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  1. What about getting RB 61? For me Herersy is much bigger. A pair of 61 would be perfect since it power on bass the sounds clarity is pretty decent. I am not good on comparing something, but this one really looks promising to look for more details.
  2. having confuse between S4 and R6, i am not in hurry and looks that i need to wait for another model.
  3. Are you sure that it is compatible with windows 10, have you checked the driver? mine running fine with windows 8.
  4. is that good? People said that adding sugar would not make the acidity go away.
  5. It is not making me worry since they don't usually target any personal computer. Always do my online banking on smartphone, for me it is lot safer.
  6. Dunno, but for years i always use Microsoft access or excel to catalogue any music or book. its working well for me, but you might need to try JB Music catalogue if you need some specific software.
  7. Nah, really love the design, but too interested anymore since it is only appear to be S model.
  8. My order is arrived tomorrow and i am looking forward to test it. I am literally new to Klipsch and really got me excited.
  9. Yeah, i did not see the movie is really bad. Some people said bad because they really never see it before. I did not mind with the white washing issue since the visual is great. BTW, i am watching the anime version and the LA version is not that bad.
  10. Sorry but it would never be the same with wired one not even similar. Don't expect it too much if you are gonna go with wireless one. I have some experience on few products and i did not see it great.
  11. Cannot talk much about the 112, but i am having r125sw for a while. I don't really like sounds since it has lot more output in the upper bass. The sounds really boomy no matter where i sit. Could not tested it on other room, but maybe you have some suggestion to make it better?
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