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  1. what are the issues with this amplifier - I dont see you mentionning the problems with the unit -
  2. more noise wont help - knowing your neighbours , they will just play it louder -
  3. there is no need to recone the passive woofer - just take out the passive radiator - unscrew it - put it on a table and use silicone caulking - first from the back , then the front - that's it -
  4. I'm old enough to remember, appreciate and defend. This fellow helps: Hound.JPG nice looking dog--what breed? this is a cane corso -
  5. you have to remove the amp from the cabinet along with that mess of wires --then , go through all the wires -1 by one - to make sure that it not a simple problem of resoldering a contact or several contacts -
  6. sure are , these are loaded to the hilt - a 3 inch voice coil for the eliptrac/de750 - a 3 inch voice coil for the k43 - that results in a perfect balanced sound output from 40htz to 18khz -
  7. -now , dont go stick your finger in these units - these black and brown heat shields around wires are there for a reason - they indicate high power areas -there was no such thing as heat shrink tubing back then , but they did things quite neatly as everything was safely built - -considering the maze of wiring needed to connect all the components of the amplifier to operate ,one can say that these solid state amps were not your average Made in Japan Discrete technology -
  8. yep , they all do that - you could smell the odor of the wires when these were powered on - I am not sure if they were coated at the factory with a glue like substance or if the wires just get very hot due to the heat that was given off by the parts -no worry here , the wires were sticky after a few weeks of operation - they could last like that for years -I have a console over 50 years old and that is how the wires are since new - and there are loads of wires in these consoles -
  9. these consoles lasted forever - when you light it up or shut it down , the ON/OFF dial it makes a popping static sound -- that 's how they were made , it was the last electronics made in the USA for the home market - -GE -Sears-Magnavox brands were the most common -- these were as much a sound machine than a piece of furniture - later units also had TV 's in them - and all the magic was under a swivel top -hidden underneath were the speakers - the radio -the tape and turntable - these were the good old days -
  10. there is nothing nasty about these - that is the way they were done back then and they were good enough to play records and listen to the radio - not too loud as the whole cabinet vibrated - Kenmore-GE-Radio shack - etc , these were for home use -there are no detailed mids -bass or highs here - just basic sound - if you are expecting HI-FI , these were not -
  11. it really makes no difference how you move it -if you cant put it upright due to it's height - take a kid's mattress or a piece of foam and put it under - basically it has to be padded underneath - we dont want it to flex -although these have a strong frame - -in the movie industry , plasmas are moved around in big cases - and they dont brake unless they are dropped -
  12. move - as this may be the sign of things to come - bye bye folks - see ya
  13. by the way - sancho can sell these tickets on STUBHUB - there is a commission fee however -
  14. cheapest tickets at this concert are 200$ - average 300$ - 600$ will get you a good ticket in the lower sections -
  15. whatever is broken on the inside of the cabinet can be fixed - I would flip the unit over after removing the turntable and amplifier - then remove the components - bad wiring -rewire the unit - modify the amp - a pair of kp 101 speakers on each end would be easy to mount on each side - producing the equivalent of 1.5 heresy cabs - 2 way setup
  16. - anything that is not reasonable to this family forum -
  17. the heresy speaker has 2 types of risers - regular or slant - original 100% - your speakers at the bottom have that white effervescence - you need to clean this off with spirits -
  18. there are a lot less hasstles with a TV - once it is installed - and less lighting issues than a projector - -projectors need ceiling brackets - there is a cool down and heating process - you need to add a battery to the outlet in case the power fails as that can burn a bulb - -the advantage of the projector is the bigger size - but you have to have very low lighting -
  19. the box says assembled in the USA -
  20. why dont you put these on EBAY - that is where you will get the highest price - 2500$ -
  21. now that is super cinema room , down to the levelled stairs ,the color of the room , the curtains , and the escape doors in the back - now make the screen bigger and you would have my vote for the no 1 theatre room I ever saw - congratulations - this is a feat we all dream off and so few of us actually do-
  22. OO1

    Hemp capacitors

    just as long as they dont put dog poop in the capacitors - it is fine with me
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