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  1. JMON is correct - the system is a 4 ohm system, as is. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  2. Thanks, Keith. I have little knowledge of pro amps (other than the fact that many use them to power their SVS). The Crowns and Sampsons do seem readily available. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  3. You should be aware that the JBL 4638's are not true "subwoofers", but woofers - that is to say that the JBL's are not rated for as low output as the SVS would be. However, the initial comments indicate that the JBL in an enclosed room gives output to 25hz or so, at very high SPL - and very tight and clean, BTW. I noticed that you were looking at SVS subs in another thread. I was looking at the SVS 20-39 CS+ pair with Sampson 1000 amp for $1599 plus shipping (delivered for 1850 or so). These are tuned to 20 hz - quite low - and have gotten raves from all who own them. I decided the JBL way was more bang for the buck, without compromising quality - but maybe a few hz on the low end. The SVS is a great way to go, if you have the dollars. They will keep up with the Cornwalls just fine, and would be a great choice for sub bass in your system. With the JBL, you need one channel of amplification per bin (each bin contains 2 woofers). This is a mammoth deal - I talked to one of the JBL people the other day, and he told me that these cabinets are $1100 each at list. I ordered two! Will it keep up with the Cornwalls?? Oh yes! These woofers are 100 db efficient with 600 watts power handling capacity - enough to get 120db output, or more. The Parts Express amp is mono. You can run the preamp outs (line level) to the sub amp, then line level back to the 2 channel amp. (this way your main amp for the cornwalls only sees what the sub doesn't). There are speaker leads on the parts express sub amp that connect to the JBL - but you will need solderless connectors and additional speaker wire, since the speaker leads on the PE are short, and meant to be wired manually on the sub amp end. The JBL cabinet has one positive and negative connection. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 03-21-2002 at 10:31 AM
  4. I'm looking for a good quality (used preferably, most bang for the buck) 2 channel amp for use with the JBL 4638 bass cabinets. It must be stable at 4 ohms. I've seen the use of the parts express plate amps by many on the forum, but I'm considering the separate 2 channel amp route. The plate amps are somewhat ugly (requires building a cabinet for them, and I would need 2) and I'm thinking that better quality amps would be found elsewhere. So, I have some questions while I wait for JBL to ship my units. 1. Am I correct in thinking that the separate 2 channel amp is the better way to go (performance wise)? 2.How much does the difference in these amps matter for good bass performance? 3. I the answer to #1 is yes, what amps should I be looking at? The JBL's are 100 db efficient, so they should get loud with many amps, but I want "clean, tight" bass. 200x2 @8 ohm - 300-400x2 @4 ohm is more than enough watts, but I want quality. Should I go home amp? Pro amp? Any recommendations?? 4. I am also considering the possible addition of a bass EQ (parametric) - I've read some about the Behringer feedback destroyer as an interesting option to flatten the response to the room. I would hook it up to the sub out on the HT preamp. Any knowledge on this subject here in the forum? My HT looks to be coming together now...I've got a set of Chorus on the way for the surrounds, and big woofage from JBL on the way via truck. Now if Outlaw can get me a 950 within the next month or two, then I'll make my Home Theatre page......... As always, TIA, Dave ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 03-20-2002 at 11:45 PM
  5. 1. C 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. C 6. C 7. A 8. C 9. B 10.C 1A. 20hz - 20,000hz 1B. reamplification of speaker sound through a microphone 1C. 19Khz pilot signal How did I do?? ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  6. If anyone's having difficulty with a JBL Pro order this week, their web ordering/email is down. I found out when my order for 2 of the 4638 bass cabinets did not go through on my CC, so I called JBL. They think that the orders are cached in the server, they will have a web update about this on thier website soon. If you have placed a recent order, and have had a similar problem, do not attempt to place it again (you may end up getting both filled). JBL told me to watch the website for updates. BTW, they did say that they had 290+ of the 4638 cabinets - (so I should get the order filled). ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  7. If anyone's having difficulty with a JBL Pro order this week, their web ordering/email is down. I found out when my order for 2 of the 4638 bass cabinets did not go through on my CC, so I called JBL. They think that the orders are cached in the server, they will have a web update about this on thier website soon. If you have placed a recent order, and have had a similar problem, do not attempt to place it again (you may end up getting both filled). JBL told me to watch the website for updates. BTW, they did say that they had 290+ of the 4638 cabinets - (so I should get the order filled). ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  8. Ebay's only good point regarding Klipsch anymore is for reference only - to see what Klipsch are selling for. It's rare to see a "buy it now" on ebay that is a real value - and the bid prices on Heritage are often out of sight! Sellers are now figuring out that the parts are collectively worth more than the whole - especially if the cabinets are beat up. If I am really looking for Klipsch Heritage to purchase, I have much more faith in this board to provide me with the Klipsch I need, instead of ebay. To me, ebay favors the seller too much - you cannot touch and hear the product in most cases, and you cannot back out if you place a winning bid, and discover that the product is not as advertised (unless you are willing to take negative feedback). I am also not really a big fan of auctions in general, at least from the buyer's perspective. I prefer the seller offer the unit for sale, and to tell me how much he or she wants for it. I have much better success and comfort level with this approach - the old fashioned way. BTW, best wishes to your wife on a speedy recovery! ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 03-19-2002 at 10:29 AM
  9. Sounds to me like a Chorus - except they aren't "short and fat" either. Could be a Klipsch Tangent 400, but those are late eighties models, if I recall. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 03-17-2002 at 03:13 PM
  10. Jmon: The loss with buying the 2 channel amps, however, is the loss of the sub controls. I figure I can buy a used, relatively high end amp of good quality - stable below 4 ohms - quite easily. I guess I need a separate crossover, and the 30 hz eq adjustment TBrennan mentioned would be nice too. Is this type of unit an option as a component? Do these Samson type amps have such controls built in? ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 03-16-2002 at 12:28 AM
  11. OK, I took the plunge and purchased a pair of JBL 4638 woofer cabinets. Four 15" JBL pro woofers should keep up with the Cornwalls (hehe). I made the mistake of "under purchasing" a bit on my current sub, so I figure if I overpurchase now, it will be just right Can't say no for the $433.20! I should have my 15" Velodyne for sale soon... Now, some questions: I gather from the discussion that each bin (2 woofers) uses one channel of amplification, and the amp sees a four ohm load. Rather than buying two plate amps, could I just buy a 2 channel used amp? If I do this, what options are available for a continously adjustable crossover (not necessary for HT, but I like one for 2 channel music use). I really don't want to buy 2 plate amps (and find a place to put them) - I can handle another amp in my rack. Good used 2 channel amps are cheap enough if I can find a good crossover unit for the woofers. So what is my best option for 2 channels of good amp with the proper subwoofer controls?? Any recommendations on an electronic crossover unit for sub use that won't break the bank? ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  12. I just saw this ad online, it's in the San Diego area: KLIPSCH BELLS 1 PAIR - oiled walnut finish xlnt cond, new cost over $3500, only $650, 2 OHM F speakers, oiled walnut, new drivers & grill cloths from OHM, new cost over $4000, sell for $650, call (619)445-4845 Somebody on the board go check 'em out!! Looks like a good deal.... ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  13. OHHHHH YEAHHHH!! This is righteous news. Klipsch building Klipschorns - that's the way it should be. Hope-fully sales will be good enough to justify this choice. I wish all the best for Klipsch - the Heritage is just too damn good to wither and die. One word of advice - get them on showroom floors. We Heritage addicts will give you all of the free advertising we can, but dealers must display them. The uneducated will see them in a showroom, come to this BBS to find out what Klipsch is all about, and we'll close the sale. Maybe after such success, the Cornwall III, Chorus III, and Forte III will go into production, along with the Academy II. Better check the coffee - did someone slip some Bailey's into the morning brew I can dream, can't I? ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  14. This is the Heritage vs. Reference decision, made easier by the fact that you have demoed the RF-7. It sounds as if you have made your choice, and you are looking for reassurance. Let your ears be the judge. Since you have a local dealer, take those RF-7's home and listen to them for a couple of weeks. Make sure the dealer has a return policy, so you can undo the choice if it doesn't work out. This should tell you if the RF-7's are right for you. I'm a Cornwall II owner, and you would have to beat them out of me to get me to switch to the RF series (still really good speakers, though). Many others have come here looking for similar advice, and ended up very happy with the RF-7's - it really is personal preference. There have been similar threads here on the board, try doing some searches for more comments about this issue - your ears should tell you as much, if not more, than we can. BTW - some Heritage speakers are going back into production very soon (not the Cornwalls though - waaaahhhh ) Just one more variable to throw into the mix..... ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  15. If you have room for it, the sonic ideal would be another Forte II. If this is not possible, the Academy is a magnetically shielded center channel timbre matched to the heritage line. A single Heresy is also a good choice, and Heresys are also available new (although you may need to work to find a dealer to sell one, but if you bought three, the task may come easier - why three?? - keep reading). Timbre matching is critical in home theatre, especially across the front soundstage. As sounds pan across the front, it is noticeable if the speakers are not matched. Get the biggest center you can - up to 75% of the sound in 5.1 is center channel. This is why the Forte II is really the best sonic option (while a hassle to position for most people). The Academy is the easiest to set up, and magnetically shielded, but hard to find (still out there if you look hard and don't mind the $350-$600 selling prices asked for them these days). Heresys would also be a good timbre match, and can keep up with the Fortes with ease. I use an Academy with my Cornwall II's, with good results, but can still see the benefit of having a third Cornwall as center. The Academy is quite a feat of engineering though - it's hard to believe on first observation that it could keep up with the Cornwalls, but it does. All of these are discontinued (except the Heresy II), but do show up used on ebay and used audio sites, and sometimes right here on this board. Sometimes you can "pair up" with another member here on the bulletin board who needs that other single that you do not need, if you go the Forte II or Heresy route. Some forum members get really creative, using bucking magnets to solve magnet/TV problems; building custom cabinets to get the ideal center for their setup. Rears: Again, ideally, the same Forte II's if possible. Heresys would be another good option. If you are using your system for 5 channel audio of any kind, 5 Forte's would really be quite the system. So would 4 Fortes and an Academy or Heresy center!! If you are only using the rear surrounds for movies, you could go with a more current model as surround, but all heritage would be sonically preferable. Your room layout and equipment will make a difference in what you choose - what your listening room sounds like and what space the room has for those speaker cabinets (I make room for mine - speakers first Most using surround setups are using some sort of 5.1 setup. These are my general impressions "on the blind" for the typical 5.1 setup, but no setup is the same - more info about your room/equipment will make the choices more clear. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  16. Mike L: Wal-Mart sells censored versions of CD releases to avoid tarnishing that "all American" image. I will not buy any entertainment software from Wal-Mart. If I buy a release, I don't want to be left wondering if I got the "abridged" version. Stuff like Tom Petty's "Let's get to the point, and roll another ...... gets changed - Wal Mart gets special copies from the manufacturer. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  17. TheEar is right on target here. Look at the ATI 1505 at onecall.com - now on closeout for $1099, $400 off of list - no negotiation necessary. The Outlaw 755 (200x5) is $1299, at outlawaudio.com. Will be shipping in the next one-three weeks, it's the newer version of the Outlaw 750. Check for closeouts on the ATI 2505 as well - there's bound to be a deal (however, the unit prices at $2500 list, so the other two are more cost effective). The ATI and the Outlaw are essentially the same (same basic design, same components, made in the same factory). Excellent power and performance for the dollar. You can't go wrong either way. I'm using an Outlaw 750 in my Klipsch HT, with excellent results. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 03-11-2002 at 08:55 AM
