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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-KSM-II-KSM2-2-Way-PA-Monitor-200-Watt-15-Speaker-Pair-8-Ohms-1/392717280660?hash=item5b6fc62594:g:GTgAAOSwxOleYoUw https://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-KSM-II-KSM2-2-Way-PA-Monitor-200-Watt-15-Speaker-Pair-8-Ohms-2/392717298874?hash=item5b6fc66cba:g:mqEAAOSwATpeYos6
  2. These things happen. Several of us have listed things that turned out to be a scam, or Chuck. I'm not going to stop trying to pass on great deals to fellow members. These things turn into entertainment.
  3. He changed it to 250. "Just paid $250 the other day of off FB. I’m asking more than double plus you have to repair a tweeter. Isn’t capitalism great?" More than likely he is on a grind is actually anti capitalism. Someone probably gave them to the seller and he is being a DB.
  4. You might reach out to @opusk2k9 to see if he has some for sale.
  5. Hope that you used a burner email. So far, this ad has been ran in several areas: Washington, Charleston, Denver, Philadelphia and Boise. It's a scam that needs stopped.
  6. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/44fee86d-6b3b-4e02-9a51-e5420b841ff4
  7. Can't be. This guy has had this one for 30 years. 😁 Marantz 2245 Vintage sound receiver in good working condition owned for just over 30 years Original black face issued thru PX 1971 issue, little brother to the 2270 True 45 wpc Triple tone controls Hookups for 2 sets of speakers, main and remote Inputs for phono, tape, and 1 aux input Has been de oxit cleaned, but no surgery Performs well and has kind of a Tube Amp sound Works well with horn loaded speakers (Klipsch) Comes with pdf copy of owner's manual Available for inspection Will ground ship ( 30 lbs) 208 four eight two 1296 ____________________________________________________ And his last ad said: I got a different phone number "Performs well and has kind of a Tube Amp sound Excels with horn loaded speakers Comes with pdf copy of owner's manual Available for inspection today Will ground ship ( 30 lbs) 843 888 4240"
  8. Are we supposed to wear a mask or not wear one? Fauci said there is no need for a mask, then flipped on that. He has proven himself a liar, and once that trust is broken, then trust is never 100% on anything the lair says.
  9. You say the WHO was late, it was traveling here from more than one direction and is a mess all he way around [removed ripple effect response]
  10. [Removed, reluctantly, but when you have banter between the presumptive nominees of next cycle, hard to leave it]
  11. You're welcome. This place has some great people who are willing to help. Yes, there are deals out there. Take a moment or three to learn what a good deal is, then you can pounce, with knowledge, on a good deal when it rears its head. I have no idea why these lasted for several days. My 'knack' is nothing compared to some others. @opusk2k9 is my mentor on finding and sharing good deals. He has freely shared more great deals than anyone else that I know of on here. Enjoy what you have, then enjoy what sounds better, gets louder, looks better and such. It's a journey.
  12. Nope, I found what I believe to be his obit.
  13. There will always be more deals, trust me. Due to the way people's money situation is unfolding, there will lots of boats, bikes, speakers, RVs, second homes and such that will flood the market, and it will be the time to buy, unless you overspend now. ^Agree^
  14. I have a pair of Heresy II for less than that. Accept the advice from whoever you want. I am of the camp that is saying that they are both over priced and the Forte are 2x higher that what they can be bought. If I were you, I would get these Cornwall for less than the Forte. <edit> I wouldn't spend that much on Cornwall 1, either, but... BTW, what size 'smallish' room are you putting them in? .
  15. Another reason people should just call 😎
  16. As if people taking the wrong meaning from something typed out isn't bad enough, imaging mistaken acronyms. And the first says: WTF Second responds with: WTF? First: Well that's fantastic.
  17. It stays in the back of my mind that when I am texting with a loved one, I know that someday I will want to hear that person's voice.. and will not have that chance again. I hear what you're saying... or typing. There are some people that I just can't hear on the phone, it's like they are mumbling.
  18. Don't we all I don't want to be rude, so I send a smoke signal to see if it's okay to send a letter to see if it's okay to text to see if it's okay to call to see if it's okay to stop by.
  19. +1 It has gotten that way almost everywhere. Quite often, people are trying to multi task, rather than to give someone undivided attention. If it's one, maybe two exchanges, then okay, text or email me. There is a time and place for texting (in a meeting or..) and a time for emails, otherwise, call.
  20. First time I heard her was a couple of years ago when she sang a Steve Winwood song. She has a great soulful voice. Hopefully LSD doesn't go the wrong direction with what success they have.
  21. Yeah, if someone is looking for some Quartet WO, let me know.... I can save them $25, maybe more.
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