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  1. These components are from 1968 klipschorns. Everything is in very good shape. Crites components had minimal use less than a year. Price plus ride. K400 horns 300 K55v drivers 200 K77 round magnet 150 Stock “A” crossovers 150 A55g 300 Ct120 200 Crites “A” crossover 175
  2. Do you have a link to this thread?
  3. Does anyone have any experience with these? I’m thinking they would be the best match for the rest of the pro gear in my living room. I wonder if I would have to be less spread out than Dolby recommends because the tighter dispersion pattern. https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-specsheets/IC-800-T-Data-Sheet-v04.pdf
  4. All sold or decided to keep and do something with them?
  5. Once we establish an acceptable measurement method I’d love to see a step by step work method so I could get my data out there for you guys to dig into. Realistically I only care about these pro components being used in a home setting because that’s how I’m using them. Distortion levels included. I know all the designs I’m using are well engineered and regarded, but distortion/performance levels in room are what matters. That way I can adjust or correct dsp, gear, and treatment to reach 100% optimization in my system. I do acknowledge the open field and design numbers are very important so we can analyze what has changed by putting them in a normal room. Whether it be for the better or worse.
  6. Is there a standard for conducting a distortion reading or more desirable way to do it to produce better results? On couch or floor? Low spl, high spl, normal listening spl? Distance? Raw or with peq?
  7. I’m certainly not good at math, but going off the differences in cab measurements and applying it to a 12” and 10” version, they would both still be very big. Of course I’m sure I’m way off and you’d need to take into account the driver surface area and horn length/mouth size. And who knows what else. I think I’ll just have to leave the design stuff up to the people that know what the hell they are doing. It’d be cool to know the actual theoretical external dimensions though. 1802 1502 1202 1002 SA 254.47 / 176.71 / 113.1 / 78.54 H 48 45 42.18 39.55 W 74 68 62.48 57.41 D 31 27 23.51 20.48
  8. I wonder how well a 1002 would match up between some khorn bass bins for my bedroom setup. If it ended up being about half the size of an 1802 that’d be one cool little coffee table looking sub!
  9. Next week when I get back home from work I’ll double triple check the sealing of the back of the cab. I didn’t notice any damage or disfigurement of the seal. Also was very careful to center the board and tighten evenly. I’ll have to have someone help me figure out the impedance curve. I can email REW files to whoever is willing to look at all the specifics in the measurements that I do not understand.
  10. Also I’m not sure if a second factory driver would be correct in the dual configuration due to the volume. There is 13.75cu/ft inside the chamber. 22x24x45”. As best as as I can tell the driver is an eminence. Labeled 4ohm. I haven’t had a chance to look through the whole line up and compare the pictures and specs.
  11. I would like to know the results of the dual driver configuration since it was already tested. I wonder if the factory bracing would be adequate in a sealed configuration. It seems like all the designs I’ve seen of sealed subs have massive amount of bracing to prevent enclosure flex and resonance.
  12. I was told my specific setup(horn mouth flush of front wall) is still considered 1/4 space with the wall and floor boundary. Roy, do you see anything out of place with the performance I am seeing in my room? Response has never looked better, both raw and eq’d. I feel I may have something out of order causing my driver to bottom out. Any suggestions for setup/tuning parameters I should change? I wasn’t expecting to ever find the limit of this sub and if I did, I was thinking it’d be closer to 130db. Based on the advertised continuous/max spl numbers I can’t help but think I’ve messed up some numbers in the xilica.
  13. This is the results of no hpf, bessel, butterworth, and linkwitz. 48db slope
  14. Update on this. With the 2 port closed configuration it seems to naturally be flatter and go lower. Today I found out that this sub will bottom out around 118db for bass heavy music when not using a HPF. So I decided to unplug the ports and let it run as it was designed. Here are my results of doing so. The peq’s were for 2 port closed configuration so I could see the difference. All measurements taken at the seating position. 13ft from horn mouth. The butterworth HPF seemed to maintain good response and rapidly dumped anything below that. I figured I would try it to see if it helps the issue. This is the current eq’d response and peq I’ll be trying. Open to criticism as always.
  15. This is the response at the seating position I’m currently getting. And the peq to achieve it. I run my LFE crossover for movies at 120hz, hence the need for higher flatness.
  16. I use a vta70 with el34 tubes on the 402 and anthem mca20 on the jube bass bin. When I was first learning rew/xconsole and having Chris do all my peq via email I used 4ch on my anthem mca50 amp to simplifies things. Now that I’m more familiar with things I found the gain matching portion very easy. I’m much happier with tubes up top. Best of both worlds.
  17. Good price. I love my vta70. Sounds fantastic. These amps are often said to have equal or better quality than McIntosh 275 etc.
  18. Erik is a friend of mine thanks to the Jubilee community. We have been brainstorming some ideas including the port closure. He’s much more knowledgeable than I am on most of this stuff. With the help of the experts on here I’m certain he will resolve this.
  19. Throw a blanket over it. Problem solved. Enjoy the music.
  20. I wonder how this compares to my sl-1800mk2. I don’t have a quality phono preamp so I’ve never really messed with it. Came with a AT152MLP. I bought a shibata stylus for it, but haven’t never used it since.
  21. Im not certain how different the curve is. Yes it was eq’d using REW and xconsole software. I can only talk from personal experience when I eq’d my k510/Heresy center channel with radian 950. Biamp configuration.
  22. I run a Radian 950 driver in my k510 center channel. It sounds very good. Premium driver that is fairly inexpensive. The 18x10 zxpc horn is said to perform similar to the k510. Also I have a friend that is running the zxpc with k691 for the HF on his LaScala center channel and is having great luck. Loves it. Yes. They come up every now and again. I just got the 2040 just to do my cornwall surrounds.
  23. I believe it is a cd horn like the k510 and k402. So there will be some peq needed to compensate some boost and drop in the freq. Also does not limit you on which driver you want to use. Additionally my second xilica(2040) was only $400 in like new condition. The massive amount of adjustability in an active crossover is a no brained when coming the price to a passive network.
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