (mfg 8 ohm ratings) pre-1990 vintage receivers of all time. Many are from the 1970s; however, there are a few after that period that seemed to deserve recognition in this list. I almost picked up a Rotel RX-1603 for a nice price; however, it was sold before I got around to it. 1. Technics SA-1000 - 330 WPC 2. Marantz 2600 - 300 WPC 3. Sansui G-33000 - 300 WPC 4. Pioneer SX-1980 - 270 WPC 5. Marantz 2500 - 250 WPC 6. Sansui G-22000 - 220 WPC 7. Sansui G-9700 - 200 WPC 8. Kenwood KR-9050 - 200 WPC 9. Hitachi SR-2004 - 200 WPC 10. Marantz 2385 - 185 WPC 11. Pioneer SX-1280 - 185 WPC 12. Technics SA-5770 - 185 WPC 13. Rotel RX-1603 - 180 WPC 14. Nikko NR-1415 - 175 WPC 15. Fisher RS-1080 - 170 WPC 16. Yamaha CR-3020 - 170 WPC 17. Concept 16.5 - 165 WPC 18. Technics SA-5760 - 165 WPC 19. Kenwood KR-9600 - 160 WPC 20. Luxman R-117 - 160 WPC 21. Onkyo TX-8500 MkII - 160 WPC 22. Pioneer SX-1250 - 160 WPC 23. Sansui G-8700 - 160 WPC 24. Sansui G-9000/901 - 160 WPC 25. Sansui 9900Z - 160 WPC These didn't make the list as they are 'only' 125 WPC; however, I think they look great. what a wish list - and most of these are still exceptional amplifiers but they are very expensive to repair - so you better find one in great shape - that helps greaty rather than a beat up unit -
  20. we really want to know how it sounds , the walls are going to shake with the Daytons - were theyt moreexpensivethan say a KAPPA15C - any reason why you chose the DAYTONS overall -
  21. what a lucky dude -have a safe trip and best of all may God Bless -
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