  18. Chuckears - I presume that you then know about the upgrades Klipsch/Mondial is offering now. There's a $900 upgrade they will be offering soon to bring the unit even more up to date. Word on the forums is that the Acurus ACT-3 is excellent sonically (even now as it stands) so the new updates should make it an even stronger performer. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  19. You could make one rockin HT out of this...... http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1338207664 ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  20. Vonrebel - Welcome to Klipsch! Looks like you fell in the proverbial s--tpile, and came out smelling like a rose Not a bad place to be! You did great with the RF-7/RS-7/RC-7 kit - that's one helluva system. Don't feel that you didn't get the goods - you did! All's well that ends well. Just make sure you protect those precious golden woofers, they crease/dent very easily. There is a wealth of information on this forum, provided by the minds of the best audio forum on the web, and the goodness of Klipsch by providing this space. If you use the search, you'll find out just about anything about Klipsch, your speakers, and audio in general. Odds are, your questions have been addressed before, and if not, that's what we're all here for. Enjoy the new kit! Re the Stereo Times review: I was not aware that Klipschorns could be set up in opposite corners in 2 channel until I read the article. Does anyone on the forum do this? ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  21. "Would the Forte's or Cornwall's sound better with the KG4's? Or would one of the Heritage series speakers sound better?" You could probably do this with any of the above mentioned speakers. The space in your room will be a factor - how much speaker you have room for, and can be set up properly for HT. I love the heritage models in HT - I use Cornwall II's as my mains with an Academy center channel (made to timbre match heritage Klipsch). I plan to add a set of Chorus as surrounds. Placement is key to getting the best out of them - once figured out, the heritage are bliss. There are many options within the heritage realm. BTW, I consider all of the "brothers" of the big heritage to be heritage for purposes of this discussion - I lump all of the following into that category in a relative ascending order: Heresy, Quartet, Forte, Chorus, Cornwall, LaScala, Belle, and Klipschorn. Bigger is better - but they are all good options. Khorns are very placement critical, since you need to put them in corners to get the right sound. Ideally the speakers in a 5.1 DD or DTS setup are the same (if that's what you are looking for in your system). This is not always practical for most rooms, but sonically is the best option. Five Heresys and a sub would rock - and can be set up in many listening rooms. The center channel is most important - up to 75% of the information on a 5.1 disc goes to the center. You could use the KG4's as rears, but you want an exact timbre match across the front - so the panning of sounds occurs seamlessly. What receiver/amp are you using? Are you going 5.1? 7.1? What other gear are you plugging in? For setup ideas, check out the "Odds and Mods" section - many pics of different setups in there. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  22. Johnnyp, thank you very much for the update - the information is much appreciated. While most haven't heard of Moline (Quad Cities), I am close to many major cities (3 hours west of Chicago). It is an advantage when Klipsch hunting. No disrespect intended, but Salt Lake City is a haul - cities are very spread out in that part of the country. You guys threw a hell of a party last month! An event like that really puts a city "on the map". SLC will enjoy benefits from the Olympics for years to come. My luck on Klipsch in the last couple of months has been right speakers, wrong location on at least 4 or 5 desirable sets. I want to see and hear them in person - and am willing to drive distances for the privilege - but 18 hours is a stretch!! They've been popping up in Ariz, Utah, Wash, Ore - but I can't really get there to pick them up. When they show up in Chicago, prices go skyhigh (especially on ebay) and I'm not willing to pay the highest prices ebay gets - but I will pay a fair price. The east coasters must really have a hard time. My luck will change soon. Patience and persistance is the key to feeding the heritage addiction ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  23. They are up to $600 already!! I'm not so sure they will go as cheap as I first thought. I'm curious to see the pics, though. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  24. Why is it that when such potential deals surface, they are in the middle of nowhere??? Aaaaargh! By my calculations, it's 18 hours to Utah. Uhhh, that's a bit too far, unless they go reeeealy cheap! I've had a vision of stumbling onto a cheap, unwanted pair such as these (great opportunity to set up with a starter tube set), and work on 'em a little. I've got some TLC allocated for a future pair ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  25. I've got a black Academy (perfect condition) as well. I would consider trading or selling it if I could find one of the following, to match my oak Cornwalls: 1. An oak Belle to use as a center. I'm thinking of doing what MacKlipsch did in this pic: link I've got oak Cornwall II's as mains, and the setup in the above pic would work for me. Is this OK as a timbre match with my Cornwall II's? They are both heritage, it should be close. Any comments from the Klipschers??? 2. An oak Academy, to match my Cornwall II's. Would trade strictly for cosmetic reasons only (color). Dave ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 03-04-2002 at 11:15 PM
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