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  1. your Heresy speakers are 1983 for sure as there was a Heresy 1 with k24-k77-k701 in 84 - the Heresy 2 was released in 85 with a k24 -k53-k76
  2. these are the odd heresy with the k53 instead of the k55v -and the E2 network - is the midrange horn a K700 with the screw on adaptor for the k53 or is it a k701 plastic midrange horn - Plastic mid horn. What year are they? E - Heresy (E2 for 1983-1984 Heresy-Is with K-24 & K53/701's)
  3. First, can you carry a note, lol. Lol it's not me that does the singing. Trust me on that! It's my wife's friends that wants me to have karaoke when they come over. But of course I am doing it in my living room! then you will have a true party - these speakers are very awesome
  4. If only we could have had Jason weigh in on this thread as he is very current with ALTEC gear -
  5. the OP said EXPERIMENT - sort of like a test or curiosity - the problem is while it will fit in a CW1 baffle -it wont in a CW2 unless you make the opening bigger - you cant use the same screw holes or the crossovers either - -a Cornscala seems to be the best choice iN A 2 WAY SETUP with the ALTEC crossover IMHO
  6. these are the odd heresy with the k53 instead of the k55v -and the E2 network - is the midrange horn a K700 with the screw on adaptor for the k53 or is it a k701 plastic midrange horn -
  7. the fact that it is a 8ohms woofer vs the K33 4 ohms -how foes that aspect play out
  8. Yes, you just clamp it on to your chain, hold onto it with one hand, and turn the pedals with the other. The chain gets routed through the different brushes which are bathed in a degreaser. DOH, even I get it now. just dont squeeze it very hard -or drop it this is very thin plastic -
  9. this amp is a tank - how do you ship this safely -
  10. Chorus 2 for karaoke would be way overkill , they can be heard in a hall - your neighbours 100 feet away will feel the bass -as for yourself 1 watt of power will be more than enough -
  11. hi Jim - does a baffle opening diameter of 14 1/8 " fit
  12. OO1


    Hi Francis -since the ,listing ended , there are no fees -as long as they are not paid for - shoot back
  13. the 416-8C should fit in a Cornwall 1 as it is not front mounted - the mounting hole diameter is 14 1/8 inches -
  14. ooooooooooops - mike's right - these are still used in Scalas 2 - Khorns and will still be for years - the k400 are however beautiful show pieces -versus the plastic -
  15. a rag bathed in chainsaw oil is even better - bathe the rag with a light film to clean and remove the dirt - then use a clean rag with new oil - works every time -
  16. It wont damage them if the distortion is in the recording. The tweeters are merely faithfully reproducing the recording. What gets damaged is your psyche. crappy recording - who made the recording -
  17. Howz about now? No time like the present. he must be very far to get these - and that goes for me as well -
  18. OO1


    good luck Francis - you gotta get these
  19. super nice speakers - no fixing , no sanding - no painting - beautiful -
  20. Ha! I was wondering if saying that would be "going there." Frankly, I don't know how else you respond to that. Many people seeking a way to lose weight are looking for magic pills. There aren't any. Ooops! Just went there again. Once upon a time I fully believed things were that simple and was quite the jackass about it. And to some extent, it was that simple. I used to work with the head dietitian of a large hospital to devise weight loss plans. But, we were largely dealing with mostly healthy and able bodied 30 year olds who simply chose to eat ice cream and drink a coke for breakfast, sometimes repeating that four times a day. But, mix in an injured back and the inability to sleep properly, and things get a little more complex. If it were a stupid simple formula that only required dedication I'm pretty sure I would have mastered it by now. But hey, thanks for the bits of wisdom, I'm kicking myself for having never thought of such things before. I think that if you were training - ice cream and a coke as fuel would have been digested - but not exercising means a sleep disorder -as it keeps you awake - -plus the prospect of type 2 diabetes -enjoy
  21. bring your own parachute - these planes are 70 years old
  22. for sure - 2 woofers - 2 horns -2 drivers - 1 crossover -
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