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  1. Hi I am looking to buy 1 or 2 RSW-10D subwoofers. I live in NH. Thank you!
  2. Up for sale is a pair of RSW-15 subwoofers for $1100. One is Black and one is cherry. I have owned nearly all of the Klipsch subs including the Palladium and about 30+others and these are very hard to best for anywhere near the$.There are various cosmetic blemishes but are still presentable.They are both in use and can be tested before purchasing. One has an issue with the power switch/control panel. It will work 100% of the time if you leave it on auto on/off but if you switch the power on/off it can take various attempts before turning back on.I have been using it for 3 years but have always left the manual power switch on. The black RSW-15 active and passive have no dings or dents.The cherry RSW-15 has 1 or 2 micro dings.I am willing to meet part way for pick up. I am located in Chocorua,NH 03817. There is currently no grill on the cherry RSW-15 but I do have a new in the box grill that I would include to a member at my asking price.Please let me know if you have any questions. I will have to figure out how to attach low res pictures.I do have these listed on c.l. with pics.
  3. I have a friend who is interested in selling his pair of Klipsch KW-120-THX subwoofers and KA-1000-THX amplifier for $2250.They are in very good condition and include the original boxes. He is a longtime seller on Audiogon,US Audio Mart AVS Forum and Ebay. He will take pictures of them asap to be posted.As a long time Klipsch fan I thought it would be best to post it here first.He is located in Conway,NH. I would be willing to meet part way to help facilitate delivery etc. He also has a pair of rare Snell ICS-SUB24 mk3's in Very good condition with original boxes that he may part with.They can also be shipped for an additional cost. You can contact Eric directly at his email /cell phone audioman@roadrunner.com 603-662-7234 As well as reply to this ad.
  4. Hi Let me know if you would be willing to ship these ! Thank you
  5. I have used them for 2 amp repairs.If you decide to sell it let me know!
  6. Hi Bill I have owned 25+ subwoofers including ones that by sheer output alone can best the PB-13Ultra.I have done a few diy builds with TC Sounds LMS 5400 Ultra,Aura NS18,Ultima 18 and TC Sounds LMS-R15's.For me I just enjoy testing/owning different subs.I am just looking to go a different route right now as long as I do not lose anything on the back end. Thank you! Myles
  7. I am looking to buy 1 or 2 Klipsch RT-12D subwoofers in any condition.I would also buy an RSW-15 or RSW-12.I live in NH and would meet for a pick up or would pay for shipping.I have an SVS PB-13ULTRA in rosewood with the 1k sledge amp that I would consider trading +/- $ depending on the deal.I would also pay cash or Paypal. Thank you
  8. Good morning I have 2 RSW-15 grills.One has never been used and is still in the original box the other is the one that is in current use.The used one has a hole in the grill cloth and 2 pegs that have been repaired but all 4 are intact.If you are interested send me an offer on 1 and I will consider it. Thank you Myles
  9. I am looking for 1 or 2 Klipsch RT-12D subwoofers in any reasonable condition. I live in NH but would be willing to drive to meet or pay for shipping. Thank you!


    Are you open to shipping ? Thank you
  11. I will buy these if the previous deals fall through. Thank you
  12. Hi, I would be Very appreciative if a member could pass along the subcommander software to me. Thank You
  13. Hi guys I was wondering if any of you have the software etc for the Klipsch RT-10D /RT-12D amplifiers? I have previously spoken with Klipsch but they said they no longer have it to send to me. From what I understand some parameters etc may be able to be altered. Thank You!
  14. I had Edwards Electronics repair my RSW-10D amplifier. The turn around time was around 2-3 weeks. Communication was fair but not stellar. The amp repair has had no issues etc.
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