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  1. Sorry, I missed the first part. 😜
  2. https://spaceflightnow.com/2020/05/11/chinas-massive-long-march-5bs-rocket-falls-out-of-orbit-over-ocean/
  3. I have been saying something similar to this for a long time. We want healthy 401s, so they ax jobs to make the company more profitable. That works until we have no jobs to pay into the 401.
  4. Yeah, I remembered that you had the same brand. I have the JCB 1700. Is this one yours? Sent you a picture of the prop on mine.. For anyone who isn't familiar with safety props for hydraulic cylinders and such, there have been many people squished by loading docks, dump beds and such. Here is a picture of a pair in use.
  5. lol Nah, but I would use a calculator. https://www.convertunits.com/from/cubic+inch/to/nanometers+cubed
  6. I Yes, never trust a hose....same with an extended dump truck bed: They are like a large mousetrap. I'll take a picture of the safety prop and send it to you... I can make you one if you need / want one. They are the deal.
  7. Mine has a safety prop (what looks like a length of heavy wall tubing that is split longways) that I use to hold the bucket loader arm assembly up. It stays bolted to the frame when not in use. Yours didn't come with that?
  8. Without doing the math, only picture how tall and the diameter of a 5 gallon bucket: How many cubic feet would you guess a 5 gallon bucket to hold? (I have never, including myself, ever heard anyone get it close to right) After guessing, do the math... It is one that is a teaser. 1 gallon = 231 cubic inches.
  9. Still have the same one?
  10. I didn't know that the picture would have gotten such traction. Yes, it was a photoshop picture that I got off google.
  11. Those look nice. I don't believe that they are consecutively numbered, but that isn't something that will be noticed when that are not right next to each other.
  12. Of course not. What are you thinking? It is scary that so many people watch an read such garbage as being the truth. It was a typical click bait that a lot of sites use where the headline says one thing but the message is totally different. Most people never drill into it or look at it from the sideline and question the information's legitimacy. The authors should be looked at to see how sloped everything that they write is, and that means on both sides. Give me the facts from all sides, that's all I want. I said it in one of my entries that vanished from this thread: 3 people can see the same thing and view it 3 different ways. That is tough enough to sort through, it's the disinformation that should have some accountability.
  13. Thanks for the link. That was painful to watch, but should be a must watch for everyone. There were several great questions and great statements and although there were some attempted spins by a few of the senators, it was from the horses' mouths and easy to see.
  14. Yep, no CNN spin there.
  15. I had some 362, now I have seller's remorse.
  16. Could be. The 4th largest lake on Earth, gone.
  17. I am not sure if the ship moving there happened overnight or by migrating, like a coconut.
  18. There will be more deals, just give it time.
  19. Me either, just trying to help others score a deal. I worry less about selling than in buying, I am the one with cash when buying. Listing something for sale carries a lot of grrr due to all of the tire kickers and people wanting it for free. If you are serious about buying, and I would be for these, I would reach out again to show it.
  20. I got a response yesterday. I can't believe someone hasn't jumped on them or stated why they passed.
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