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  1. not bad - 1100$ would be a great deal -
  2. Thank you, please keep me in mind! awesome service , ask and they will come
  3. can I trade you a pair of jubilees -
  4. yep - you got my vote on the SVS SB2000- I use 2 with 2 pairs of scalas -and there are no voids whatsoever
  5. these woofers will rattle the fillings out of your teeth
  6. Wait they were to pretty to not have a picture people can easily see. These were at the hotel and sounded great, and are very pretty, they were build by Andy, HDBRbuilder while at Klipsch. It was nice to meet you, and even nicer of you to share some Irish spirits, although your part of the reason I slept very little, but it was because of us talking, so Thanks. these cabinets must be only a handful out there with that build quality -
  7. who manufactures the woofers for klipsch - Eminence or other -
  8. the sound would be very flat -
  9. Greg - what is the wood filler you use
  10. you can test both the k601 and the phenolic yourself . 1) -remove the driver from the forte and swap it in the CW 3 - the mid drivers on the forte and CW3 are the same -less the titanium diaphragm 2) find a k601 - take the middriver from the forte to test the phenolic and k601 on the CW3 3) finally , hook a K601 with the CW3 titanium mid driver - -after that is done - tell us your preferences -
  11. I prefer the titanium diaphragms in the CW3 - but the mid horn is pretty harsh after some high power listening - like the OP - I think a larger horn would be better - hopefefully , there will be someone out there who will design a larger horn for the CW 3 and be aesthetic - for the purpose of the discussion , a k601 is a better mid horn than a k701
  12. OO1

    Fine Food and Music

    super healthy menu
  13. OO1

    Fine Food and Music

    toast to the best
  14. Not sure that I understand your concern here a CW2 and a CW3 have the same bass section same driver there will be not real difference in bass other than that the CW3 mid cannot be played as low as the larger K601 mid horn of the CW2 (the lower crossover is a big bonus). The ti diaphragms have break up modes which are objectionable to some and the phenolic do not share the same sonic profile so some people would say the phenolic sound smoother to them You already know what the phenolic sound like the diaphragms in your Heresy are phenolic and you said that you loved them. you cannot exchange horns they are different sizes the K601 is physically larger than a K701 is. Best regards Moray James. PS: I don't want others to take offense here but doing a hack job on a pair of near to new CW3 is not a plan and will destroy the resale value totally. The plan here should be to establish if what the op is really after is phenolic diaphragms or not and if he is then a pair of good condition CW2 would be the logical way to go and simply sell the CW3. He gets diaphragms that he likes the sound of and a better larger lower crossover point mid horn while maintaining the bass he loves. I cannot over state the fact that some people really hate the sound of ti diaphragms, they are particularly sensitive to the frequency range in which the titanium diaphragm break up. I happen to be fine with then in fact I prefer them to phenolic but this is really a situation of different strokes for different folks. I agree with Moray - any modification should not be a hack job - if not done properly - dont do it unless you have the right skills
  15. the OP has 4 choices -and I would rate them in this order ; 1) Buy Belles or Scalas in order to have a speaker that delivers on the midrange - Scalas are better than Belles -as the mid horn is 400htz versus 450htz for the Belle - 2) change diaphragms on the CW3 to phenolic - I doubt that will really make a difference if not be a downgrade - 3) replace the horn with a K601 brand new horn as the CW3 is in a new condition - the work should be done properly by a competent wood worker to avoid having the unit look like a hack job -bear in mind that the changes are permanent - 4) avoid touching or modifying the CW3 -
  16. http://www.klipsch.com/KPT-4350-MS to me it looks like a perfect center channel to put between a three way set of kpt's I ll take 2 fully dressed please -
  17. On your keyboard - 1) copy the webpage link - 2) hold the CTRL key , then press the key V - that will copy the link over to the forum page -
  18. hey Carl - The lady at the sanding station in these pictures - is it the same person -Mrs Judy McBay
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