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    Speakers - Klipsch Forte II Oiled Walnut
    Amp - McAlister Audio MA44-SE Single Ended Class A 22 Watts per channel
    Pre - McAlister Audio MA-10B Custom Triode Line Level/Headphone Amp
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  1. Possibly. I just think they ruined quite a few things. Don't want to spoil anything but I was not a fan of it.
  2. Big Star Wars fan. This movie broke my heart. Still grieving.
  3. Getting my gf a pair of walnut Heresy IIIs. Now I can move my Fortes into the spare room.
  4. ftgf


    Like stated above Spotify is great. No lossless yet but apparently it's in the works.
  5. That was just a strong endorsement just figured you owned a pair. No biggie. This is true. My local Klipsch dealer also sells Paradigm and they really push Paradigm over Klipsch. I started with a Paradigm Monitor v7 5.1 setup which apparently is their best seller. That was a mistake very dull. I'm not good at describing how things sound but underwhelming to say the least. I then switched to a Prestige setup definitely a step up but for the money I didn't feel like I was getting good value. I was happier with my 2.0 Forte setup. And to the OP you will most likely be happy with Klipsch. I'm sure if you give a few more details on budget and what type of setup you want you will get many suggestions from the forum. Me personally I put a hold on my HT pursuit until I can afford a Heritage setup. It will be worth the wait!
  6. No one was comparing Tektons. So moot point. Also do you even own Tektons? Didn't see any in your equipment list.
  7. Well if you consider paradigm millennia "audiophile" then prepare to be blown away by almost any of klipschs offerings.
  8. It's been much stronger within the last couple of years. Good theory but I don't see that being it.
  9. Spotify and tidal lossless streamed to a bluesound node 2 then to a mojo mystique v2 dac. Sounds fantastic.
  10. Just noticed on the Canadian website that the Heresy III jumped $251 from $1349 to $1600 each. Or am I going crazy? Anything in similar in other markets?
  11. I'm in Canada ordered a pair in walnut from a local heritage dealer a week ago. They told me 3 weeks so we will see!
  12. So change of plans. Moving the Fortes to a different room to keep a dedicated 2.0 system. I wish I had room for some Cornwalls and a heresy center. So I was thinking a Hersey III LCR. Or is that crazy? Or should I just do the RP line and call it a day?
  13. I'd definitely be interested in this comparison as well!
  14. Thanks! I do enjoy this setup it sounds very good with the Fortes. They Marantz is a 2250B it's a nice receiver. I had it running some Heresy IIs in a second system. Sounded decent. I'm always messing around with placement. They are about a foot off the back wall right now with a small toe in. The system is taken apart right now because I just put up a tv and deciding where to go from there.
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