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  1. ]Your writing is hard to follow. BTW, Who is Al? Shakeydeal, AI is artificial intelligence...."Me programming you" Those Boston Dynamic YouTube viseos are real...This is and has been happening now.
  2. You can't change people's ideology, For the American military "My thoughts on this", there probably isn't much thought to belief. Its more about survival...And with this comes absolute conflict....AI will be the last of you and I...
  3. killing for personal beliefs is horrible....It's like me trying to convince you that my system sounds better..I wouldn't try....I guess all I have is myself and with that, whatever man can make "Man can Break" LOL so flipping true.
  4. Wow Steve_S, just looked up your DAC. Got a pair of those Sabre chips in my Oppo which is the front end for lots of digital to tube amp connectivity. Love to hear your impression of how it sounds on the RF-7s I liken the DAC to a turntable, granit I cannot change the Computer OS albeit MS, Apple, or Linux, complete digital only needs a music file....Hence J River, Pure Music so on and on, "These absolutely affect Sound".The only other DAC I can compare my current is to a Cambride DAC Magic Plus...On my RF-7ii's with everything else in play The Wyred4Sound kicks the Cambridge's *** up down and all around...I'm a big Alter Bridge fan, with the Cambridge in place their music sounded lost, This is music ripped using dbPoweramp to AIF. The day I got the Wyred4Sound and replaced the Cambridge everything in my music library sounded 10 fold. Folks this isn't an exaggeration...Everything from start to finish absolutely matter
  5. This is an individual thing, Everybody has their own sense of what does and doesn't sound good. I would never tell someone else their system sounds like crap because I think so...I'm all about listening and if it sounds better than I figure out why on my own. So for me the true test is going to a buddies house for a drink and a listen, if buddy wants to have a listen to yours have another drink and a listen
  6. I'm all for science and all, but holy crap man AI is here and this is an old video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YO43fFyYgXI
  7. ...except when they aren't, but we don't need flaming anymore. I like productive and focused discussions, not drive bys. The Lounge area is for that sort of thing. Put up a SS Amplifier subforum and it will be much easier to deconflict with the tube guys and keep the discussions on track and productive. Dido what Chris says, there is nothing wrong with different ideas. I am always learning and the best solution is to hear with your own ears...
  8. Those two could get up and sing in sign language and I would enjoy the heck out of it! Absolutely....
  9. Female vocals do it for me. I'll get some Amy Winehouse on my next amazon blitz. I'm a dedicated rip from CD to flac kind of guy. If you haven't heard of Susan Tedeschi, that's my recommendation of the day. Me too brother...LOL better than sex....LOL....Oh Man...Nora Jones and some Alison Krauss
  10. Luv_sum_Horns, Dido Brother....You've got yourself some equipment as well. I don't have any Heritage series "YET" LOL, I guess the only good thing about divorce is I only answer to myself and my paycheck LOL, never ending quest for the altimate in audio....Okay just downloaded Amy Winehouse from HD Tracks, Complete Thumbs UP.
  11. I guess the other important thing I learned is what loudness level I like to listen at. 75 to 85 db's is fine in my old age and what I like about the tube sound is you don't loose dynamics or imaging at lower levels. Regardless of the volume, it sounds so good that I loose hours at a time, even while trying to get chores done! This is so true, I very rarely get past the 10 O'Clock position on my Grounded Grid Preamp. When I get crazy and start pushing it to 12 the sound doesn't just get louder, it envelopes your body mind and soul. I had gone and picked up the Ex Wife 2 weeks ago from Noel Mo so she could spend some time here with our daughter here in Iowa, well she stayed with me and was completely blown away by the sound...She loved Zakk Wylde "Book of Shadows"
  12. Maynard would it be possible to have an online class of sorts about tube amp theory? Maybe with instructions for building and testing?
