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  1. I will try to come over next weekend. I will bring my Figured Walnut Heresy and a few amps. I was hoping that you could bring your speakers here because of the room treatment I have and the amps we could try. If you have hardwood floors and or reflective surfaces, and or if your room has equal walls (a cube), then that would cause problems.
  2. Yes, and that was an intense situation. I was able to reason with the hostage takers and I was able to convince me and myself to not do anything that we would regret. 🤪
  3. See anything that you want? I need to let others enjoy some of them.
  4. Yeah, I saw that and you did great. Sorry that you can't get the woofers you need. I am sure I didn't place enough zeros after the decimal point.
  5. It is not easy to say. For years I have enjoyed the NAD, Denon, HK, and such, plus the Yamaha, Pioneer, Kenwood and the ilk. IMHO, Sansui and Marantz were two that chased the 'dream' beyond others. I have gotten into the McIntosh SS equipment and I have to admit that it is a notch above where I was. Several tube guys say that MC isn't where they are with their tubes. I am enjoying the journey.
  6. A few examples are in my sig line. 99.9% of LaScala owners will never change their old speakers, so the port mod is for the 0.1% who might. He came up with the PPSL using four 8" woofers in place of the one 15" too. That is for the 0.001% to try.
  7. Most of us here have done similar things and said similar words.... it's a part of the journey. After a lot of moving them in, out; forward then back; toed a little this way and then that, I have made the Forte 'disappear' and made a soundstage. They are great speakers. I want to hear the Heresy 4.
  8. The sound came through very clear. Having the Heresy close together isn't good, but having them forward vs the Forte would have the two pair's sound reaching your ears at two different times. Also, those are Forte 1s? the grills are a little different than the ones I had.
  9. Welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting your Jubes. Try to overlook ______, his uncalled-for remarks are common. As you can see, there are some great members here who can and will be a lot of help dialing in your Jubes with you. By the way, we like pictures.
  10. I was hoping to see the progress of the LaScala build, but most pics are gone. Who is this hippy? Loved hearing those LaScala, great job and thanks for the info on the amps and sub(s). I am ready to order parts. Will a Milwaukee toolbox due?
  11. I don't doubt what you're saying is true. My split LaScala have the square tops which terminate in the back, but they are different. The connectors on the MCM stack are in the back, but, to me, those listed look to be too small to be the MCM's horns.
  12. Look to be split LaScala pie tops.
  13. Carl and I have talked about the F20. I weighed this one when I got home. 230 lb according to my bathroom scales, but scales are liars, even the ones in the Dr.'s office.
  14. OR the plywood. I couldn't pass it up.
  15. I see these are for sale. Are you selling or buying?
  16. I want to know what Steely Dan listens to between sets. 🧐
  17. Winner winner I have the EV DH1a on the EV HP9040 horns and the horns are a lot larger. Those are the EV HP640
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