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  1. I think you have them placed in a good location now (#2) especially if you're sitting on the couch. I believe your system in 5 channels, 7 channel would have side and rear surrounds.
  2. Yea he's fine, playing his new Gibson.
  3. Prayers and good vibes sent your way Sancho. You'll be listening to Klipsch speakers soon.
  4. I got my second shot Monday, arm ached a little but I've felt fine since.
  5. Yes....grab them if they are priced well. They do have a larger sound than the 500, might not notice it placed as read surrounds, like Wuzzer said.
  6. Those are beautiful @longdrive03 I'm sure Kirby would be proud.
  7. @dtr20 very nice, looks like they won't get lonely 😀
  8. And Steven as well. I haven't met Cory but I have met Steven, great guy.
  9. If you're looking for a HT system, that RF package is hard to beat, especially with a sub. If you're leaning towards 2 channel, La Scalas are hard to beat. You might try Cory on here, he's a Klipsch dealer and takes care of us.
  10. Yea thanks Sister Jean.... Baylor playing well, Wisconsin seems slow. B1G isn't looking that great.
  11. Those sure look nice, and priced well, someone will get a deal.
  12. Yes, I can only imagine being there under a pandemic, new job, 2200 miles from my family.
  13. Thanks.....Jimmy. @Dave1291 350K+ people are expected over the next few weeks. I guess it helps to host the entire event, Indy host the Final 4 in 2026. I wonder how many a Final 4 draws? Two middle age ladies were interviewed walking into Hinkle wearing Hickory Huskers jerseys. They were from Georgia, and Hinkle was on their bucket list. One said "the only thing better than going to Hinkle would be playing basketball on Daman Bailey's driveway"
  14. Someone mounted a center speaker by using L shaped shelf brackets turned upside down, the speakers hid the brackets, and used screws to secure the speaker. The speaker appeared to be floating. That speaker will hold a TV sitting on top of it.
  15. Jimmy Fallon picked Syracuse to win it all.
  16. You can remove Purdue from your list.
  17. Good game tonight at 7pm, Wisconsin and North Carolina. Tickets were a little pricey. @Tarheel you watching?
  18. Prayers sent, heal up quick. I had a low pressure and pulse problem last year until I gained some weight. Pulse in the 30s isn't good.
  19. When I listen to music, I toe the towers in until I'm staring straight into the horn, sounds best to me. HT I toe them in slightly.
  20. Update. 2020 was crazy. I'm still talking to this business owner, but things are vastly different. His whole business approach to sales calls has changed, not a lot of home visits. Their program now is phone interviews and video conferencing. He has updated his interview process to eliminate the people that are unwilling to pay a premium for their services. He's still trying to figure out if there's a place for me there, and I am still somewhat interested.
  21. Neil, glad you're out, sorry about Sparty.
  22. Let the madness begin. All B1G final game....Illinois beats Michigan. The custom wood floor inside Lucas Oil Stadium was made in Amasa Michigan. I can't believe UCLA won that game!
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