  13. I wish I had seen this a long time ago LOL, I've had nothing but Crazy in my life
  14. Here are my Trancendent Sound Grounded Grid Preamp and Son Of Beast OTL Stereo amp. These are both kits I built...To my surprise LOL, nothing smoked when I turned them on...How do they sound??? Dead Quiet with plenty of Slam and Punch. Steve, can you do a more detailed thread describing your experiences in using OTL with the RF-7s, and talk about the amp a bit (especially if you have tried other types of amps with the RF-7s)? Maynard, I was going through a rough time in my life back in 2013, Getting over a divorce...I needed a project to take my mind off the crap. I cruised Transcendent Sounds web site for well over 2 years before this. In this time frame I learned to trust the folks there and what they had to say about music reproduction. At the time I had an Adcom GFA55A Power amp a crappy preamp a crappy CD player and a pair of Thiel speakers. So I sprung for the GG Preamp and The SOB. I completed the GG first, hooked it up to the Crappy CD player and Adcom and Thiel speakers....Wow I was already completely impressed...So I continued my quest and completed the SOB...I took the Adcom out of the picture and inserted the SOB....What??? where the hells the loud???? Guess what??? Speaker purchase LOL. I always wanted Klipsch, so I went with the RF7ii. Those babies arrived and the Thiels were out. 15 watts per channel from the SOB lit those RF7ii's up, I mean Flipping Freaking Wow....I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so I had to take the SOB back out and put the Adcom back in. Guess what??? The Son Of Beast OTL ate that Adcom up down and all around on those RF7ii speakers. With the SOB back in, my quest took me to a Mac Mini and a Cambridge DAC Magic Plus. Was I in heaven???? Nope, the Cambridge DAC Magic Plus had to go, so here comes the Wyered4Sound DAC. Now I'm in heaven for at least 2 years till One of the JJ EL509 tubes in the SOB takes a dive, so while I'm waiting on new tubes I get a Crown XLS 1500 amp, Wow am I disappointed with the sound of this thing, I purchased it for a future Bucket Sub project just to power the subs, but for a replacement to the SOB OTL no flipping way, The OTL kicks its ***. This is my story, I cannot compare mine to anybody else's. I just know my current setup sounds damn good.
  15. Here are my Trancendent Sound Grounded Grid Preamp and Son Of Beast OTL Stereo amp. These are both kits I built...To my surprise LOL, nothing smoked when I turned them on...How do they sound??? Dead Quiet with plenty of Slam and Punch.
  16. This is a USB 2.0 Standard, but I personally would treat it as an interconnect and not exceed 3 Foot The 2.0 specification limits the length of a cable between USB 2.0 devices (Full Speed or Hi-Speed) to 5 meters (or about 16 feet and 5 inches). In other words, you cannot just connect a bunch of extension cables together (like taking a 6 foot cord and extending it with 4 other 6 foot extension cords) and run them 30 feet to another room. However, you can connect a 6 foot cable with a 10 foot extension cable for a total of 16 feet, which is below the maximum cable length for USB 2.0.
  17. This is interesting...Not sure but maybe I'm twisted... I like all kinds of music that fall within each of these catagories empathizers systemizers http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/music-preferences-psychology_55afecf2e4b0a9b948536c02?utm_hp_ref=science&ir=Science&section=science
  18. I'm not sure if this has been posted before....If it has I apologize in advance. http://www.transcendentsound.com/Transcendent/Amplifier_Output_Impedance.html
  19. just read this and as a father I gotta say OMG... http://highline.huffingtonpost.com/articles/en/the-lost-girls/
  20. Maynard, this is a great read....Brings back many memories playing vinyl on a console. For me I wasn't introduced to better sounding equipment until my late teens.
  21. Just one question how can you Piss Of The Neighbors with headphones???
  22. This is some Funny chit man :lol: http://www.amazon.com/AudioQuest-K2-Terminated-Speaker-Cable/product-reviews/B000J36XR2/ref=dp_db_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1
  23. I look at my parents, Pops is 87, Mom 86 been together for 65 years, Pops is in the hospital again, Dr told Mom he's 87 years old and his body is starting to shut down....Hell we all have known this for the past 3 years but Mom has a hard time excepting it. So this leads me to quality of life...If I had the option to turn myself off I SIMPLY would..
  24. I can't imagine anyone getting through that long post to the point of wanting to purchase.
  25. I think the animal ones are more heart wrenching....Have to turn the channel every time they come on.
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