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  1. Parts Express is definitely the place to buy Dayton gear. Dave's link would be best there. Many people enjoy their products and the design seems to look about what you're looking for. As for the Yamaha, besides your observation about high current inputs, I've never met a Yamaha subwoofer that I've liked. I've been through 3. Haha
  2. There's this one...$200. http://www.daytonaudio.com/index.php/home-audio-video/finished-speakers/subwoofer-systems/sub-1000l-10-100-watt-low-profile-powered-subwoofer.html
  3. They were barely holding on to begin with.
  4. Just got home and checked. It never occurred to me to push them in. Guess I don't need to remove that plate after all. Hope I didn't loosen it up too terribly much.
  5. Thanks fellas!
  6. I found this too. So you're saying that I just need to push in the wires and they should relock, right?
  7. Carl, Let's start over here. I have all of the drivers removed. I have removed the wires and the crossover from the drivers. What I need to figure out is how to get that bucking magnet cups off. Is there anything special to it? That's where I'm having trouble.
  8. I need to remove it to threat the wire back through, from the look of it. When I removed the wire to remove the crossover, the clasp slammed shut, and because of the cup, I can't get good enough access to get the clasp back open.
  9. Everyone knows if it's piano black, it's "high" quality.........
  10. No, I'm referring to the magnetic shielding gasket that fits over the driver itself at the end of the horn. It's just a metal cup.
  11. Yes it is original, 2001. Thanks for the tip. When working on it last night, it was close to coming off, there didn't seem to be any adhesive though. It was metal on metal. I just couldn't get the other end up over the other side of the horn. Odd. I actually swapped them with the woofers from an RF-3. They were pretty dented up, but sonically sound. So unfortunately no dice there. Cory might be able to track you down one though.
  12. I'm starting on finishing up the restorations on this RC-7 that I purchased last year. The cross over is getting ready to be sent out, and with the drivers out of the cabinet, I'm going to work on getting the cabinet fixed up. I have a few questions regarding the drivers now that they're out in the open. First...I replaced the K-1083's with new ones back when I first got it. It didn't occur to me that there were gaskets on the original drivers. I haven't noticed any issues with any devices near the speaker though. Is magnetic shielding as big of an issue as it used to be, or does the foam and cabinet provide a decent amount of shielding and that's why I haven't noticed it? Secondly, the gasket is still on the horn. I'm gonna need to remove it to access the wires when the new crossover is ready. Is there a special trick to removing this gasket? Can someone give me some pointers on that? Thanks guys.
  13. We've been through this! West Virginia is to your east!
  14. Because you keep promising morsels of goodies and never providing me anything but tubs of flan. Just because I live in Iowa, doesn't mean that I like flan.
  15. Didn't know you were local to me, Zim. Helluva ride though.